For guys that feel like the barbell has become their enemy and want to regain the competitive edge in their workouts…

How to Develop "TRUE Strength" and Get Ripped
In Just 30-Days Using Simple Yet
Effective Bodyweight Exercises You Can
Perform Anywhere & Anytime Without Putting
Wear & Tear on Your Joints from Heavy Lifting

Bodyweight Beast

Tuesday February 27, 2024

Dear Friend,

If you want a break from heavy lifting that won’t compromise your hard-won gains…

If you’re simply looking to gain a physical advantage with a workout that’ll leave you chiseled without the drudgery of hauling weights…

Or if you’re turned off by the gym either because you travel a lot or want to workout from home to save time and have some privacy….

… continue reading because this is going to be the most important message you read today… and it could even extend your life.

But first let me introduce myself…

Mike Westerdal

Hi, my name is Mike Westerdal and I’m a national best-selling author, sports nutritionist, personal trainer, Iron Man magazine contributor and founder of the internet’s longest-standing strength site,

what it takes to reach Optimum Strength

I know what it takes to reach optimum strength. I’ve helped train hundreds of guys to hit their strength goals and fulfill their potential.

But, like every guy, every now and then I hit a plateau or find the training load takes its toll on my body.

You’ve probably experienced the same.

It starts with the odd aching joint or soreness that doesn’t leave you. You wake up with less energy than usual. Your workouts start to lose their mojo. And, as a result, your motivation plummets.

Most of all you have a nagging feeling that despite all your diet and training you're still not as ‘strong & healthy’ as you should be.

When this happened to me, I didn’t know where to turn. Lifting has always been my thing. Even on the worst days I could motivate myself no problem.

This was different. I felt my body needed a rest. A change.

But how could I change it up without sacrificing all my hard-won gains?

the training load takes its toll

Look, I know you’re not going to give up lifting.

Heck, neither am I. I love it.

But, if you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to have a love-hate relationship with the barbell.

When you’re in the zone, it feels great. The pump is awesome, you feel the power rushing through your body.

Yet, some days, it just doesn’t happen. And sometimes those days turn into weeks and you kinda start dreading that moment when you have to psyche yourself up for your workout.

How did it get like this? How can you love something so much that turns sour?

It’s your body telling you that it’s time to change things up.

The last thing you want to do is sit back and relax.

Taking a break isn’t what you want to hear… and it’s not what your body needs (if anything, you’ll lose all motivation when you start going soft).

What if there was a way to take a step back from lifting for just a few weeks to take a break from the workout grind… but guarantees you’ll come back stronger and more powerful?

What if you could INCREASE your strength and power while taking a break from the gym?

What if you could rebuild and refocus your body to prepare it for hitting the gym in the best physical shape you’ve ever been in.

"Why You Might LOOK Muscular & Strong But
You're Failing to Build TRUE Strength"

True Strength

I realized it was time to give my body a break from my usual routine.

I was working out, but my gains were slower, harder-won… and, inevitably I was losing motivation.

Like most guys, I thought there was only one way to pack on muscle and build a bullet-proof body, and it was by using free weights at the gym.

Or so I thought…

In my quest to discover new ways to fire up my physique, I decided to have some fun with some of my buddies and enter a mud run.

Heck, with my physique and muscle, I thought it’d be a breeze knocking off the obstacles one by one. How wrong was I?

I was in for a serious wake up call. The muscle that took years to build felt like it was working against me. Sure I could lift big weights in the gym… but pulling my body up a wall or swinging across a muddy lake on monkey bars was an entirely different story.

How could I feel so weak when I’ve spent my whole life working on my body and getting in the best physical shape.

After that first event I was confused and angry. Then I resolved to discover why I felt this way.

I spoke to other experts, read magazines and books… but it was only when I watched my kids playing in the yard that it hit me.

I saw how effortlessly they ran, jumped and swung on their playground equipment. They’re not what you'd think of as strong and they’re not bulging with muscles. They’re actually skinny and lean.

Yet, in many ways, they’re stronger than I was.

That’s when I discovered the two most important factors behind “true strength”:

Functional Strength - the kind of strength that has purpose.

Strength-to-weight ratio - your ability to move your own bodyweight in relation to your strength

It’s bad enough not having basic functional strength but I was shocked when I found out the wider problem of a poor strength-to-weight ratio.

Losing the Strength-to-Weight Ratio Battle
Will Kill You… Literally!

There’s one huge secret that’s been kept from us. And it’s killing us.

While we’re able to pack on more muscle than ever, hit the gym super hard and sculpt an iron-clad body… we’ve neglected to build all-round strength.

When we were kids we were created with a balanced strength-to-weight ratio. Our upper and lower body strength was in balance and in proportion to our bodyweight.

That’s why we could run, jump, climb trees easily and spring into action at any moment.

But as we grew older, our lives became busier and our time became limited. We no longer had time to spend running, playing and tearing around trying to burn off our endless energy.

Even though we hit the gym, we spend most of our time working, sitting at a desk or slouching on the couch. Our strength is no longer functional.

The link between our strength and how it relates to our weight has been severed.

Sure, we can haul weights… but we can rarely haul our own bodyweight.

Why is this a problem?

The worse your strength-to-weight ratio is, the higher your chance of an early death.

In a study from Brazil of 2,000 people aged between 51-81 years old, researchers discovered that maintaining high levels of muscle strength, power-to-body weight ratio and co-ordination had a favorable influence on life expectancy.

In other words, poor strength-to-weight ratio knocks years off our lives.

We’ve forgotten that the measure of “true strength” is more than just your one rep max…

… it’s much, much more.

In fact, typical bodybuilding training only uses one part of the four main
strength types you need to include in your everyday training to develop a
truly powerful and strong body.

The Four Strength Types You Need To Master…
To Forge the Physique of an
Ancient Greek Warrior

Type #1
Explosive Strength

Explosive Strength

Explosive Strength refers to your ability to direct force as rapidly as possible. Put simply, this is the measure of how quickly your body can move from one point to another. While Explosive Strength is used for maximum effort lifts, it can be used to generate enormous power with bodyweight movements.

Type #2
Strength Endurance

Strength Endurance

This is the force you can generate for an extended period of time. It’s measured by your ability to remain strong for as long as possible without succumbing to fatigue. There are two kinds of Strength Endurance: a) Dynamic, which is your ability to endure sustained repetitive movements, and b) Static, which is your ability to hold a posture for any length of time. Proficiency in both kinds demonstrates “true strength”.

Type #3
Stabilization Strength

Stabilization Strength

When you suffer from a lack of Stabilization Strength, your core is out of balance. You cannot generate proper force through your body, compromising your joint mechanics and eventually causing injury. Without focusing on developing Stabilization Strength, your body will suffer from more and more joint injuries, secondary and transferred pain, potentially leaving you in pain.

Type #4
Relative Strength

Relative Strength

As mentioned above, Relative Strength is the “forgotten” measure of strength. In sport, relative strength—or how strong you are in relation to your bodyweight— is an important, but occasionally overlooked, factor. A poor strength-to-weight ratio impacts on your ability to use your Explosive Strength and Strength Endurance.

Here’s the thing. Each Strength Type is closely related to each other. If you suffer from a lack in one area it affects other areas, as I discovered.

You may not think Relative Strength is that important in bodybuilding, but poor Relative Strength prevents you using great bodyweight lifts such as pull-ups, push-ups and one-legged squat variations.

Only when you develop in every strength area will you build a solid foundation for your body. Focusing on all four strength types helps you develop “true strength” to elevate your gains and lifts you to new heights.

And the fastest, most effective way to re-balance your body is with bodyweight exercises that have been used by everyone from the Ancient Greeks to the US Special Forces.

Why Everything You Thought
You Knew About Bodyweight
Training Was WRONG…

A leaner and more muscular looking body - bodyweight training focuses on the whole body burning ugly body fat while leaving you leaner. As you strip away stubborn body fat, the true muscularity of your body is revealed showing off your Spartan warrior-like physique.

Workout just about ANYWHERE - you know how frustrating it can be to not make it to the gym. You feel you’ve let yourself down, like your body is going to suffer. Mastering the core bodyweight exercises gives you the freedom to stay in control of your training and work out ANYWHERE. Keep packing on muscle and sculpting a lean physique on vacation, when you’re working away or travelling for long periods without access to a gym.

Builds a solid foundation - if you’re new to the gym or starting from scratch, bodyweight training gives you the best foundation. You’ll start building a balanced physique incorporating explosive strength alongside endurance and avoid making the mistakes of focusing on one area of strength training too much.

Avoid injuries - even if you’re an experienced lifter or are already experiencing pains and aches, a program of bodyweight training quickly begins the process of ironing out and correcting imbalances.

Feel younger - look, I didn’t believe it when I first started bodyweight training, but it’s true. Because bodyweight exercises emphasis explosive power and relative strength, you add greater speed and stamina to your physique which physically makes you feel like you did in your 20s.

Improve your endurance – don't be like those guys that can bench press a house but get tired walking up a flight of stairs or get tired playing in the backyard with the kids.

Rest your joints - hitting the gym day-in, day-out takes a serious toll on your joints. Bodyweight training is the BEST way to give your joints a rest while still providing enough tension to your muscles to maintain and continue growth.

De-stress your body - the physical and emotional impact on lifting every day puts immense stress on your body, not to mention your emotional wellbeing. We now know that mindset is the most important aspect in breaking through barriers and pushing ourselves to new heights. Breaking up the sustained pressure of hitting the weights in the gym frees your body and your mind to gain sufficient rest to come back harder and better.

Think Bodyweight Exercises Are for Wimps?

Try Telling That To The Special Forces…

There’s a ton of misinformation about bodyweight, so let’s bust three of the biggest myths around this kind of training:

Myth #1:

Bodyweight exercises are an easy option

special forces

Bodyweight exercises done properly hurt. They’re brutal.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, why do the military and Special Forces rely on bodyweight conditioning to knock recruits into shape?

Just think about it.

In real life combat situations muscles aren’t isolated… you use your whole body to run, duck, cover and get yourself into life-saving, combat-ready positions.

At the heart of military-style conditioning is the need for a high strength-to-weight ratio. This is developed through mastering the core bodyweight moves, including squats, pull ups and push ups.

Going back to basics isn’t a step backwards.

It’s proof you’re a master at full body conditioning.

Myth #2:

You can’t pack on muscle using bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises and muscle

Just because you’re not lugging weights around the gym doesn’t mean you’re not tough.

The reason there’s a perception that you can’t pack on muscle through bodyweight training is a lack of understanding. You see, you need to understand how to choose the right progressions to increase your strength.

As long as there is tension on the muscle you can grow. Your muscle does not know if the resistance is an external weight or your own body.

Oh, and did I mention that it can be really tough.

Myth #3:

Bodyweight exercises that really work
are too difficult to master

showing off bodyweight exercices

You won't be doing fancy stuff like this with
Body-Weight BEAST

Go on Youtube and you’ll find a ton of “supermen” showing off their bodyweight moves. Yes, these look impressive but don’t be fooled.

You don’t need to focus on super-advanced complex moves to chisel a strong foundation of functional strength.

You just need to do the right moves with the correct form with the right progressions.

Every bodyweight master started from the same point: working on the foundational moves which make up 90% of the strength types.

Only by focusing on the core moves which target each of the Four Strength Types will you really develop powerful “true strength”.

And the good news is these are simple and easy to master, as long as you choose the right training…

The Fastest, Simplest Way To Get Ripped And
Shredded In Just 30 days Without A Single Piece Of Gym Equipment…


The Bodyweight Beast System

Developed by Critical Bench Head Strength Coach, Chris Wilson, RKC, CPT, the Body-Weight BEAST program is designed to get you shredded in just 30 days.

We’ve made it short, simple and focused on one thing and one thing only: developing a strong foundation that allows you to pack on more muscle and strip away body fat.

What's included in the
Body-Weight Beast Program?

The Complete Body-Weight BEAST Program Manual with Videos

Bodyweight Beast Manual & Video

Body-Weight BEAST is a collection of Explosive, Total Body movements designed to ADD (yes add) Muscle, Annihilate Calories, Slash Stored Unwanted Fat and Make you GREAT at Moving Your Body BETTER no matter what you’re doing!

The side effect of tons of heavy weight training is PAIN….over time when all you do is train heavy (70-90% of 1RM) your body breaks down and can become systemically SORE…

The CURE for living in Muscle & Joint Pain everyday due to lots and lots of weight training is spending time doing Body-Weight ONLY exercises.

This Body-Weight BEAST program is 4 weeks of full body strengthening mixed with cardiovascular training, resistance conditioning, core development and metabolic bursting. There are TWO Modules, each lasting two weeks offering specific elements of strength.

… yet we’ll guarantee your results will be compounded even further with these incredible offer…

Order Body-Weight BEAST Today and Receive
These 2 Powerful Bonuses Worth $78.00

Bonus #1 – Push Up BEAST Challenge (value $39)

Push Up challenge

Push-ups have a long history of excellence when it comes to overall strength and physical health which is why they are one of the most popular bodyweight exercise.

Just the thought of a push-up takes you back to gym class testing in elementary school or reminds you of playground pull-up contests.

Even in the Special Forces around the globe, the push-up is hailed as a mighty exercise used in grueling training programs worthy of the greatest warriors.

The Push-Up is one of the truest FULL BODY exercises in the world and when done properly, an accurate measure of raw strength and conditioning.

Here are just some of the side effects of proper form push-ups: Improved total body relative strength, increased calorie burning potential, substantial core development, shoulder stabilization, heightened mental focus and mind-body connection, strength endurance, breathing power and the list goes on.

Get an awesome, progression based 30-Day Push-Up Workout designed to make you a "Push-Up Professional" and then take the Push-Up BEAST Challenge to prove to yourself how strong and conditioned you are!

Are you READY for the Push-Up BEAST Challenge?

Bonus #2 – Pull Up BEAST Challenge (value $39)

Pull up challenge

The Pull-Up is arguably the GREATEST BODY WEIGHT EXERCISE EVER targeting nearly all of the upper body muscles along with the abdominals and even the glutes.

It's used everywhere from the military to elite college programs to measure overall strength and physical performance.

There are many reasons why the Pull-Up gets so much praise & glory:

  • It's HARD, if not impossible for most people after the age of 20 and requires constant practice
  • Super strong hardcore lifters avoid doing them because they're too challenging
  • As far as body weight exercises are concerned, it's the most brutal

Are you doing pull-ups but dreading them?

Do you avoid them altogether and secretly wish they weren’t so darn hard?

The great thing about this Pull-Up BEAST Challenge is that two things are definitely going to happen:

  • Improved Pull-Up Ability
  • More Confidence While Doing Pull-Ups

If you're good at pull-ups already you are going to get even better. If you suck at pull-ups they will become one of your all-time favorite exercises!

This 30-Day Pull-Up BEAST Challenge will turn on your pulling power and unleash some serious strength.

You will do so many pull-up variations in a one month period that your body will have no choice but to improve at them. By the end of this process, you will view the pull-up in a whole new light because you will now be a Pull-Up BEAST!

Of course, you could try putting together a program by yourself. There are hundreds of resources available online which you can spend hours scouring to find the right one for you.

However, most bodyweight programs don’t hit the mark. Even fewer programs are designed with your specific needs as a guy that wants to be muscular and strong in mind.

Body-Weight BEAST is the ONLY bodyweight program tailored to focus on all four strength types to reset and re-build your body stronger than you ever thought possible.

Now, usually we sell the program on its own for $49 (and that’s not even including the $78 worth of bonuses).

However, I’m not going to ask you to pay even close to that.

That’s right, you can buy the complete Body-Weight BEAST program and receive all 2 bonuses today for $7

Yes, a measly $7

Why? This is my way of celebrating my 40th birthday. Usually on your birthday you get gifts, but instead I'm hooking you up!

Besides, I know what a difference bodyweight training will make to your life. I know you’ll be delighted with the program as you rebuild and refocus your body to achieve your true strength potential.

Click the "Buy Now Button" Below To Claim Your
Copy of Body-Weight BEAST & Free Bonuses

Bodyweight Beast and bonuses
Birthday Sale banner
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WARNING! Body-Weight BEAST Is NOT For You If…

You’re expecting a bodyweight workout to be a walk in the park. As you’ve discovered, these workouts are simple and effective, but they are brutal. You’ll work out muscles you’ve never touched before, while rapidly making gains.

You don’t want to put the effort in. Even the most athletic, strong lifter has found the first phase tough. It needs to be. You want to stress your body in ways you haven't before. That’s why the results are so dramatic in just 30 days.

Are You Ready To Rebuild Your Body to Become
Stronger, Leaner And More Powerful Than Ever?

money back buarantee

Now you’ve seen what Bodyweight Beast delivers for an unbelievable price, I want to make this decision as straightforward for you as possible.

Make the choice to kick your body into the best shape it’s ever been in right now and try the program for 30 days completely risk-free.

In fact, if there is anything you’re not 100% happy with during the program, I insist on giving you your money back, every single cent. No questions asked.

I’m making this guarantee to you as I’m so confident you’ll feel stronger, more powerful and in better condition than you’ve ever been.

If, for whatever reason, you want a refund, simply email our customer service team at sales at and we’ll process your refund right away.

Will You Join The Ranks Of These

Body-Weight BEASTS?

Add Size & Strength With Just Your Bodyweight

"There is one way to build muscle, and one way only. Get stronger, period. We stimulate new growth by adding resistance, and that resistance isn't partial to iron plates or our own bodyweight. So whether you’re aiming to add 5 pounds to your bench press or pushing toward doing an extra rep on one arm push-ups, your body will have to adapt to the new stimulus.

That’s where most bodyweight training programs have it wrong. It’s also why I recommend Body-Weight Beast to anyone who’s looking to add size and strength with nothing more than their own bodyweight."

Alain Gonzalez
Fitness Author, Strength Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Deload Your Nervous System & Improve Performance

"Body-Weight BEAST is the perfect combination for Relative Strength! After loading my body up week after week trying to add as many numbers to the bar and scale I knew I needed a period of time to not just deload my nervous system but give it a rest while improving my performance.

This program did just that. I was able to take all the absolute strength I built up and really begin to move in my own body. Not only did I maintain my strength, I also got leaner and felt better in my daily life. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to take a break from the weights but stay progressing in the gym."

Chris Barnard
Strength Camp Head Coach & Athlete

Personal Trainer Approved

"Being a full time trainer and athlete in Los Angeles, California, I am always looking to expand my knowledge and workouts with different programs to use for myself and my clients. After reviewing and finishing the 30 day Body-Weight Beast program, I am relatively A LOT stronger in relation to my bodyweight and more importantly more powerful!

I highly recommend this program for people of all fitness levels. Not only does it work, but it is very user friendly and educational with all the terms and breakdowns of the different phases and workout variables."

Josh McClelland
Personal Trainer & Athlete
Los Angeles, CA

Develop Incredible Power, Strength & Explosiveness

"There’s more to bodyweight training than simply throwing down a few sets of push-ups or chins as an afterthought. Bodyweight training can be used to develop incredible power, strength and explosiveness. The key is having a “done for you” template for how to do it!

And THAT is what Body-Weight BEAST is all about.

Chris takes you step-by-step through all the workouts and exercises you need to develop SERIOUS strength and conditioning via bodyweight training.

And nothing is more empowering than knowing you can get a killer, effective workout WITHOUT having to go to a gym."

Nick Nilsson
The Mad Scientist of Muscle
VP, BetterU, Inc.

Lost Fat & Renewed My Energy Levels

"I was absolutely sick of lugging around over 50 lbs of unwanted fat but wasn't sure what to do in the gym. I was athletic as a kid playing soccer all the time but had no real experience with weights. I knew I had to begin eating consistently well but lacked the direction and ambition in the exercise department.

Then I came across Body-Weight BEAST, a program I could do on my own at home in minutes to burn a ton of calories while gaining some muscle and strength. I quickly learned how only doing body weight exercises could make me sore but also super energized and way more mobile.

Since I work with kids for a living, I needed a program that was going to help me shed fat and help to restore some necessary energy to keep up with my youth group boys and girls. I'm so thankful for this program and what it's meant to my personal and professional life."

Joseph Poirier
Youth Pastor
Clearwater, FL

Improved Confidence and Muscle Tone

"The Body-Weight Beast program has helped my mobility, strength, and confidence. Not only has my endurance improved, but muscle tone and symmetry, as well as a reduction in overall fat. These movements and exercises have also improved the explosiveness and power in my lifts. Overall, this program will be beneficial to all levels of physical abilities and men and women of a variety of ages."

Michelle Paula
Fitness Model & Physique Competitor
Sarasota, FL

Not Like Other Bodyweight Training Workouts

"In the past I never thought bodyeight training was intense enough until I tried Body-Weight BEAST. I ran through it the other week, did exercises I've never done before and got a workout like I haven't had in a while. Definitely keeping this in the library for the future. Highly recommended."

Chad Howse
Creator of the Man Diet

Now I’ve removed all the risk and demonstrated to you the benefits of the most explosive bodyweight program available specifically tailored for real men, it’s time for you to make a choice.

Take action right now and in 30 days you can be standing looking in the mirror at a guy who is not only feeling stronger, leaner and more powerful… but looks in their best shape ever.

You won’t have read this far if you didn’t seriously believe your physique will benefit from bodyweight conditioning and developing functional strength.

Bodyweight Transformation

So, you have two choices before you today.

The first is to read this… but carry on as you were. You keep going back to the gym, hitting the same weights with the same routines and wondering why you’re struggling to keep making gains while the aches and pains keep adding up.

I hope you that’s not the path you take and, instead, invest in Body-Weight BEAST for yourself today.

Finally, here’s your chance to give your body a well-earned break from the rigors of heaving weights in favor of building a new foundation of strength from the inside out.

Take the Body-Weight BEAST challenge and I guarantee you’ll be shocked by just how tough it really is…

… but by the end of first week, you’ll already start to see improvements.

You’ll notice a little less body fat, a little more definition and you’ll be enjoying a greater range of motion than you thought possible.

By the start of Module 2, you’ll have effectively reset your body and neural pathways to start re-building lean muscle.

Those joint pains and aches will have disappeared as your body falls into its natural way of moving, yet you’ll still feel exhausted in a good way after your workout.

You notice how the stress and pressure of hitting the gym every day has lifted from your shoulders and you can workout when and where you want.

As your body becomes better conditioned, your movements feel more effortless, more agile. When you return to lifting, you’re outperforming your buddies who are desperate to know how you’ve gained an advantage away from the gym.

Here’s what you need to do next.

Hit the Buy button and you’ll be taken to an order form. Here you simply need to complete your details and enter your credit card information and confirm.

Once your purchase has been confirmed you’ll receive your copy of the Body-Weight BEAST program along with all the bonuses.

Today's price: $7 Buy Now! Digital download product-available instantly in pdf and mp4

Within minutes of ordering the program, you can start studying it and learning the key bodyweight moves from Module 1, completely ready to make serious changes to your body in the next 30 days.

Take up the challenge today and prove you have what it takes to be a Body-Weight BEAST!

Stay strong,

Mike Westerdal

Mike Westerdal, CPT, RKC

P.S. Try Bodyweight Beast risk free for just 30 days and chisel your strongest, most powerful body ever or all your money back GUARANTEED.

The Bodyweight Beast program is specifically designed for guys like you looking to pack on lean muscle, become more mobile and build a strong foundation… all without a single piece of gym equipment.

Here’s the thing. EVERYONE can benefit from bodyweight training. Try it for just 30 days and you’ll immediately experience the difference that you’ll want to build bodyweight into your year-round training.

You’ll kick yourself you didn’t do this sooner when you get back in the gym and see the gains you’ve made.

FAQ about Body-Weight BEAST

Q: I’m worried I’ll lose muscle if I switch to bodyweight exercises. Will this happen?

No. If you following the Body-Weight BEAST program, you will not only maintain but develop new muscle.

Q: Aren’t bodyweight exercises just for guys who want to get toned rather than pack on muscle?

It’s a common misconception that bodyweight training doesn’t allow you to gain weight. In fact, as long as you combine the right diet with the right amount of stress to your muscle fibers, you’ll be able to pack on just as much muscle than if you were lifting weights alone.

Better yet, because bodyweight training conditions the whole body, you’ll burn body fat in the process leaving you with a more chiseled, lean physique than lifting weights alone.

Q: How do I request a refund if I don’t like the program?

I’m confident you’ll love the change that a bodyweight program brings but if, for any reason, you’re unhappy with any aspect of the program, simply email our customer support team at sales at for a 100% full, unconditional refund.

Q: How is Body-Weight BEAST different from other body weight only programs?

A: Body-Weight BEAST is the only body weight program specifically designed to create TRUE strength by incorporating all 4 strength types.

Q: Why is the Body-Weight BEAST program so cheap?

A: The program is discounted in celebration of Mike Westerdal's 40th birthday. Consider this super low price to be a thank you for being our customer.

Q: How long are the workouts in Body-Weight BEAST?

A: The workouts will take up to 30 minutes and Phase 1 of this program lasts for 30 days.

Q: How long until I see results?

A: As long as you stick to the workout parameters, you will feel results within the first week and begin to see results by week two.

Q: Who is this workout program suitable for?

A: Body weight exercises are suitable for men and women of all ages. They are also great for those who want a break from heavy lifting. Another great thing about these workouts is they can be done at home instead of the gym since there is minimal equipment and they are great for busy people who want fast, effective workouts.

Q: I want to start the workouts right now. Do I have to wait for the booklet to come in the mail?

A: You don’t have to wait, you can have access in just a few moments. Body-Weight BEAST is a digital product so don’t worry about shipping fees or delaying results.

Q: What if I don't know how to do the exercises?

A: We provide you with detailed descriptions and video examples.

Q: Do I need a gym membership to do this program?

A: You can do the Body-Weight BEAST workouts at home with minimal equipment or at any commercial gym.

Buy Now! Digital download product-available instantly in pdf and mp4

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