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Cross Examination With Alex Maroko of Flying In 4!

February 17, 2010 by  
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fly4Do you want to dunk a basketball? Do you wish you could out jump a defender for the football? If you want to increase your vertical jump for any reason you need to listen to this interview Alex Maroko the co-creator of Flying in 4.

Here’s the link to the program:

In this podcast you’ll meet Kelly Baggett the world’s most famous “JUMP” coach.¬† You’ll also find out why he hogs all these secrets and how Alex finally got him to reveal some.

There are actually 3 seperate programs that each last 4-weeks. Follow one or follow them all.

The point is, it is possible to increase your vertical jump by 4 inches in just 4 weeks.

Listen to the interview now to get some tips you can use immediately to increase your vertical jump.

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Truth About Quickness – FAQ Interview

July 7, 2009 by  
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Before you do anything go Get All 5 Episodes of Truth About Quickness TV FREE right now. Episode 1 is called the “4 Keys To Quickness”. You can sign up for the videos free right here:


I sent out an email about this a few days ago and my inbox was bombarded about the Alex Maroko and Kelly Baggett’s new Truth About Quickness Insider’s system.

I made a promise in the interview so I’m sticking to it. You’ll hear it and it’s really good news for you.

Instead of making an attempt at answering all the emails I set up an audio FAQ interview here with Alex Maroko. How did I get him on the line?

He used to play basketball at Eckerd College here in St. Pete, FL and he we both trained at Elliott Hulses’s Strength Camp so I had an in. And ya he’s pretty quick. Just watch the highlight video at http://www.getquickness.com

If you play a sport and you want to get to the next level than speed and quickness is probably the most important thing you need to work on.

The football players that play D-III and play D-IA are usually the same strength levels, it’s the speed, quickness and ability that seperates them.

Listen the interview below and than head over to http://www.GetQuickness.com to get your vids and get signed up for the early bird notification list for the when the system goes live.

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