Muscle Factory

Vince’s Gym was located near Ventura Boulevard which is the home of Universal Studios in CA.  Whenever actors needed to get in shape for the movies they were sent directly to pay a visit to Vince.

Although Vince’s gym was extremely popular with famous bodybuilders and movie stars it was a very modest old-fashioned kind of gym.  It was established in 1948 and it wasn’t the kind of place you would find music or fancy machines.  This was a muscle factory with free weights and hard work.

Vince Gironda Was Considered
the Trainer of Champions

The walls of Vince’s Gym were covered pictures of bodybuilders that had trained there.  Perhaps you recognize some of these names?

Numero Uno: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lou Ferrigno aka The Incredible Hulk

First Mr. Olympia Larry Scott

Jake Steinfeld

Former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane

And The Trainer of The Stars

In addition to being nicknamed the Iron Guru Vince was also called the Trainer of the Stars.  Vince would help the studios whip their stars into shape for the movies; he has helped train the likes of Cher, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, James Garner, Brian Keith, Tommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong) and Erik Estrada.  It is said that in the late 1960’s, before bodybuilders started to use steroids, Vince’s Gym produced more top physique stars than any other gym in the world.  (If you’re wondering, yes some people at Vince’s gym did use steroids even though he didn’t approve of them.)

Vince’s Gym – The Muscle Factory

Stories about Vince and his gym are legendary and in Vince’s gym, you either followed his methods or suffered his wrath.

Once, after Vince had spent several hours coaching an upcoming bodybuilder, he noticed the trainee wasn’t following his instructions. “What the hell are you doing?” he demanded to know.

When the bodybuilder in question said he wanted to “change around a few things,” Vince banished him from the gym! When the man complained that he’d paid for a six-month membership, Vince went to the cash register, took out payment for six months, and threw it at him, shouting, “If you aren’t going to listen to what I say, I don’t want you in here!”. (Musclemag 168 May 1996)

Now that’s my kind of gym! No music, no fancy equipment and no time for people that aren’t serious….

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