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Tips To Work Out Hard And Plan Your Big Win

August 31, 2011 by  
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Bodybuilding and the lottery have a lot in common. People embracing either of them do it with a certain goal in mind; they both require consistency, diligence, the desire to succeed, the need to motivate oneself and they can both lead to extraordinary results: the body of your dreams or a huge jackpot into your bank account. But how can work hard toward such goals and make sure your big win is not going to turn into complete failure once you reach your highest peaks? Here are some insightful ideas.

Don’t Make Horror Stories Your Own

You often times hear stories about people losing dozens of pounds at the end of some hectic diets only to gain back twice more weight when their diet is over. Or stories of bodybuilders who lacked motivation or suffered injuries and stopped training – only to turn into huge masses of jell-o like fat! Who wants that? Then we have the case of lottery winners who ended up completely broke, in debts, drinking, being abandoned by family and friends. What you need to do is come up with a good plan for what you are going to do after you reach your big goal – no matter if it is getting a killer body you can tale to competitions, win the lottery, or, why not, both.  


Plan Your Big Hit Ahead  

Let’s assume you are keeping a strict diet and you are attending all of your workouts. You finally reach your desired weight and look and muscle mass, you look just the way you want to – why not celebrate by skipping a couple of trainings and indulging yourself in half a cake? It takes year for your brain to get used to your strict lifestyle, but only a few seconds to turn it all into dust. Don’t crack, no matter how big the temptations might be. If you like to play the lottery on sites like Lottery Master and you get your tickets each week, always diligently mark them with your lucky numbers or let the computer pick your numbers with the Lucky Dip option, continue to do it until you win. It might be the big MegaMillions jackpot or a secondary SuperEnalotto prize. To go to the website click here and look at the current EuroMillions jackpot – worth few million Euros and counting, if no one wins the jackpot soon. Get your multiple tickets and receive a nice 5-18% discounts. You finally won? Don’t start investments you know nothing about; save more than half of the money and surround yourself with competent people. And, most importantly, keep on playing!   


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