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Unheard Of Muscle Specialization Exercises

This is an audio interview I did with Jeff Anderson. You can download it in mp3 format below. Don’t tell Jeff I told you this, but he said this was the best interview he can remember doing in a long time!

Which Muscle’s Giving YOU “The Finger”?


Here are some highlights:

  • Over 1 hour of material.
  • Secret Vince Gironda bicep exercise.
  • Fun exercises for the body parts you dread training!
  • Extension sets for back thickness.
  • Tips for lagging muscle groups.
  • Additional exercises not mentioned in Jeff’s Muscle Specialization Secrets program.
  • How to focus on strengths while building up weaknesses.
  • Harnessing the mind muscle connection.
  • One exercise so hard we’ve never seen anyone able to do it!
  • Fighting back against bad genetics.

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This is the Link Mentioned In The Interview Above:


This is a plugin program that you can use with any workout you’re currently getting results with.  Got an exercise you can’t perform because of injury?  Swap it out with an exercise from Jeff’s system:

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One Response to “Unheard Of Muscle Specialization Exercises”
  1. francisco says:

    how many sets and how can increase my bench i am stuck at 215 i have the book it shows reps how many sets. on the first is the bench press and shows to start with 170 to 190 but on the incline it show reps but do i start with my max 215

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