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Relaxation, The Oxymoron Of Bodybuilders

For competitive bodybuilders, “relaxation” has a completely different meaning than the one usually given by a no-competitor. They think of it as an oxymoron – are you familiar with the “standing relaxed” pose part of some bodybuilding competitions?... read more

Best foods and hobbies for bodybuilders

// Rich Text Editor, editor2, Press ALT 0 for help If there is a thing out there that all bodybuilders would love to happen in their life is to have the best performance and win all challenges. A great performance in bodybuilding as well as in many other... read more

5 Weaknesses YOU Need to Fix to Increase Your Bench Press REP Strength 5 Weaknesses YOU Need to Fix to Increase Your Bench Press REP Strength

If you love bench pressing but feel that you need a break from constant heavy lifting you’ll love the video below. You may or may not know that I was previously diagnosed with a slight rotator cuff tear. It feels better now, but before I get back into... read more

Ryan Lapadat Interview Ryan Lapadat Interview

Interviewed by Ben Tatar CB: Ryan, tell Critical Bench readers a little about yourself. RL:  I am Ryan “6 Pack” Lapadat, 33 years old, from Toronto, Ontario. I have been weight lifting since I was 13, and plan on doing it until the day I... read more

Weight Lifting on Vacation

Trips and vacation getaways can be among the greatest kind of nemesis to a good healthy lifestyle and routine workout. For many people, vacations and trips are used as excuse to loosen up, let go & throw away some good workout habits. Hotel dining,... read more

Can Your Passion Turn Into Your Career?

While most people think about bodybuilding, weight lifting, and intensive training as part of routines necessary to look and feel better, for some, these are expressions of a genuine career. Choosing a career in bodybuilding, deciding to attend official... read more

Five excellent foods for burning fat and building muscle

When you’re looking to switch up your diet, working out what changes need to be made can be tricky. Some people simply live off protein supplements and protein shakes. But as more health experts recommend that we get our nutrients through natural sources,... read more

Training Rest Days –Tips To Keep Your Active

Bodybuilders need their rest days just like plants need water to grow. One big mistake that a lot of people who work out intensely tend to make is to ignore the hours spent outside the gym, when they are not working out. Why Do You Need The Rest?   Top... read more