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Relaxation, The Oxymoron Of Bodybuilders

January 10, 2016 by  
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For competitive bodybuilders, “relaxation” has a completely different meaning than the one usually given by a no-competitor. They think of it as an oxymoron – are you familiar with the “standing relaxed” pose part of some bodybuilding competitions? The pose requires the contestant to contract every muscle and keep them in a tight and squeezed position like never before, while appearing to be relaxed – the last thing the competitor is!


What Is Relaxation Anyway?

Relaxation is officially defined by the Psychology Dictionary as the “state of being relaxed; refreshment of mind and body; reduction in intensity of tension or vigor. Musculature returning to an inactive state after contraction.” For the no-skilled and no-competition attending person, relaxing therefore means anything from sipping a glass of wine in the evening while slipping into cozy clothes to listening to soothing music or enjoying the great online poker experience at Ladbrokes.  Professional competitors, just like any other sportsmen fighting for titles, points, and prestige, also need their alone time they can spend away from the gym and their regular training. Off-seasons are designated with this purpose in mind. And this is one of the most determined and influential times of the year that could be triggering the following on-seasons actions.

So Why Is It So Hard To Relax Then When It Is So Beneficial?

Competitive athletes usually picture a relaxing day as a little downtime used to clear their head from all thoughts sports-related. Nevertheless, this can be extremely difficult, when their entire being is constantly focused on reaching their goals and following their progress. For these people, relaxing usually resembles a drug addict’s withdrawal period. What could help is to take on a different activity or hobby that maintains a level of competition. Some like to try poker and other forms of gambling, and top online venues like Poker.Ladbrokes make for an excellent first choice. They can join the thousands of daily poker enthusiasts and unwind behind a virtual table, have conversations and make new buddies while keeping their mind on the pot and off their heavy weights.

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