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Are Gym Memberships A Good Investment?

November 16, 2011 by  
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Over the course of a single year, a gym membership could cost you a few hundreds of dollars, if not more. Picking the right gym that can cater to your needs therefore has to turn int a serious decision-making process. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people who do not analyze a lot of factors when deciding which gym to go to.

Want to get the best bang for your buck at the next gym you will go to? Here are a few useful guidelines to get you started.

Rules To Select The Right Health Club

  • Start by surveying the gym and pay close attention to the type of equipment you see there.

Do they have a large area where the classes will he held without getting overbooked? Avoid going to gyms that are extremely crowded and which can only host a few pieces 
of cardio equipment.

  • If you cannot find everything you are looking for, do not compromise. There are plenty of gyms out there, and some are fully equipped with high quality items.

  • Look at their working hours. Depending on your daily schedule, you might only be able to work out late at night, or early in the morning. Will they be available then?

  • Pick a gym that is nearby your workplace if you would like to train during lunch.

  • Need to take the kids along at the gym? Then find one that can accommodate them and provide them with all the child-related facilities they need.

Can You Freeze Your Membership?

Several health clubs will allow you to freeze your membership for a few months in case you are out of town or are suffering from an injury/other medical issue that prevents you from attending the gym. Keep in mind there will be limitations to the amount of time you will be allowed to freeze your membership for: one month is usually the standard time with most gyms. It is a better idea to forgo a year-membership and choose a weekly or monthly pass instead, should you be out of town for a longer time.

What About The Price Of The Membership?

  • First of all, good health is priceless.

  • Secondly, your resources are not unlimited.

  • Find a good balance mix between the two. Decide how much you can afford to pay on going to the gym every month and see if that money could be put to better use instead.

  • You might like the idea of exercising at a gym, but also need to know when and how to cut costs.

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It might be wiser to get temporary access passes than year-long subscriptions and mix going to the gym on rarer occasions to walking, jogging, and doing home exercises to save money for an important investment.

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