"I was 27 but had lower sex drive
than my 62-year old dad!"

The “Real” Reason You’re Getting Fatter, Struggling To
Build Muscle, Constantly Tired And You Can’t Get Aroused…

And the 24-Hour Fix To “Reset” Your Testosterone, Slow Down The Aging Process, Skyrocket Your Metabolism, Pack On Lean Muscle And Have More Sex Without Drugs!

"What's wrong with you? Don't you WANT to make love to me?"

She was lying next to me in bed. Her voice shaking, tears in her eyes.

My heart beat hard in my chest. I couldn't look at her.

I prayed she’d roll over and just fall back asleep.

But I could feel her stare.

I couldn’t tell her the TRUTH.

Earlier that day, the doctor had given me a diagnosis that felt like a punch in the chest.

“Anthony, you have low testosterone.”


I was an average 27 year old with a normal life.

Low T was something only older guys suffered from, right?

Sure, the symptoms were there…

I had ZERO energy. I was tired, stressed and anxious ALL the time.

My health was on the floor. I struggled to build muscle or lose body fat. I felt soft and weak.

And my sex drive was nowhere to be seen.

The thought of ANYONE finding out about my shameful secret left me in a cold sweat.

(I’d NEVER live down the shame if my buddies ever found out.)

This bedroom scene played out almost every night.

Because I couldn’t get aroused, I dreaded intimacy. When she touched me, instead of feeling that primal masculine surge… my chest tightened and I hoped the ground would swallow me up.


But what really KO’d me were the questions…

“Don't you find me attractive anymore?”, "Is it me?” and, worst of all, "Are you gay?”

My wife was beautiful. I didn't want to lose her.

The last thing I wanted to do was push her into the arms of another guy. A confident, strong, masculine guy who could love her and satisfy her.

Like a real man should.

I felt worthless, stripped of my masculinity. And that night, with her sobbing into her pillow again, something inside me snapped.

I had three options:

1) Ignore it, carry on and hope the problem would magically fix itself. Who was I kidding? My relationship was at breaking point. Doing nothing wasn’t an option.

2) Sure, I could take Viagra. But I was just 27… That’s INSANE! I was sure I didn’t want to take meds and end up stuck on prescription drugs for the rest of my life.

3) Decide this WASN’T going to be my future and that my life WASN’T going to be like this and find a way to turn back the clock on my testosterone.

And that’s exactly what I did, as I’ll explain shortly.

But, before I go on, there’s probably one question burning in your mind…

“What in the world does a 27 year old
athlete know about Low T?”

Anthont Alayon

Today, you may know me as Anthony Alayon, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, fitness author and bodybuilding champion. I’ve trained and helped hundreds of guys reach the peak of physical fitness while staying at the top of my game.

But I wasn’t always like this.

Back then, I was just an ordinary Joe working a normal job in a normal office.

I wasn’t the confident, muscular guy I am today… I was stressed, overweight and at the mercy of office junk food.

I didn’t know the first thing about what caused my low T.

What I discovered changed my life.

My problem may have been WAY worse than most but there must have been plenty of other guys out there with the same symptoms who had low T at an early age. Right now, they are suffering in silence or, worse, not even knowing and blaming themselves.

So I went on a mission to find out the truth…

I wanted to discover EXACTLY who or what was responsible.

I stayed up late reading journals, magazines and articles while working the day job.

And, very quickly, I uncovered some truths which deeply shocked me…

“The One-Two T-Level Sucker Punch
That’s Leaving You Anxious, Stressed
And A Rock Bottom Libido No Man Should
Have to Suffer… And It’s Not Your Fault”

By the time you hit 35, your testosterone production naturally drops by 25%.

The natural decline of testosterone production

Yet, on top of this natural drop, there’s another factor “silently” killing your testosterone and robbing you of your manhood.

Processed food

A lot has been written about processed food but few guys know how much it’s damaging their T-levels.

Testosterone levels nationwide have been dropping at an alarming rate since the industrial food revolution in the 1950s. This was the era when food manufacturers began producing foods with artificial ingredients and chemicals to meet the demands of a growing population.

While they were able to produce food in mass quantities and make more money in the process, men worldwide have experienced a sudden decline in energy, sex drive, ability to build muscle and burn fat.

A recent study by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association stated that OVER 80% of packaged foods eaten in the US every day are contaminated with ingredients that adversely affect your health and even lower T-levels.

Some of the worst offenders you need to AVOID are…

3 “hidden” ingredients
killing your T-levels


MSG is a neurotoxin that’s permanently stored inside your brain. Studies have shown testosterone levels decrease when eaten over long periods. MSG has also been known to cause headaches, numbness, chest pains, and sweating. MSG is hidden in frozen ready meals, ranch dressing, potato chips, Chinese food and most packaged and processed food. Food manufacturers try to disguise the ingredient by not using the word MSG on the packaging - instead look out for Glutamate, Monopotassium Glutamate, Textured Protein, Yeast Extract, Gelatin or Hydrolyzed Protein.


This is a testosterone KILLER! Numerous studies show this ingredient significantly lowers testosterone levels. When consumed, it builds up in the Leydig cells of the testes, brain and pituitary glands. It may have negative side effects on male fertility and thyroid functions greatly affecting the ability to burn fat at an optimal level.[4] Mercury is also a neurotoxin that will lower your IQ over time. Mercury can be found in farm-raised fish, high fructose corn syrup, and certain types of rice. [4]


Sweet food and beverages that don’t contain sugar are most likely laced with artificial sweeteners. There are several fake sugar ingredients but two of the main ones are aspartame and neotame. Aspartame is listed on many food labels but neotame is the silent testosterone killer as it isn’t required to be listed under FDA regulations. Nasty side effects also include decreased vision, seizures, headaches, diabetes, and even Parkinson’s disease.[10] Common foods that contain artificial sweeteners, include diet sodas, yogurts, chewing gum, cooking sauces, flavored water, cereals and sugar free products.

But that’s only HALF the problem.

Not only are our T-levels under attack, making bad food choices means we’re silently boosting production of estrogen, the FEMALE hormone. Estrogen has the opposite effect of testosterone and can leave you flabby, weak and suffering with ugly man boobs.

It’s ok for your body to contain a small amount of estrogen but eating food containing estrogen-boosting nutrients causes estrogen production to spiral out of control.

3 “Scary” Ingredients That Are
Slowly Turning You
Into A Woman


Soy is the CRAZY ingredient that’s slowly turning men into women. Studies show that men who intake soy for long periods of time can have slow beard growth, hair loss, decreased sex drive, and a lack of energy.[11] This feminizing ingredient should be AVOIDED by guys at all costs as it can literally ruin your manhood. Your jaw will drop when you discover how many foods contain soy, such as cereal, breaded food, certain dairy products, sauces, stews, lecithin, soy nuts, soy beans and vegetarian dishes.[5]


This hidden ingredient is the plant version of soy protein. Phytoestrogens can be found in some high fiber foods such as cereal and particular beans that are high in lignans. Much like soy, it can feminize a guy by increasing estrogen levels over time.[12]

found in cereals

Yes, it’s the hidden testosterone killer in your home! Hormone-scrambling substances enter our water through dumping and runoff from pharmaceutical companies and other corporate polluters. Every year, millions of tons of pollutants enter our food and water system… and of more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals in use today, over 870 of them have been positively identified as hormone disruptors[13]. Yes, that’s almost a thousand chemicals sending your body’s natural hormone balance spiraling out of whack every time you take a sip of water or sit down for a meal…

“Don’t Let Your Doctor Inject You
Before You Read This…”


So how is America dealing with this problem? By offering medical “cures” for low T that are much worse than the actual problem.

Across the country, there’s a stampede of guys getting hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to deal with low T. Here’s the problem: not only are you injecting synthetic hormones into your body, once you start your body shuts off its own natural testosterone production. The result? You’re injecting yourself with needles FOREVER.

And here’s the worst thing… in most cases it doesn’t even work. A three-year study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2015 found testosterone administration “did not significantly improve sexual function or health-related quality of life”.[14]

The same goes for the majority of testosterone supplements. They replace your body’s natural production of testosterone and you kill it for good. Some of these supplements also have terrible side effects, such as damaging your liver.

You’ve heard of those gels and creams too, right? My buddy was putting the cream on at night and his girlfriend leaned up against him. The next day she started growing facial hair. Scary! No thanks.

As you see, testosterone replacement, gels and other medical solutions only treat the symptoms and risk giving you dangerous and uncomfortable side effects.

Don’t treat the symptoms,
treat the root cause.

I thought poor nutrition created this problem so good nutrition can solve it.

The low T problem in the US is an epidemic. Yet, the medical industry would rather hide its head in the sand and push a prescription into your hand.

I wasn’t going to find the answers there, so I had look elsewhere for inspiration.

Let’s step back a minute. In the US, guys as young as me were finding their T-levels on the floor… but this wasn’t the case around the world.

What about those places where T-levels weren’t falling? Where guys were still lean and muscular? What were they doing differently?

I read medical manuals, history books and even spent hours using Google Translate to discover scientific texts and hard-to-find studies to discover the “secret”, most powerful nutrients that would naturally re-ignite my testosterone production.

101 Little-Known
“Super Nutrients & T Boosting Tricks”
That Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels
and Vitality So Your Manhood Comes Roaring
Back To Life In Just 24 Hours

Here are some of the “super nutrients” I discovered:

The 11-Bean “Estrogen-Buster”

Even if your estrogen production is high, this powerful mineral found in certain combinations of beans could help your body convert excess estrogen in your body back into testosterone, reversing its effects. It will also help increase sperm production, which is important if you’re planning on starting a family.

The “Chinese Warrior” Super-food

The strange, little-known Chinese vegetable that contains barely ANY calories, boosts your heart function and comes packed with abnormal amounts of calcium and potassium to strengthen your bones and maintain muscle.

The Peruvian Protein “Hormone Equalizer”

The high protein Peruvian root that is medically proven to not only increase testosterone production but BALANCE your hormones, allowing you to adapt to stress, boost your libido and have better sex.

The “All-Rounder” Inca Root

The ancient food of the Incas that delivers ALL your daily protein and EVERY essential amino acid so your body has everything it needs to heal itself faster leaving you feeling healthy, strong and full of vitality.

The Rising Sun “Mood-Booster”

The mood-altering Japanese POWER food that floods your brain with serotonin, the “happy” chemical and revitalizes red blood cells for maximum energy.

And that’s just a tiny sample of what I discovered. When I finally looked at my notes, I realized something…

I had created a blueprint to
rapidly ‘fix’ T-levels,
turbocharge your love life and kick your muscle-building
back into action

My energy was through the roof!

It was time to put it to the test.

Within days of making the changes, I saw a transformation in my body.

My energy was through the roof!

I had more power, more strength and more energy. Now, I could step into a gym and start packing on lean muscle. That ugly body fat that had clung to my weak office guy frame dropped off within weeks. My physique changed…

… but, more importantly, so did my mind.

My confidence came flooding back. I could walk tall again (I really think I gained a few inches. Seriously!)

I felt like a 27-year-old guy is SUPPOSED to feel.

But the biggest transformation was my love life.

With my T-levels overflowing, my wife instantly noticed the change in me.

No longer did I feel that tightness in my chest when she asked me to come to bed. I didn’t have to invent another excuse why I didn’t want to make love. Getting aroused was easy.

My desire came back with a vengeance and after our first night of passionate sex in a long while, she looked at me and whispered.

“You’re back!”

And it felt like it.

So, did our relationship get better? It sure did…

A romantic getaway in Paris

The plan worked. I felt like a man, again.

Our relationship is the best it's ever been. In fact, we just enjoyed a romantic getaway to Paris known as the city of love and had the best time of our lives.

When I got home the guys at work noticed the changes in me. And the fact I was now turning the heads of some of my female co-workers hadn’t gone unnoticed.

So they asked me to share my secrets. I had hundreds of little notes and scribbled strategies stuffed into folders in my apartment that I wasn’t sure I wanted to share.

But I’d packed my lunch with a few of the T-level boosting super-foods I discovered and shared them with the guys at work to get them off my back…

… literally, the next day one of my work colleagues came racing up to me. He couldn’t believe it.

He’d gone to the gym that morning and bench pressed a PR. He wanted more of what I had, so I told him I’d write it all down.

That’s why it became known as the…

The 24-Hour Testosterone Fix, A Natural, No-meds, Rapid-fix Program That’s Practically Done-For-You
the 24-Hour Testosterone Fix manual

24-Hour Testosterone Fix is the most detailed and thorough manual on how to rapidly fix your testosterone. It’s a proven T-level boosting blueprint you can use to immediately start feeling healthier, stronger and full of vitality.

Within its pages are the EXACT super nutrients I discovered on my journey to repair my testosterone. Each one has detailed description explaining how and why the super nutrient helps boost your T-level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond, you will BOOST your testosterone naturally and turn back the clock. All you have to do is follow my proven plan and swap out some foods you eat with T-level rocketing alternatives.

It’s really that SIMPLE.

Say Yes to 24 Hour Testosterone Fix today and I’ll give you two bonuses so you can “double down” on your T-level comeback

T-Surge Workout

Bonus #1: T Boosting Workouts

Want to build lean muscle, lose body fat and boost your testosterone levels at the same time? Now you can with this one of a kind workout plan.

These exercises have been strategically designed to elevate your testosterone levels naturally with compound movements that have been used by men across the globe for great results.

The truth about the steroids

Bonus #2: Truth About Steroids

Ever wonder what steroids do to your body? Curious if some really boost your testosterone levels or are flat out dangerous for you?

Well inside this report you'll get some amazing insight as to what steroids do to your body and the different kinds you can take. We're NOT suggesting by any means you should take steroids but this is meant to provide information for you.

The Libido Boosting Guide

Bonus #3: Libido Boosting Supplement Guide

You don’t need prescription drugs to boost your sex drive. There are lots of safe, effective natural herbs that are super effective. Unfortunately there are a lot scammy supplement companies that market and sell products that just don’t have the studies to back up the claims.

It’s no surprise some men have turned to dangerous injections or creams that cost tons of money and don’t work in the long run because they shut down your body’s natural production. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top ingredients found in today’s popular Libido Boosting products that have been proven to increase sex drive in university studies while spilling the beans on the supplements that flat out don’t work at all, and waste your hard earned money.

This supplement guide is unbiased and based on research conducted on humans (not rats). All references and sources are shared for your convenience and full transparency.

Right now we are practically giving this supplement guide away, but it’s only a matter of time before big-pharma or a giant supplement company bullies us into taking it down by threatening a lawsuit.

Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll discover and the amazing
changes you’ll see in your body and mind when you buy
24-Hour Testosterone Fix today

24-Hour Testosterone Fix

This Helps You Stay Young & Keeps Testosterone Levels High
Higo Rivera

"This book is a must read for anyone who cares about staying young and keeping the testosterone levels optimized. With so many foods (and even shampoos and water bottles) that can play a negative role in your T-levels, you CANNOT afford to pass out on a guide like this one!

Hint: If your libido is low, then your testosterone levels have already been significantly compromised. Use the advice from this guide in order to blast them back up ASAP!

Take care and train hard!"

Hugo A. Rivera
Best Selling Fitness Author / Champion Bodybuilder

Surprised by My Results
Steve Lustro

"I’m a little skeptical about any book that claims I can have more testosterone or enhance my drive. It comes with a money back guarantee so why not, I thought to myself. I am a little surprised at how good I am feeling.

You will have to make a little effort at following some basic instructions but it’s all worth it."

Steve Lustro
Retired U.S. Navy & Police Offer

It Worked For Me
Jay Robinson

"I’m a war veteran and due to lots of stress and anxiety, it’s been hard to have the energy to do any type of exercise. Now that I’m approaching 50, I knew something had to change. I’ve been using this product and it seems to have helped me.

I would suggest you try it as you’ll start noticing the difference faster than all the expensive doctor recommendations that can harm your body."

Jay Robinson
United States War Veteran & Optician

Every Man Should Own a Copy
Todd Kuslikis

"Low testosterone levels are robbing men of their manhood. lt also leads to increased aging, poor sex drive, flabby muscles and sluggish metabolism. Yet you have the power inside your own kitchen to boost T naturally and regain the youthful energy from your younger days.

24 Hour Testosterone Fix is a simple, easy to follow handbook to help you understand which foods are killing your testosterone and which foods can keep them elevated, naturally, making you feel more like a man. I highly recommend that every man grab a copy as their go-to Testosterone resource."

Todd Kuslikis
Founder of Shot of Adrenaline

You Can Make The Changes in 24 Hours
John Ferlita

"It’s a lot harder to have energy and stamina now that I’m in my 60’s. I’ve read all the literature in magazines and popular books without results. For me personally, I want something that’s natural. Injections, creams and all the other things prescribed can be dangerous.

Using this guide I was able to notice a change in energy almost right away. The nice thing is there’s a checklist that allows you to easily make the changes within 24 hours. Give it a try!"

John Ferlita
Retired School Teacher

Easy to Implement Into Your Daily Routine
>Dennis Heenan

"I've read many articles and books on the topic of testosterone simply because of how important it is to your health. What I love about this program is the practical everyday steps that are given that you can implement easily into your daily routine.

Not only that, but the wealth of information that is awesome. It leaves nothing out which means you'll be primed from day one to boost your T.

Personally I find the best part of the program to be the lists that are provided of the foods to eat and avoid when boosting your T levels.

All in all, if you want better overall health, get this program! You'll learn a ton and reap the benefits of boosting your T!"

Dennis Heenan
Founder of Super Hero Bodyweight

“Give Me 24-Hours And I'll Give You
The Raging Testosterone of a
24-Year Old!”

The raging testosterone of a 24-year old!

In this program, I show you how to instantly skyrocket your T-levels and feel that surge of masculine energy throbbing full force through your veins again. Within 24 hours your body will be flooded with testosterone, flipping your body’s switch to start stripping unsightly fat and packing on hard, lean muscle.

You’ll feel the energy rush back into your body, your libido peaking like a volcano ready to burst… your primal masculine instinct will kick back in and your sex life will come roaring back.

You’ll no longer feel that cloud of shame hanging over you.

The anxiety of having to “perform” melts away. You’ll burn with desire and your woman won’t know what’s hit her.

So now I’ve explained what you get, let me ask you…

What would be a fair price for The 24-Hour Testosterone Fix?

Because of the great results I’ve had with the program, I’ve been told I could EASILY sell this for $297. However, I set the original price at $47.

But here’s the thing…

I don’t want ANY guy to go through what I went through, especially at the age of 26. I know the low feeling when your libido falls off a cliff, your energy is low, you’re anxious, fat and unable to pull yourself out of a rut….

I know how serious this is,
so I don’t want you to pay $47.

Even at $47 this program is great value.

I want you to make start making the change TODAY, so for a very limited time, I’m pricing this even LOWER. So low, in fact, I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

You can get started on fixing your testosterone today for only $17.

To summarize that’s The 24-Hour Testosterone Fix program (value $47), T Boosting Workouts (value $27) The Truth About Steroids (value $17), and our Libido Boosting Supplement Guide (value $19) with a combined total value of $110. But today you can secure your copy for just $17.

As soon as you hit the Buy button, complete a few simple details on the order form to complete your purchase. You’ll be sent a log-in to your copy of the 24-Hour Testosterone Fix and you can start making changes right away.


24-hour Testosterone plus bonuses
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Now you’ve seen what 24-Hour Testosterone Fix delivers for an unbelievable price, I want to make this decision as straightforward for you as possible.

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If, for whatever reason, you want a refund, simply email our customer service team at sales at criticalbench.com and we’ll process your refund right away.

The benefits of testosterone

You’ll be amazed how it
transforms your health and
your life FOREVER

Fight Cancer
#1: Fight Cancer

It is a well-known fact that 1 in 3 men will get cancer in their lifetime. This is partly due to the toxins in our foods and environment. Inside this manual, you’ll arm yourself with the knowledge needed to fight cancer. We give you the proven foods you must eat to boost low T, strengthen your immune system and safeguard your body from cancer cells.

Improve Your Heart Health
#2: Improve Your Heart Health

Another well-known fact is 1 in 2 men will get heart disease if they continue eating the same processed foods with chemicals and toxins. However, inside 24-Hour Textosterone Fix, we will give you the exact foods to eat in order to prevent this scary statistic.

Eliminate Groggy Brain Fog
#3: Eliminate Groggy Brain Fog

Eliminate foggy memory by replacing the foods you eat with “all-natural” food swaps proven to enhance your brain powers in just a matter of weeks.You can even fight Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Repair Your Digestion
#4: Repair Your Digestion

The typical diet consumed by men consists of cooked foods that have been drained of the enzymes needed to maintain a healthy gut flora. A healthy gut flora determines if you can lose fat and greatly affects your overall immune system. With 24-Hour Textosterone Fix, you will properly digest your foods and transport vital nutrients to your body for optimal performance.

Regulate Your Blood Sugar
#5: Regulate Your Blood Sugar

T-Fix is proven to regulate your blood sugar so that you can avoid dangerous diseases like diabetes. Over 25 million Americans have diabetes and by 2034, the # is expected to increase by over 90%. Today you can avoid this disease and normalize your blood sugar levels so that you have energy all-day long.

Heal Joint Pain and Arthritis
#6: Heal Joint Pain and Arthritis

As your testosterone declines, it takes longer to recover from any physical activity. Even worse, aches and pains become an ongoing issue. However, this won’t be an issue as 24-Hour Textosterone Fix will fix this problem and allow you to recover much faster so that you can move around like you’re in your 20’s again.

You have two choices before
you right now…

you have 2 choices!

What happens next is down to you.

You could do nothing and go back to feeling sick, tired and trying to pull yourself out of a rut.

You may take what you’ve learned and try to do it yourself… but deep down you know you won’t.

A week from now you still feel low on energy, you still struggle to lose weight and feel like the world is on top of you.

Months from now you’ll remember this moment and wonder “how would I feel now if I’d only said YES”?

I don’t want that for you.

There’s another path. Buy 24-Hour Testosterone Fix right now and within minutes you’ll have the tools in your hand to make the changes you need.

Within just 24 hours of starting the program, you’ll start to feel changes in your mood.

You notice you have more energy. You start to feel less tired. You lift a little bit more in the gym. You feel a little bit stronger.

Only a few weeks later, you start to feel the strength surging through your veins.

You walk taller, your clothes feel looser and your buddies and work colleagues comment that there’s something different about you.

And, as for your sex drive… WOAH! Any of that worry around whether you can “perform” is long gone, a distant memory. You wonder why it took you so long to make the change, but you’re glad you did.

I hope that’s the path for you, because it was the path I took.

When I made these changes, I changed my life for the better. And I did it naturally, in harmony with my body.

I’ve explained everything you get when you invest in The 24-Hour Testosterone Fix and the three bonuses of T Boosting Workout, Truth About Steroids & Libido Boosting Supplement Guide. For a limited time, I’ve slashed the price and to make this an even easier decision for you, I’ve given you a DOUBLE guarantee so there is no risk.

Now is the time to take action and change your life, before low T kills your energy, your relationship and your health.

Here’s an interesting thing I discovered when doing my research…

Want to know the first thing that bounces back when you reset your T-level?

Your confidence.

If you’re still struggling to become aroused when it matters.

If you’re still feeling low on energy and can’t rally your libido.

If you’re still feeling fat, sick and tired, then this is your moment to break free from the tyranny of low-T….

… here’s your chance to make a change for the better.

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You’ve struggled in silence long enough.

Now is your time.

Your friend and coach,

Anthony Alayon

Anthony Alayon, CSN, HKC
Men's Health Advisor, CriticalBench.com

P.S. Try 24-Hour Testosterone Fix for 30 days hit ‘reset’ on your testosterone and watch as your body, mood and health changes before your very eyes.

If you’re struggling with flagging energy, shrinking libido, mood swings, and no longer want the shame of not feeling like a man, you will start to experience huge changes in your body and mind within just 24 hours of using the product.

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FAQs About 24-Hour Testosterone Fix

Will I really see results within 24 hours?

Absolutely. As soon as you make some simple food switches, you’ll start to feel more energy and more vitality within 24 hours. Some of these super-foods will even make you feel great as soon as you eat them. It really is possible to shut down damaging estrogen production and kickstart your T-levels in a day. You just need to get started.

How quickly can I start the program?

Because 24-Hour Testosterone Fix is a digital product, you can get started right away. Once you have placed your order, you will be sent a link to download the product.

Why are you selling this so cheap? Is there a catch?

I know I could sell this for a LOT more, but I really do want to make this available to as many people as possible. I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. I felt the shame of not feeling like a true man. I don’t want YOU to ever feel that way again.

Can’t I just get all this information from the Internet?

Sure, you could spend hours and hours trying to find all this information online, but the truth is a lot of this simply isn’t in the public domain. My research took me far and wide to discover what I found. And, more importantly, I walked the walk. I bought, tried out and tested all the nutrients you see in the manual. (Some of the clickbait articles you’ll read on health sites on the Internet have been written by guys who haven’t even seen the things they’re writing about).

If you’re looking for help online, please BE AWARE. There is a ton of misinformation about testosterone and how to deal with low T. Not only is some of this information just plain wrong, it’s dangerous. You really have to be careful who you take advice from as the medical industry has a huge agenda in pushing low-T sufferers towards prescription drugs and medicated answers.

How complicated is the program?

It really couldn’t be simpler. 24-Hour Testosterone Fix is a comprehensive manual with all the super nutrients highlighted and explained. You’ll know exactly what each one is, what it does and how it will help reignite your testosterone in an instant. Simply make swaps for things you’re eating now with some of the super nutrients in the manual and you’ll make a huge difference to your health and wellbeing.

Won’t it be hard trying to get my hands on some of the rarer foods?

You would think so but really it’s much easier to find them when you know what you’re looking for. Sure, your local 7-11 probably won’t stock Chinese roots but I guarantee you’ll find plenty of stores online who will conveniently deliver to your door next day.

Trust me, finding these won’t be an issue. Once you’ve discovered what to look for in the manual, you’ll know exactly where to go.

What if I don’t like the program?

You’re going to love the program. But if, for any reason, you're not happy you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. I’m sure you’ll be delighted but I stand behind this product 110% and have no problem offering you a money back guarantee.

I’m 64… will 24-Hour Testosterone Fix still work for me?

Of course! The 24-Hour Testosterone Fix is designed to help ANYONE regardless of age. Yes, I had it real bad as a 27-year old but, while it’s true your T-levels will drop gradually each year after your 30th birthday, you can gain huge benefit from following the program at ANY age. Even by making a few simple changes to what you’re eating you can have more energy, more vitality and feel 10 years younger or more. Just through changing a few of the foods you eat.

I don’t work an office job and I’m pretty healthy. Can 24-Hour Testosterone Fix still make a difference?

Look, even if you’re the healthiest, strongest, most relaxed guy on the planet, the effects of poor nutrition on your body are huge. As we say in fitness, your physique is forged in the kitchen, and so too is your health. What you put into your body has a great impact on your long-term well-being. Remember, there are two elements to fixing your testosterone: 1) stop consuming estrogen-producing foods and 2) start consuming super nutrients that will naturally boost your T. You need to do both to ensure your long-term health.

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