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How to gain muscle mass

June 12, 2013 by  
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One of the wishes of many people as summer comes is to be able to gain some more muscles mass and lose fat and… if that would be possible in a very fast time and simple way such as playing at all day it would be really great!

It’s clearly a dream, but if you take care and follow some important steps you could reach your first goals.

To lose fat depends from metabolism which is different from person to person, you can’t reach your goal in the same time of a completely different person! Everyone has his own biological rhythm.

Gain muscles

To gain muscles you basically have deal with them in a constant and training. Start with simple and not too hard workouts, such as multi-joint strength training exercises to help you lift more weight. Try to avoid big efforts otherwise you would find all harder. Just think that your muscles need to get used to a daily or weekly training exercise.

Right exercises

Add more exercises in a gradual way. You can start with 10 minutes training and the next week add some more minutes so to reach 20 minutes training and so on. But avoid doing workouts longer than 30 – 45 minutes sessions. To train your body 3 or 4 times a week would be good.

Many people feel like they can sustain a pro – like training, but this is really wrong. They end up to break something in their body. The right way to train and gain muscle mass is to follow a manageable plan, which is good for your skills and potentialities. Always remember that to develop a technique you should do every rep with good form. Actually, many beginners tend to lean over or change position while doing their workouts and this is wrong because you should always be able to start and carry on each exercise to the end.

So if you see that you can’t lift a certain weight, just try

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to lift less.

Another way to train without to break anything is to alternate muscle groups, so to get some muscles work while others rest. You can focus first of chest, then on legs and so on.

The final goal is to get to lift more weight, so try to add weight in order to make progress. It’s important to alternate workouts and rest for your muscles, because your body needs time to equilibrate the blood circulation without any trauma.

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