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Dear Reader,

I want to share with you a letter that made me angry.

It’s from an ordinary guy, just like you and me… but with a problem that refuses to go away: man breasts.

letter depressed man

I know how embarrassing it is.

… Hiding your shame from the other guys in the locker room.

… Wearing baggy Ts or squeezing into restrictive, uncomfortable compression vests to disguise your man boobs.

… Spending a small fortune on pills, creams and anything else that promises to end your man boob woes… even though NOTHING works.

I’m sick of seeing Youtube warriors and online health “gurus” with no track record of helping guys with this problem throwing out advice that's just plain wrong.

And it seems any old chump can throw up a sales page to sell a $47 ebook (with information you can find anywhere).

Sure, some of these “experts” have it half-right. I mean they're hardly revealing anything new. We know what the problem is related to.

ESTROGEN, the female hormone that is turning men into women

But the solution they’ve conjured up is all wrong and I’ll reveal to you exactly why in a moment.

Here’s the worst part. Every time you follow a plan that doesn’t work, you’re a day further away from being free from your man breasts.

I’ve seen what it can do to a guy’s confidence and self-esteem.

That’s why I had to act NOW.

What Every Guy With Man Boobs Needs To Know

Look, I know how important it is for you to find a way to fix your man boob problem. That’s why I'm giving you some valuable advice today that could change your life.

Keep reading and I’ll show you the fastest way to end the embarrassment of man breasts and swap your fat chest for chiseled pecs.

And you can do this WITHOUT pills, creams or expensive surgery.

I’ll also reveal the No.1 thing you must AVOID if you want to permanently eliminate what’s causing your man boobs.

Now, I’m sure you may think you’ve read all there is to know about getting rid of man boobs.

Yet, I want to share with you some brand new information I’ve learned about this problem.

And it's an area that 99% of books and online resources don’t touch on. If you’ve spent any time researching this problem, you know how confusing it can be.

I want to give you the real story.

That’s why today, you’ll finally discover a new way to tackle your man boob problem...

... even if you think you’ve tried EVERYTHING.

I’ve seen guy after guy after guy go through exactly the same problem.

I want to restore your hope you can deal with this once and for all. But before we go any further, let me introduce myself...

I’m Chris Wilson, aka Coach Chris, Specialist in Sports Nutrition and Head Strength Coach at the world's longest-standing strength & health site,

I have zero tolerance for health and nutrition BS. It’s my mission to call out what doesn’t work and investigate what does so I can pass this onto my clients, the readers at and, now, to you.

I’ve trained so many guys suffering from the same problem you’re going through: stuck in a rut, feeling low and unable to see a way out. I know exactly how you feel.

Let me begin by letting you know:

You’re not on your own.

Man, it can feel like you’re doomed to suffer in silence but this is a HUGE problem here in the States.

The condition - to give its full name - is gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is caused by an increase in glandular breast tissue in men rather than a build-up of fatty tissue. It is caused when your body produces a relatively high level of estrogen.

Here’s what a normal male breast should look like:

It may sound unusual, but here the facts tell a different story.

A quarter of all guys ages 50 to 80 years old suffer from man breasts, according to the Mayo Clinic. Another study puts the figure at 30% across the whole male population.

It’s a common problem and it’s growing thanks to a number of factors - some of which are beyond your control. You diet, your lifestyle and even your regular medication can contribute to moobs (a staggering 25% of gynecomastia is a result of taking medication).

This may sound like bad news… it may sound like you’re powerless to act, but it’s not. It’s a wake-up call. In the next few minutes, I want to give you the knowledge you need to make a change.

And it starts with tearing down some of the most damaging myths about this condition.

3 Myths 3 Myths Keeping You From Losing
Your Fat Chest (That May Be Making Your Moobs Worse)

That's right. Instead of helping you lose your chest fat, there are three myths that you STILL see being talked about… that may be adding to your problems.

Myth #1

Do more workouts at higher intensity

If your body experiences too much stress it will start producing cortisol, the "stress" hormone.

This is perhaps the most damaging myth.

Your body tries to remain in a state of hormonal balance. Responsible for this is your Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis which regulates your hormone levels. Tiny changes both internal and external - supplements, drug abuse and alcohol abuse - can scramble this mechanism and causes changes in your body.

If you're over-training by lifting too much or spending too little time resting, you will become fatigued. If your body experiences too much stress it will start producing cortisol, the "stress" hormone. When this happens, testosterone production stops.

That’s bad.

And if your cortisol levels are heightened for too long, you’ll start suffering from increasing health issues.

No. Spending all your time in the gym does not help.

Neither does this...

Myth #2

You can lose your moobs by just cutting body fat

It just doesn’t work. You must have seen guys who don't carry an ounce of fat on their skinny little body...

... and STILL suffer from a chubby chest.

Likewise, we all know guys who are chubby yet don't have man breasts.

Sure, cutting body fat can make a difference and will make your chest look better.

But it's NOT the only answer to your man breast problem.

In fact, stressing your body by starving it or doing cardio to drive down body fat could be doing the opposite. By dieting you may eat away muscle. That risks torching your testosterone and raising your estrogen levels even more. Again, bad news.

And there's no way this final myth should still be in circulation...

Myth #3

You can’t lose your man boobs naturally

Most cases of gynecomastia simply DON’T need surgery.

It just makes me crazy when I hear this.

Most cases of gynecomastia simply DON’T need surgery. But it’s no surprise why the medical profession wants you to think surgery is the answer…


And you certainly don’t need the junk in all those creams and pills.

In pretty much every case of man breasts, the problem is an hormonal imbalance.

Fix your hormones, fix your moobs.

The quickest, most effective way to do this is naturally, through the right combination of diet, exercise and a few simple lifestyle changes.

And that's what I'm going to show you right now.

But you’re not powerless. The chance to break the tyranny of man boobs and all the embarrassment they bring is in your grasp.

You just need to know how.

Now you can see why it isn’t your fault nothing has worked.

The stream of poor information has turned into a flood. Any guy with a Youtube channel or ebook on Amazon can add to the flood of confusing, misinformation which may make your situation worse.

The Secret To Turning Your Moobs To Pecs

There’s a reason why no pill you take or cream you apply will ever work.

They don’t tackle the root cause.

They tackle the symptoms.

They don’t get to the heart of what’s wrong in your body and needs dealing with. You don’t have a fat issue. You have a hormone issue.

If you don’t correct hormonal imbalance, the problem WILL get worse.

And the growth of your man breasts will become irreversible. (Then surgery IS the only option).

What we’re looking for here is getting your body into a state of what I call, Optimal Hormonal Equilibrium - or O.H.E. for short.

Yet, most plans are not designed to aim for O.H.E. Instead they focus on tackling only one small part of the whole puzzle.

Before Before

“I struggled with a fat chest area for what seemed like a really really long time. Dropping fat and optimizing my hormones has really turned my life around. My confidence has soared. I got married and got a promotion. And I'm no longer ashamed to take my shirt off around friends and family. I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to get rid of man boobs. It's easy to understand and follow. Don't let the price fool you. The information is worth 100x's that.”

Joseph Poirier
Executive Pastor, Largo F

And now - with many proven results behind us - we’re presenting our program to you, so you too can benefit.

The Man Breast Solution

The Man Breast Solution

The Only Man Boob Elimination Program That Stamps Out The Causes Of Moobs In Just Days Without Hours Of Cardio Or Lifting and Without Toxic Creams, Pills And Expensive Surgery

We pulled together the latest research on gynecomastia and hormone treatment. Then, we combined it with what we learned helping thousands of guys with their moob issues.

This guide is delivered via digital download so you can start reading within minutes of hitting Buy Now and start making the simple, straightforward changes to bring your body back to a state of O.H.E.

Here’s what Man Breast Solution will show you:

Buy Man Breast Solution Today And Secure
These 2 Bonuses To Put A Brake On Man Breasts

Bonus #1:
Anti-Estrogen/T-Boosting Meal Plan

Diet is key to losing your man boobs. It’s all good and well showing you what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding. But how do you know what to eat day-by-day?

There are dangers around every corner when it comes to eating anti-estrogenic. Thousands of foods contain soy and other feminizing ingredients. Keep consuming them and it will make your man boobs worse.

If you buy Man Breast Solution today, you’ll receive our meal plan developed to your needs. It only takes a few small, simple changes to cut out estrogenic foods from your diet. When you do, you’ll rocket your T and start your hormones firing the right way within days.

The reason most people fail to make lasting change? Lack of preparation. We’ve made this almost impossible for you to fail.

You don’t have to spend hours and hours planning meals and checking every ingredient. We’ve done it all for you. No prep, no worries. Just a sure-fire route to killing your man breasts.


Bonus #2:
The Perfect 30-Day Man Breast-Busting Workout

To speed up the process of losing your man boobs, you need a workout plan. The Perfect Workout bonus builds muscle, boosts T and melts away excess fat.

We’ve already busted the myth of targeting your chest with specific chest movements and workouts that last hours and hours.

The best kind of workout is the one you follow, right?

Well, this workout strips it right down to what you need.

It focuses on big, full body movements designed to pack on muscle and strip fat from your chest. Forget small, this will leave your chest looking hard, chiseled and ready for action.


It’s Time To End The Daily Battle And Start Feeling Like A Regular Guy Again

yes Say goodbye to pills

Say goodbye to expensive pills and creams. Stop popping those pills and throw the creams in the trash (hey, they didn’t do anything anyway, right?). Save a ton of cash, or spend what you save on a new wardrobe.

yes Tear off your shirt at the beach

Tear off your shirt at the gym or at the beach? No problem! When your focus switches from losing chest fat to gaining a chiseled set of pecs, it’s a relief. But you really feel it the first time you take off your shirt at the beach or the gym. No more snickers. No more stares. Just attention for all the right reasons.

yes Stand taller, feel more confident

Stand taller, feel more confident. You know the worst thing about man boobs? In trying to hide them and not draw attention to your chest, you cradle your body inwards. Your shoulders come forward and your chest sinks. You turn in on yourself. When you no longer have to worry about man breasts, this all changes. You thrust your chest out, your shoulders go back and your head held high. You stand taller, you're more confident and EVERYONE sees it. Time to stand up.

yes No more limiting what you wear

Wear what you want. No more limiting what you wear because you’re worried your nipples will poke through or everyone can see your moobs. Walk into any guy’s clothing store and pick what you want. No more baggy T-shirts, no more oversized sweat shirts… you never have to cover up your chest again.

How Much Would You Pay To End The Shame Of Man Boobs
In Just 30 Days?

the same routine every day

It’s frustrating seeing so many guys carry on with the same routine every day. They work harder and harder, only for the problem to get worse.

You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. But by making small, simple changes you can do less and still end up with a flatter, more masculine chest.

Man boobs are a HUGE problem. Our mission at Critical Bench is to free guys like you from the tyranny of ugly man breasts.

That’s why we’re offering Man Breast Solution for a fraction of its usual price for a limited time.

If you were to buy Man Breast Solution at its regular price, you’d pay $39.99.

Even then, it would be worth every cent.

If you wanted a consult with me or Brian, you'd pay several hundred dollars per hour. A nutritionist specializing in correcting hormone imbalance - if you could find one - would charge even more.

But, if you take action right now and buy Man Breast Solution you’ll pay just $15.

That’s less than the cost of a box of pills (that don’t work) or half the price of a compression bra.


Wait! You Qualify for the One Day Discount…
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Congratulations, you have qualified to receive a great discount
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Don’t Let A Fat Chest Continue
To Ruin Your Life

You’ve discovered all the benefits of Man Breast Solution and how it helps shed your man boobs forever and give you a chest you’ll be proud of.

You have two choices before you right now.

You could wait or put this off for another day but will you ever come back to this. In a week, you’ll have forgotten what you were shown today and go right back to where you were - feeling low, covering up and still chasing a hope something will get rid of your man boobs… until you remember the chance before you today. And wish you’d taken it.

I hope you take the second path.

The one where you make one of the best decisions of your life and start leaving behind your man boob problem, once and for all.

Within days of following the simple meal plan and workout schedule you start to notice a difference. Your chest starts to flatten and harden, your breast tissue begins to round out.

One day you look in the mirror and notice the change. Or try wearing an old top and notice you can no longer see your man breasts through it… because they’ve almost disappeared.

For the first time in a long time, it feels you don’t have to hide any more. You’re ready to strip off when you want without fearing the judgmental stares at the gym or the beach.

When you get your life back, you look back at this moment. It’s the moment you finally decided to take control.

The smart thing to do right now is take advantage of this time-limited offer to secure your copy of our proven program for just $15. Take the first step to a future free from man breasts.

Hit the Buy Now button and within minutes you’ll receive an email with your log-in details and start diving into Man Breast Solution right away.

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Let's get started.. I've got your back!

Soli Deo gloria,

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson, HSC, RKC, CSN
Specialist in Sports Nutrition

P.S. Try Man Breast Solution for 60 days and if you’re not 100% delighted with the results I’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked.

Man Breast Solution is the only man boob program designed to hit your moob problem from three distinct angles to treat the root cause, rather than easing the symptoms.

Only by including an extra vital step in the man breast reduction process does the program sit far above other options if you want to show off a set of head-turning pecs instead of man breasts.

Secure your copy for just $15 right now. If you’re not happy in ANY way, I’ll give you all your money back within 60 days.

That’s 60 days you have to fully test drive the program and start the journey to moob-free living.

FAQs About Man Breast Solution

Q: What if the program doesn’t work?

A: I’m so confident this is going to work for you, I want to make this a no-brainer. That’s why I’m offering a full and complete 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. That’s right. Buy the program and use it and you’ll discover how soon you can lose your man boobs. If you don’t think it does work, no problem! Mail us at and we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

Q: Why are you selling this so cheap?

A: At Critical Bench, we’ve campaigned for years against feminizing ingredients. These "hidden" ingredients in everyday food are causing men to become women. It’s one of our missions here to get guys off an estrogen-rich diet by spreading the word as far and wide as possible. That’s why we’re slashing the cost of this program to kick start the process.

Q: Can’t I just find this all online and do it myself?

A: Yes and no. You could spend several days on the internet to pull together all the studies and research. Then you could take as much time turning this into practical information to use. Most of this information you won’t find on any website, book or program. We put our years of experience and our own knowledge and expertise into this program. It's designed to attack your man breast problem from every angle, guaranteeing your success.

Q: How long will it take before I see results?

A: Of course, every guy’s progress is different. For best results follow the bonus meal plan and workout included in the program. Combined, we’ve seen great results with the program in just 30 days. But for best results use the program for at least 60 days and you won't believe the change. A hard manly chest and no more moobs.

Buy Now


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