For guys who want to know the best way to build muscle and power into their 40s and beyond

Don’t Just Survive… Thrive!
The 3 Factors That Explain Why Losing Strength And Gaining Weight Isn’t Inevitable

“When did you stop caring about how you look?”

In that moment, I wanted the ground to open up.

My wife's words sucked the air out of my chest.

We were stepping out to a family barbecue and I'd put on a pair of old pants and shirt. As she sat fixing her make-up and dress, she caught sight of me in the mirror… and that's when she unleashed her biting assessment of how I looked.

At first, I was confused. It wasn’t until I looked at myself in the mirror, that I understood what she meant.

And the worst thing? She was right. I dressed like I didn't care anymore.

This was a couple of years back when I was 38.

Like any guy approaching the big 4-0, my thoughts were turning to getting older.

I always thought I had a good body (well, I AM a strength coach). It's just in the intervening years, I'd got complacent.

I could see and feel my body losing its 'hard' look. My clothes were feeling a little tighter… and the more comfortable I was, the less effort I made.

I know my wife never intended to hurt me… but her words struck at my embarrassment about the way my body was going.

But it got worse…

Later at the party, I saw the guys — all in their 20s — drinking beers and laughing with each other.

After what happened I couldn't help messing with the waistband on my pants.

I was forever checking my reflection any chance I could.

When I got talking to one of the partners of my wife's friends, we started on the subject of strength. Not wanting him to now know that I'm a pro, I proudly told him of my achievements…

When I finished he looked me right in the eye and uttered the words a guy like me never wants to hear…

“No-one cares how much you USED to lift”

That’s when it struck me.

I had to do something about changing my future after 40 otherwise I'd fall into trap so many guys fall into.

Now, before I continue let me introduce myself…

Coach Chris Wilson

My name is Chris Wilson. I’m Head Strength Coach at the internet’s longest-standing strength site,

So it must appear strange that a guy like me— an experienced lifter and strength coach — would find myself in such a low place.

I'd always thought it was inevitable I’d lose my strength as the years rolled by. I thought my best days were behind me.

Even with my experience, it felt like I was going to lose everything I’d worked so hard for…

… no-one wants to listen to a strength coach who was struggling to lift.

… no-one wants to be around a guy who looks like he’s given up.

… no wife wants a washed-up, chubby guy who's just a shadow of his former self.

Brian Klepacki

(My wife chose me when I was young and ripped…she never signed up for a fat, middle-aged guy.)

How wrong I was…

The guy who changed my outlook on building muscle over 40 was Brian Klepacki.

A colleague and a well-respected strength and conditioning coach, he has over 15 years experience and holds a Masters In Exercise Science. It’s Brian I turned to when I needed answers.

I told him what happened. I struggled to contain the embarrassment in my voice as I repeated my wife’s cutting words and what the guy said at the barbecue. I told him my worries for my body when I hit 40.

He listened.

Then he laughed.

“But Chris…”, said Brian. “It’s not inevitable. It is possible to halt the aging process and turn back the years… as long as you know what to do.”

I thought I already knew how falling energy and dropping testosterone affects a guy’s body as he ages. After a call with Brian, I still had a lot to learn.

Point by point, Brian explained to me why my thinking was wrong.

In a moment, I'll reveal what he said and why everything I thought I knew about hitting the dreaded 4-0 was just wrong…

How To Make Your 40s Your Best Decade Ever

Just a generation ago, you were made to believe life was over at 40.

(I remember when my dad hit 40. At the time, I thought that was so old.)

No longer. Turning 40 can be the catalyst for your rebirth and revitalization of your health.

What would you give to guarantee your 40s were your healthiest, strongest years?

Looking fit and impressive in photos, and remembering these times as being your best?

We’re led to believe that once you hit a certain age, that’s it. You have to accept an expanding waistline, soft body and low energy… all the hallmarks of the dreaded "middle aged spread".

I now have a different opinion.

You’re only 40… it’s the greatest age for a guy.

But with all the misinformation about reaching middle-age, no wonder you're left feeling confused.

No wonder you're left believing your best days are behind you.

They’re not… as I discovered.

The Shocking Truth About Turning 40…

Look, I don’t need to tell you about what happens to your body when you get older.

First, let’s take a look at some ‘accepted’ facts.

Here’s what you’re told to expect on your head-long journey towards your 40s:

Doesn’t make pretty reading, does it?

Looking at that list, it’s no wonder most guys bury their head in the sand and leave it to fate to dictate their future.

I was almost one of those guys. It felt like aging made it inevitable these symptoms would become part of everyday life. It felt like a helpless situation.

Far from it.

Why You’ve Been Misled About Getting Stronger After 40… And What To Do About It

Everything we've been told about turning 40 is wrong.

Here’s what we’re told:

You naturally
put on weight as you
get older… WRONG!

stop blaming those expanding love handles on getting older!

In fact, of any other challenge, this is the simplest to combat.

There are four factors which contribute to middle age weight gain: slowing metabolism, lower testosterone, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Look at that list. Two of the four factors are completely within our control.

It's time to stop blaming those expanding love handles on getting older. It's just an excuse.

All you need to do is make the right food choices and take care with what you eat. That tiny change alone will stop the onset of weight gain.

But when it comes to strength, here’s another myth to bust…

As you get older,
you naturally get weaker… WRONG!

You aren't get weaker!

I'll show how wrong this is…

Research from the University of Oklahoma found that over an eight-week period a group of middle-aged guys (35-50) succeeded losing body fat and building muscle.

That’s not all…

Compared with a group of college-aged guys over the same period, the older guys lost MORE body fat and gained MORE muscle.

So, let me say this again:

None of this is inevitable.

Yes, you’re susceptible… but it doesn’t have to be your future.

Getting older isn’t the problem.

(And any guy who blames age for their performance is making excuses.)

So who or what is to blame?

When I looked at the kind of activities that worked and got results for guys over 40, I discovered a pattern.

There were three elements which any program would need to be successful…
and none related to physiology.

The 3 Elements Pushing You Into
"Chubby, Old Guy" Territory

1. The Energy Spiral

The energy spiral

There’s one everyday reality that hits you harder than anything else: always feeling tired.

To feel that overwhelming exhaustion every day is, well… exhausting.

You wake up tired. Yawn your way through the work day. And then spend the evening slouched on the sofa unable to keep your eyes open.

And you pay the price.

You spend less quality time with your wife. Less time with your kids. Every activity is a struggle.

Before you thought nothing of heading out to do any number of outdoor activities… now, you're lucky if you make it through the evening.

Your energy levels start on a downward spiral when your lack of energy reduces your activity level. It becomes a vicious cycle.

But here's the thing about the Energy Spiral. It goes up as well as down.

Find the energy and get back into daily activity and the spiral turns upwards. More energy = even more energy.

Reinvigorating your body to release enough energy to keep increasing energy levels needs to be a major part of any program.

2. The Frustration Cycle

The Frustration Cycle

Remember what you were like in your 20s?

Knocking around the gym. Lifting big. Huge gains every week. Eating whatever you wanted with no side-effects.

And then what happened when you hit your 30s?

Change happens.

A nag turns into an ache. The gains take a little bit longer. The fat clings a little harder to your body than it used to.

The realization hits: we’re not invincible.

Progress is painful. What worked for you as a 20-year-old kid doesn’t work for you now.

It’s perfectly natural.

Your body changes.

But NONE of the programs reflect that change. They expect you to try nailing it like you did in your youth…and when you don’t get results, frustration sets in.

You try working out harder. And for longer. Yet the results stall. Your energy starts dropping and soon you’re exhausted, frustrated or, even worse, injured.

It’s worse than hitting a plateau. And it’s not just a case of changing it up or trying something different.

The next stage is all about motivation…

3. The Priority Paradox

The Priority Paradox

Of course, it's not your fault.

When you hit your 30s, life gets in the way.

You mature. Your priorities change.

Your days fill up with the everyday rigor of spending time on your career.

You dedicate your free time on evenings and weekends to your family.

Hanging out in the gym or sweating it out for hours on end stop having the same appeal.

Your motivation wanes. Your diet slips. Life gets in the way.

Your priorities may have changed… but your body still needs attention

As you can see, NONE of these issues are physiological.

Our challenges are not about our body. They are around what we choose to do with our body.

These are the same challenges for every guy, like you and me. You may be experiencing one or more of these right now… you may be going through all three.

By challenging and resolving each of these issues, you can turn back the clock. Deterioration and decay doesn’t have to be your reality.

What No Other Strength Program Tells You… The Best Way To Continue Building Muscle Into Your 40s

Putting together any program needs to bring together exercise and activities in a way that support the elements we've just discussed.

Functional exercises won't make a difference if you can't find time to complete them. Keeping body fat down won't happen if you don't make a program into a habit.

A strength program for guys over 40 has to meet each of these challenges head on.

The problem is many programs are delivered by relatively inexperienced coaches unused to dealing with guys who are turning 40. Or trainers will offer the kind of training they're always used to offering and they've always done.

A program needs to be tailored to the 40 or over audience. Remember, hitting 40 can be a blessing if you turn it to your strengths.

Look, I know there’s nothing worse than a guy trying to reclaim his youth…

… wearing the wrong kind of clothes.

… talking like a cocky, 20-something gym rat.

… and guys laughing behind his back.

That’s exactly what you DON’T want.

This isn't about ignoring your age.

This is about taking charge of the advantages you have as a 40-something guy who knows his stuff.

The Best Way To Continue Building Muscle Into Your 40s

I turned to my colleague Brian Keplacki and we pulled together a program that did two things:

We tested different bodyweight exercises and functional strength and finally hit the jackpot. What we came up with was the most effective program designed for guys hitting 40 and above.

The Only System Designed For Guys Hitting 40 And Beyond.
Dedicated To Helping You Become More Powerful, More Mobile And Have Greater Energy And Vitality.

40 Strong

The 40 strong system

Developed by me and expert strength coach Brian Klepacki, 40 Strong meets the needs of older guys.

We want to re-gain our power without neglecting our families through endless dieting and gym workouts.

Here's the truth.

You're not still 22. The workouts a 22-year-old can get away with and still gain aren’t right for you…

… today we’re a ton wiser than that 22-year-old kid who thought he knew everything. We now know we can get results using a smarter, more targeted program.

40 Strong achieves serious results in minimal time doing the activities you love. The program helps you gain muscle, melt away stubborn body fat and build an iron core. Together, these protect your body from “fat, old-guy” problems.

What Do You Get With 40 Strong?

The Most Complete Strength & Conditioning Program For Guys Like Us

The 40 Strong Manual

40 Strong gives you a step-by-step blueprint to transform how you look and feel. In just 60 days, you can look at yourself in the mirror again and know you’re back to your best.

When Brian and I put this program together we knew exactly what we wanted.

We developed a program that fits around your schedule. A program that allows you to live, work and play without interrupting family time.

It is laid out and breaks down each day's exercise in simple, straightforward language. In the book you can also enter your own details and track your progress over the 60 days.

40 Strong is based on proven science. 40 Strong focuses on big movements to make you stronger by increasing the weight. The program advocates big movements to develop a strong, iron-core. This will forge the foundation of a powerful body.

It is sold as a concise manual. It is designed to be worked through carefully to maximize your chances of success.

Plus order today and you’ll receive these two bonuses…


Insider Access to the Vault

The 40 Strong program will revolutionize how you think about strength.

Over the 60 Day period, there will be times when you may need extra support as you aim for a strong, powerful body.

When you buy 40 Strong you'll enjoy 14 days free access to The Vault. Here, you'll get direct access to myself and our team of experts. You’ll gain instant access to a private Facebook group, workout videos and expert coaching calls. A monthly workout is designed to help you stay on-track.

Following your special 14 day trial, membership of The Vault is just $47/mo. If the VAULT doesn’t suit you, for whatever reason, you may cancel at any time with no questions asked.


Flexible Diering Fundamentals

Building a body that will turn heads and gain respect requires exercise and solid nutrition.

But with 101 different “diets” out there and massive confusion, what’s going to get results today AND continue to work over time?

You’ve probably seen or heard the term “if it fits your macros” (IIFYM) in social media, blogs or even at the gym.

What this means is you can essentially eat whatever foods you like as long you meet your macro (macronutrient) requirements. Macros refer to proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

With Flexible Dieting you can finally enjoy your favorite foods while still achieving the results you want.

In this book, you will discover the most essential parts of the diet such as calculating your macros, losing fat, gaining muscle, and how to modify your eating habits in order to make this way of eating a sustainable lifestyle.

It’s time to look, feel, and perform your best and become the envy of all your friends.

In The 40 Strong Program, You’ll Discover

Here Are Some Of The Guys Who Have
Become 40 Strong

Steve Holman

New Muscle Building Tricks for Experienced Lifters

"At age 57 with over 40 years of in-the-gym experience, I'm always interested--and critical--of strength/bodybuilding programs for the older set.

That said, Brian Klepacki's 40 Strong is one rock-solid menu of real muscle-and-strength sustenance.

The workouts are excellent, and the weekly layout is right on the money for most guys moving into middle age. In fact, I was surprised to see that the workout schedule is very similar to what I've found works for me at this point in my life--and this book has even taught this old dog some new muscle-building tricks."

Steve Holman
Former Editor in Chief, Iron Man Magazine
Co-creator Old School New Body

Brian Klepacki

Never Get Bored

"This program is the ONE and ONLY for every guy 40 and over. Everything I've learned over the years through training clients and through my education is applied in every portion of this program. It's straight forward, it's practical, and it's absolutely spot on with what science says guys need to do in order to be STRONG.

I really like the fact that it's constantly changing and offers a wide variety of exercises to accommodate all walks of life so that us guys will never get bored and the results will make us feel 'manly'. Seriously, this program is the real deal and I can't recommend it enough to every man in their 40s (or getting close)."

Brian Klepacki, MS, FMS, CSCS, CISSN
OptiMax Performance Training

Dan Long

Burn Unwanted Fat & Have More Energy

"Getting older has its're slower, less energetic and typically the weight gain seems to come much faster and easier than ever before. But oddly enough, ALL of those things are within your control to change and that's what makes this program so complete and so kick-ass.

The 40 Strong program actually attacks all three issues that are so common with guys cracking the 40 mark. We need to move the body more like we did as kids. In doing that more often, we are going to impact our energy levels and that directly ties into our ability to burn unwanted fat. The domino effect created by the 40 Strong program is amazing!"

Dan Long
Kill Mode Training Company
Suspension Training Expert

Bruce Krahn

Feel More Manly

"40 Strong is much more than a complete guide to getting a fit, strong body for guys over 40- it is a guide to living as a man should live. Do what it says and you will be shocked by how great you will look, feel and perform in very little time."

Bruce Krahn
Author Trouble Spot Fat Loss

Mike Westerdal

Feel Like An Athlete Again

"Frankly I was tired of feeling one dimensional. I've always lifted weights and done some running. In doing that I maintained a decent level of muscular strength but my lack of mobility and loss of athleticism was really bugging me.

That is precisely why the 40 Strong concept made perfect sense to me. It brings together everything I love about exercise and feeling strong and youthful.

I've been test driving this program with Coach Chris for months now and feel so much better with more energy, mobility and functional strength."

Mike Westerdal, CPT, RKC

Greater Strength, More Power…

Transform Your Body And Mind In Less Than 60 Days Or Your Money Back GUARANTEED

Our Guarantee

By now, you’re either ready to jump in or you’re still sat on the fence about whether this program with work for you.

Look, I don’t blame you - I would be just as skeptical.

That’s why I want to make this decision free of any risk for you.

I just know you WILL get stronger and you WILL enjoy the program.

In fact, when you see the results, I'm sure you'll kick yourself for not discovering this sooner.

(Believe me, workout days don’t feel like workout days when you’re having fun or playing with your kids.)

Because I’m so certain you’ll love it, I’m giving you a whole 60 days to try the complete program through to the end. In fact, if you're not 100% blown away by the program, I insist on giving you your money back.

There’s no obstacles to overcome, either. If you want a refund, just email our customer service team at sales at One of our friendly service advisors will process your refund immediately.

To cancel your Vault subscription, send an email to the same address before your next payment is due. We’ll cancel your subscription right away.

What Would You Give To Get Back To Your Best?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Maybe this information is already available online or in a library.

Well, if you’re willing to spend the same number of hours trawling online resources and poring over medical reports be my guest. Not only did we invest a huge amount of time in researching and testing the theories and unique combination of exercises in this program. Mine and Brian’s combined knowledge and expertise went into this program. You just can’t replicate that.

That's why you’ll not find a program like it. Anywhere.

We also realize that because of the investment in time and resource we could charge at least $47 for this program.

And even at $47 you would be getting value way over the top, as this program is all about your future.

Who wouldn’t invest just $47 in their future? Who wouldn’t be happy handing over $47 knowing they were making a happier and healthier life for themselves and their family?

There isn’t a guy out there who cares enough about this who wouldn’t.

Yet, I’m not even going to offer this to you at this low price.

If you’re serious about becoming stronger, more powerful and a better you in your 40s, you can invest in the 40 Strong program for just $9 today.

Yes, that’s $9 — less than 10 bucks — today to secure your future wellbeing.

(I couldn’t even walk into Barnes & Noble and buy a book on the subject for that!)

The bonuses alone are worth more than that right off the bat.

The truth is for a limited time I’m giving you the chance to invest in 40 Strong for this super low price…

I’m already under pressure to put it up to $47 — and, if I did, I know most people would still buy it.

But I want guys to use this program. It's what I designed it for. Guys like me who found themselves in the same situation. And I want guys who were in my situation and fretting about hitting middle-age to never feel the same way again.

That’s why it’s $9 for you today.

I want this to be the easiest decision you make this year.

Time For You To Decide: Do You Want To Survive Or Thrive

Do you want to be 40 Strong?

The 40 strong system Your price: $9 only

Introductory Launch Discount Ends In…

Add To Cart
pay by credit card Digital download: no shipping costs

Look like you’re making an effort.

Being on the receiving end of a comment about how smart or stylish you look can change your day. When you take control of your body, it starts happening again and again.

Burn fat and build muscle…

Even on ‘family’ time. No longer feel that pang of guilt when you choose time with your family over time for yourself at the gym. We’ve devised a way to enjoy both while hitting your strength and weight goals. And the good news is you won’t even feel like it’s exercise.

Unlimited energy.

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling tired. When you walk into your home after work or get up in the morning, break free of the energy-sapping cycle. No more yawning all the time. No more feeling low.

Wear whatever you like.

You won't be able to stop smiling when you catch yourself in the mirror. (And so will your wife!) When you take control and decide to be 40 Strong you give yourself options. Wear what you like. You don’t have to leave behind your “larger guy” wardrobe… but wouldn’t it be cool without the worry that you look chubby in a T or that your pants are going to be too tight?

Walk tall. You don't have to be like me.

Sucking your belly in on the beach. Shuffling around trying to hide your injuries, aches and pains. Messing with your pants so they look better on you. Bringing your body back to health is the first step to building rock solid confidence in how to you look.

Say goodbye to physio bills.

When you're moving more and moving better, it pays dividends. Your joint health and mobility improves. Greater mobility and agility then open up the activities you can do. And those aches and nagging pains evaporate in a few short weeks of the program.

Reinvigorate and re-energize your body.

Push back on the changes that come with aging. Get the results as if you were in your 20s again.

40 Strong has everything you need.

Time to stop living on your past achievements… and set your legacy for the future

Let me level with you.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn't for you.

If you're content talking up your past achievements, this program isn’t for you.

(Because EVERYONE loves hearing old dudes talk about that, don’t they?!)

40 Strong is the right decision for you today…

… if you’re serious about making your 40s better than your 20s

… if you want back that feeling of knowing your wife can’t take her eyes off you.

… if you want to feel proud of how you look and feel while others guys are giving up.

… if you want to be the guy at family parties who gets all the comments.

When you tell people your age, what would you give to experience a shocked look and the words: "No WAY...!"

You Don't Have To Wait 60 Days to See Results.
Take Action Now

Take action now!

Look, you have two paths before you today.

You could take what you’ve learned and decide to wait. You may even try this on your own.

But with no guidance, you drift back into old habits. You carry on with the same old, tired programs. And finding time in your busy schedule becomes a struggle.

When you come home your energy levels are still rock bottom. Finding the time and energy for your family is even harder.

And all the while those pants are getting tighter. Your body a little softer.

Two months later you catch yourself in the mirror. You see yourself with fresh eyes again.

The guy staring back at you makes you angry. You think back to your 20s again and how much you USED to lift, and what you USED to do.

You remember this moment and the choice before you.

I don’t want that to be your future.

Your future is another path, where you do take control. You do say ‘yes’ to a better future.

If you said "yes" the reflection would be different.

You'd be standing there looking slimmer, brimming with energy and feeling stronger.

Your body would ooze the confidence of a guy in control of his future.

You don’t have to long for your forgotten youth.

It’s time to build your legacy… and live it, for your family and for yourself.

Make the commitment to yourself today.

Hit the Buy Now button below and be ready to fill in your credit card details on the secure order form. Once you have completed the form, hit Submit and we'll take payment.

Your price: $9 only
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pay by credit card Digital download: no shipping costs

Within a few minutes, you'll receive your log-in details. When you have these, you can access 40 Strong immediately and start on your path to greatness.

You can choose to take control of your legacy and in less than 90 seconds taking action. Do it today and watch the impact send ripples into your future.

Stay Strong,

Coach Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson
Strength Coach at

P.S. I know how much it takes to make the leap to becoming your best yet.

Try the 40 Strong program for 60 days and I make two guarantees: 1) you will get strong and 2) you will enjoy the program.

The best way to reinforce habit is if you’re enjoying every moment.

40 Strong is the SMARTEST program on the market, designed for you.

You WILL increase your strength. You WILL enjoy yourself. And if, for any reason, you don’t think 40 Strong is the best investment you’ve made this year, I insist on giving you 100% of your money-back, no questions asked.

Your price: $9 only
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FAQ About 40 Strong

Q: Do I need any equipment?

A: Most of the moves focus on developing explosive, functional strength through bodyweight exercise. But there are also some basic weights used in the program. These are a kettlebell, dumbbell and medicine ball. Chances are you may already own these. If you don't, any basic gym should have these available.

Depending on your 'experience' activities, you may need extra equipment.

Q: How is this different from other strength or conditioning programs?

A: Designed with 40-year-old guys and above in mind, it is completely different. A guy's body starts to change in his 30s. Programs designed for 20-year-old guys, who spend hours in the gym and eat what they want, won't cut it. But you're able to achieve the same (or better) results. The program just requires tailoring in a different way.

This is that way.

40 Strong has your specific needs in mind. It helps you build strength and increase mobility. It also overcomes the challenge of finding time for family and other responsibilities.

Q: What do I get with my purchase of 40 Strong?

A: When you order today you get instant access to 40 Strong, the Flexible Dieting Fundamentals Bonus and a special 14-days of FREE access to the VAULT membership site. After the 14-day trial period, it's only $47/month. You may easily cancel at any time no questions asked by emailing sales at

Q: Who is this program suitable for?

A: This program is designed for 40-year-old men and over specifically, as well as 30-somethings who are rapidly approaching their 40s.

Q: How soon can I start the program?

A: As soon as payment is made, we’ll send you log-in details. You can be consuming 40 Strong within minutes of the making the choice to invest in yourself.

Q: How many days of exercise are within the program?

A: You’ll be doing six days of exercise, with a combination of bodyweight exercise and cardiovascular activity on each day. One of those days will be dedicated to doing activities and experiences alongside your family or with friends.


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