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Win a FREE Copy Of Bench Press Explosion!

Lets keep this simple. If you’d like to win one of ten free copies I’m giving out of my new Bench Press Explosion eBook that contains 18 of the best bench press routines I have ever come across here’s your big chance!

The problem as I see it is addressing how powerbuilders can simultaneously achieve big numbers in their bench press weight and still develop sculptured, striated pecs in a minimal amount of time. That is the challenge I strive to address with this book.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win.

Look over these two interview posts below (will open in new windows) where I talk about my powerbuilding approach to bench pressing for BOTH strength and size.

Part 1: How To Bench Press 300 Pounds & Beyond!
Part 2: How To Bench Press 300 Pounds & Beyond!

Now leave a comment below on this page using 250 words or less explaining why you want to increase your bench press to get bigger and stronger and how my new eBook Bench Press Explosion would help you reach your goals of gaining this strength and size.

This contest will be open until the end of the day on Monday, March 12th. Everyone has the same fair chance to win and all entries will be read. Just do me a favor and don’t use lack of finances as a reason you want to win. Even if you don’t win I’m going to make this super affordable so everyone can get their hands on it next week when it’s released.

Good luck. Enter you comment below to win. Contest ends at the end of the day on March 12th.

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236 Responses to “Win a FREE Copy Of Bench Press Explosion!”
  1. Robert says:

    I’m looking to get stronger in the bench press after I was out 6 months with a rotator cuff injury. My bench press has dropped significantly. I’m looking to use the routines in this book to help gain my bench press strength back for competitons and self confidence.


  2. i need this.i want to go up so bad in my took me 1yr to get to 275 but cant seem to go any higher.i need to learn the techniques so i can do my goal which is 405-450.please consider me so i can prove to my peers i got what it takes to hit past my plateau.also i will proudly advertise for you guys showing everyone it wouldn’t of been possible if it wasnt for you guys.thanks


    ken hofler Reply:

    I am an old school guy from the 80’s ,I can tell you how to get your bench up high but let me tell you this shit dont come over nite so if thats what you are looking for you can for get it,if this year you bench 275 for reps shot for 295 for 4 reps than 6 reps now you are ready for 315,experiment around with the rings wider grip more weight ,try boards it help your body feel the weight ,move the weight slow it helps with control ,but most of all remember it takes time (years) if you move up 40 a year you are doing good



    sergio guarracino Reply:

    i’m gonna try that thanks man i appreciate the help.


  3. paul says:

    Reviewed the info. Sounds interesting Am trying to increase weight as well as strength after wrist injury in 2010. Looks like this would be a big help.


  4. Lawrence S Rubi says:

    I really enjoy all the advice and information . I take to heart and utilize in the gym every day.


  5. paul says:

    Revuewed the website. Interesting Looks like might be of help to me. Trying to build strenght as well as muscle since fractured wrist in 2010. Has healed and a PT has been of some help. Going on my own now and want to continue pushing myself with all that can help.


  6. Denis Roy says:

    I’ve worked out religiously for 10 years but have only seen minimal gains it my muscle mass. My genetics make it difficult to gain weight…something that frustrates those whose genetics make it difficult for them to lose weight. Anyhow, about two years ago I blew out my arms benching heavy (315lb) and for the next 18 months I struggled with tendinitis. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my arms have healed and I’m back to benching but not at the previous weight. I’d love to win a copy of your book because I know that it will not only help me regain but exceed my previous weight.


  7. jerry brady says:

    I’m out of shape, hypertensive and 54. I have decided that this is the year to get it all back together and I believe that your book can be a huge benefit to me.


  8. Dylan says:

    Hey I’m just Leaving a comment on here to tell you why I should win. Basically I’m 16 years old with a bench of 190 and have maybe gone up 5 pounds in the past year. I’m completely stuck on how to increase my bench. I’ve always had a love for fitness powerlifting and strongman for over 5 years and spend 80% of my time researching and watching videos. Only thing I cant seek to wrap my head around is this bench press. I work my ass off day in and day out eating and eating but nothing. I just feel that winning this would be great help for me. Basically I’m training to do powerlifting competitions and next year I have one at school and didn’t want to do It this year because a bunch of other kids had higher lifts this year but not next year. Im gonna work my ass off to beat them all.

    Thanks a lot for reading,


  9. Jake says:

    I would greatly benefit from this because I’ve honestly been searching for years off and on for the correct way to bench after benching the wrong way injuring first my wrist resulting in surgery then my shoulder when maxing my bench at 1.6 of my weight. That was years ago and now my max is probably 1.2 which is embarassing as after years it should be more than 2. I feel like I have been plateaued for as long as I can remember and found this site by doing hours/week of research and really not getting as far as I would have liked.


  10. amir allen says:

    I am on the football team as a wide receiver and 6’1 and 185 pounds but I can only bench 185 and this makes me look like the weakest person on the team. If I can win a copy I will be able to bench more and hopefully male it somewhere like I always hoped thank you


  11. Sidhartha Raj says:

    I would like to win this prize because i have been lifting weights for 4 years and my bench press has been the same for the past year. Also, being taller does not help as well. I am 6ft 2in and weigh around 205lbs. Also, winning these prize will ensure that myself as well as my friends would benefit from the information. I am on the San Jose State judo team and currently trying to make the run for the 2016 Olympic games and having a program that i can use to improve my strength would be awesome. I also made a new years resolution to be able to bench more then 300lbs but with my current plan it seems to be nor happening. Thank you very mcuh


  12. Matt says:

    Hey Mike, I’m 15 years old I I need to get stronger for sports. I am a wrestler who has a good amount of technique but I often feel over powered even when I end up winning. I weigh 132 lbs but can only bench 115. I really need to get stronger and I think your program can help.
    Thanks a lot,


  13. Kenny says:

    I am attending college In the fall and will be playing college football as a Competive athlete
    I want and need this book to help me achieve my highest potential strength and be
    The best in my position with this book I will be able to use my hardworking in the gym
    And get a lot Out of it.this book is important to me and hope you can relize this and also help me
    Thank you in advance I been following you and your bodybuilding/ training emails and videos you helped me out before but this will make the difference once again
    Thank you


  14. Jason says:

    I have been plateaued for do long that I have become discouraged going to the gym. I need something new that will motivate me with results and this sounds like it is key to hitting the goals that at this point seem out of reach.


  15. Brian says:

    I am rebuilding my bench max after a major back and shoulder injury, have got back to the 80 – 100kg bench but want to achieve more safely


  16. Todd says:

    I NEED your Bench Press guide. I will be trying out for a job in a few months and one of the test is a Bench Press Test where you are graded on the percentage of your body weight you can bench. Your program will greatly benefit my ability to land this job.



  17. Aaron says:

    Im more of a big guy and I’m tryin to trade fat for muscle and get big. One of my biggest problems is my pecs. More like manboobs and I can’t get rid of them and I need some workouts especially bench to help build my upper body. For the size that I am I should be able to bench 300 or 400 but I might be lucky enough to do half that so this ebook would really help me build muscle and get rid of my moobs. I’m tired of lookin like this and need some help thanks!


  18. Ian says:

    Hey Mike,

    The tips that I have learned from you have revolutionized my bench. First of all I have increased my bench by 40 lbs (235-275) in just 2 1/2 months.

    A few keys that have changed, from the core, the way I bench, is to tuck your elbows in, to grip the bar with all your strength, to do supportive exercises like rows, etc. and to arch your back.

    Since knowing these things, I am helping my football players increase their bench for power and size

    You are on the cutting edge of bench, keep up the great work!

    Thanks, Ian


  19. steve bunelle says:

    Hi Mike, my name is Steve Brunelle I am 45, 220 pounds, was 253 2 months ago my max is about 300# would like to increase my bench. I have always struggled at the bench and would love some secrets to increase my bench. I am doing one of your work outs now. Includes core mussels. Monday I start my 5 week of a 9 week cycle. That my story.

    Steve Brunelle


  20. Mike says:

    Been working out for past year shredding body fat and training for marathons. Now looking to build my chest up and overall upper body. Have increased my finih times for my half but dont want to look to skinny overall.


  21. Randy says:

    I need this. I have always been a small guy (150lbs) and I’m tired of it. This book will help me put on the size n strength I have been looking for.


  22. ed says:

    im a 48 yr ol grandpa for 9 grandkids…..if this works for me….wow


  23. jespson says:

    i am looking to build strength for the football and basketball season so this program would be a great help in doing so


  24. Joseph says:

    Hey Mike,
    First of all thank you for all your helpful emails and articles. Watching all your videos has really perfected my form when lifting weights and has also given fun and effective alternative exercises along with lots of inspiration and motivation. Throughout the last couple years of lifting weights I’ve tried every kind of protein shake, diet, and workout plan. In the last year, I’ve gotten amazing results in muscle gains and strength. My squat, curl, and just overall strength has went through the roof. However, the one thing that I have always desired and have never been able to acheive is an impressive bench press no matter how much work I’ve put into it. Being a pretty big guy at 6 2 210 playing football junior year of highschool and training to be a firefighter my senior year, people always assume that I can bench a lot. When someone does ask me, my answer always is “I don’t bench much.” this couldn’t be farther from the truth, in fact that is mostly what I focus on when I’m the gym these days. I would love this program because I would finally be able to answer confidently, and demonstrate it on the fire ground.


  25. Matt Fitzgerald says:

    I am currently a college student and have been working pretty hard on both strength and muscle-building. This year has been a huge training period for me and I basically split the year up into 2 groups. The first semester was focused on increasing stregth. I managed to add 45 lbs to my flat bench in 4 months. Not 350lbs, but it was a huge accomplishment so far in my life. This semester is all about putting on some size and so far it has been going alright but not great. I post my training goals on my dorm door which provides a huge motivation to kill it every time I step inside the gym. This book is exactly what I need to bring my trainging to the next level. I can’t wait to use it for this and my next gym cycle (probably strength and building combined). See you in the gym.


  26. Rodney S. Frank says:

    I am tired of being the weeniest bencher in the gym!


  27. Victor says:

    My bench press sucks, period! I can move decent weight in the squat and deadlift, but damn! I am lacking in the horizontal pressing movement. Embarrassing, if you ask me. By what I read in the interview and the numbers you’ve put up, you must know what your talking about, and the e-book – along with hard work and commitment – might just be the ticket out of this shame.


  28. Alex says:

    I’ve followed a few of the programs sent out by you and Elliot, starting with which was lean hybrid muscle. I absolutely love to train and I strive to become, as Elliot says, “the strongest version of myself’. I excel in pulling movements, but my ability to push is pitiful in comparison. I’m still stuck benching under 300lbs. Being a college athlete on a tight budget i’d love a chance to bust my ass and get my numbers up following your program.


  29. Kevin Roberts says:

    To get bigger and stronger for my future career as a police officer.


  30. Tony says:

    I have been working our for years now and have reached a major plateau. A little over a year ago I reached a personal goal of benching 315 for four reps. I was pretty excited, but since that point my strength and growth has taken a nose dive. I am now benching, at best, 290 for three really difficult reps. Going backwards stinks. My effort continues to be high, but I am clearly doing something wrong and I would love some new information and motivation to take me chest training to the next level.


  31. I believe that I could really use this book because I’ve been the whole time I’ve been training which is since freshman year (I got a lot more serious around senior year) to now sophmore in college, it seems like all of my other lifts like the squat and deadlift go up much more easily than my bench press which makes sense, but I feel like there has been almost no progress on my bench. Right now it is around 250 and I weigh 195ish lbs and I am 6’2. I believe that all of the busting ass I do in the gym and out of it, it should be alot higher than what it is at. Thanks for all of the help that you give to everyone on your youtube channel, I know that those messages that you put out there change people’s mindsets about life because it has definatley changed the way I look at my life and how I have been going at it all wrong. That there is more to it than just the “meathead” stuff and look and science and philosopy behind weight training and becoming the strong version of yourself 🙂

    Daniel Singleton


  32. Hi Mike

    Over the years I have copped some nasty shoulder injuries and have tried to compensate in other ways, the end result is that I have a weak bench press but great rowing or upper back strength, my physio has shown me that I have created instability in the muscles by the shoulder and back muscles having plenty of strength but the chest and pecs being weak so my shoulders are still injury prone, it would be fantastic to really get a grip on correcting this and building strength in my chest to be able to better train all round.


  33. Raymond Hood says:

    I want to increase my bench because I am a power lifter with a week bench but strong deadlift and squat I am only benching 200 at 275 and at the age of 16 this book would help a lot to increase my bench and I would use it every time I work out and I would use all the tips in each power lifting meet I am in


  34. Erie says:

    I have never been in shape and about a year ago I finally committed myself to start working out and get in shape. From then til now I have lost about 80lbs which puts me at 200lbs right now. I’ve been weight training for about 2 months with a buddy of mine that has been weight training for over 4 years. He has tried to help me out and given me tips as much as possible, I have seen an increase in my overall strength but would like to get a hold of your book to help me on the bench. I hope to have a sculpted chest on day and committed to do whatever is neccesary to acheive that goal.


  35. Jeremy says:

    Im 17 and training for my first powerlifting contest. My chest has always been a problem area(under 200 in bench). Ive poured so much blood and sweat into this, but without knowing what to do I can only get so far on my own.


  36. Tim says:

    I am 47 years old and have leukemia. I stated working out 2 and a half years ago. I set a goal to bench press 460 lbs before I am 48, that’s 6 months from now. I’m at 365 and I believe this will help get to my goals.


  37. rodney says:

    mike,thanx for this awsome oportunity.I would like to win a free copy of this bench press explosion book, to take my bench to my natural limit. i will be 41 years old this june and want to enter my first bench competition this year at the “superman classic” in metropolis IL. i will be a masters competitor,and until recently the max was 330. i used your critical bench last year and got great results. i added 25lb to my bench.i am now stuck around 320. the new record in my division is around 405,so i have some serious work ahead of me. when it was 330,i thought,”man i can do that this year if i stay healthy” but now at 405 it seems almost out of reach and i thought i might just give up,as that is about 75lb i need to add. however now that you have produced a new book i may have a shot at this after all. i have been using the 5-3-1, with pretty good results,but i am in need of a change. either way whether i win or not,i will be getting this book,but i thought i would give you my reason for wanting a free copy. i can also review it on my youtube channel and website.


  38. Raphael says:

    I would love to have a copy of your program. Throughout my years of training I never had anyone teach me how to work out or how to max out. I’m a very determined person that I decided to do research and ask some personal trainers out there for some info. When I work out I do a lot of bodybuilding techniques and routines. I would love to learn how to lift in your one rep max while still add size to my physique. I’m very determine and do everything I could to succeed. I cook my own meals and I go to the gym often. I’m sure that with some guidance and more knowledge I will reach my goals faster while staying Injury free. I’m always eager to learn.


  39. dan wyman says:

    I currently coach Football at monroe woodbury high school and feel your book will help our football players during our strength training program.I saw your link on Elliots site and noticed you played at CCSU.I played fullback for them back in 93.Small world.Hope to hear from you.Thanks..


  40. bob g says:

    Bench Press Explosion would be the tool that I can use to get to one of my goals for 2012 – that of being able to bench 225 for 10 reps by 1 Dec. So far I have tried several of the ‘bench press’ program offered by various trainers – none have suceeded in getting me to meet this goal. YOur Bench Press Exp;osion should do the trick.


  41. Jordan says:

    I want it because good enough isn’t enough I wanna be the best in everything


  42. Joe says:

    I’m a USAF sf personnel currently deployed and have for awhile tried to increase my (last three years of my enlistment) with mixed results , stuck at 180 weighing 145 .Friends have tried to help me with the process and no luck so far .Im hoping that your program may be the key to help get this progress jumpstarted.


  43. Theodore says:

    I’m a 51 year old father of 3 have always power lifted have set a goal of 315 have applied alot of your methods from critical bench ,as of now i have hit a plateau any help to get past this minor setback to reach my goal would be greatly appreciated


  44. Matthew Webb says:

    Hey Mike, I feel that this book will supply me with the education and knowledge that i have been lacking. I have always been frustrated in not getting the gains and success that i have wanted. I would be so grateful to you if i could win this book. Thank you for all the knowledge you have given me thus far. Thanks,

    Matthew Webb
    4074 west Juniper Hills Drive
    South Jordan, UT 84095


  45. Matthew says:

    Ive been working out for a while now and my chest is the slowest developing muscle all around. Compared to my shoulders back and arms, my chest is tiny. I haven’t gained any strength in over a year and I’m only able to one rep max 15 lbs over my body weight of 175. I eat healthy and get sufficient protein daily, no junk food. My long time friend has packed on the muscle that I wish to have. This book would help educate me on all aspects of my training and diet, and most importantly blast my bench through the roof. I followed your critical bench program and gained only 20 lbs of strength from it. Please help!


  46. jason forbes says:

    Growing up I was always smaller than most guys I went to school with and I took pride in being able to lift more than my body weight. I was able to lift 330lbs over a year ago but have allowed a busy schedule to keep me from improving and reaching my goals. I welcomed my 3rd son six weeks ago now it’s time to get back on track. I believe your book will be an essential part of that. My wife and I were both high school athletes but having kids and raising a family has taken it’s toll on our fitness level. This book would afford us the opportunity to workout together as a family without the excuse of we could’nt make it to the gym. In today’s economy fitness along with gym memberships have been put on the back burner and while finances are important our health is equally as important. We have taken the first step by turning our backyard storage unit into a gym ,eating clean and educating our children on the importance of fitness and your book WILL be the PERFECT addition to our growing family.


  47. pedro says:

    I’ve tried a lot of programs volume training,the wave,prymids,I’ve even tried you bence programs mike and have yet to find anything that works. My old school training was reading flex and doing the exact same weight and exercises as I seen in the book and believe me it made me very strong but then I plataued which is a nightmare. Finally someone told me you need to stop training like a body builder and train for power so I did my bench went from 450 to 570 then 620 and now again I’ve plataued and now at an even worst cost bc the shape and definition I had from body building training has now went away and yes even though I still have a 600lb bench I don’t like the way I look so if there’s a program out there that can enable me to do both I would very much like to try it. I’m really pushing for a 700″b bench and have no clue how to get there. I even emailed you mike and asked for advice and you told me to keep on doing what I do bc a 600lb raw bence is inmpressive but I’m stuck and I’m coming to you for help if I win and it help I swear everyone in my gym and everyone that I train will purchase your program bc I’m the strongest in my gym and everyone looks up to me but now I need help.


  48. Antonio Steward says:

    Hey Mike, I want to be able to become a much stronger person than I have ever been before in my life. I want to be able to bench a lot, so people will be amaze by my strength, and size, and weight. I want to be able to go out with my shirt off, and show what hard work, faith, and dedication done for me with the use of your ebook. I want to become a non-pro natural bodybuilder. However, I want to be able to go let people know that your ebook is worth buying, and I would tell many people out there to buy this amazing ebook. However, I find your workouts from emails, articels on the web to be very useful, and helpful to me.


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