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Employment in Casinos

August 3, 2016 by  
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Power building, strength training, and weight training workouts can all help you to build lean muscle as well as the strength to match. As a bodybuilder, nutrition is one of the most important elements. Nutrition can make or break your bodybuilding attempts. If you work out regularly, you will still not make all of your fitness goals without a proper diet. For bodybuilding, you need a clear cut ratio: 20% of your calorie intake should be protein foods, 40% should be complex carbs. The rest should be from fibers or fats. With regard to muscle strength building, the amount of protein you intake and your gym training are two of the most important components. You want to blend these in order to get the muscle mass you want. This is not to discount the importance of the other aspects of nutrition though, like carbohydrates. These, too, are important toward overall muscle health.

Physical fitness helps in employment


As you are continuing to build up your strength and weight training, you can start to look for employment in different jobs that require physical strength. One of those jobs is to be a security guard for casinos. Casinos need a great deal of security, particularly strong and able-bodied individuals who can walk around the area and handle any people who get out of hand. Casinos, especially those that had online best bonuses, need security all the time.


A reputable security company in requires applicants for security guard positions to be at least eighteen years of age, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a cleared background check, classroom training completion, and drug test completion. If the individual has a felony on their record they cannot become a security guard in most cases. The training required by the different countries includes security and safety laws, how to properly detain suspected criminals, and emergency protocols.

Many guard companies will give their personnel additional training above and beyond the mere basic requirements especially for positions which include executive protection but it is up to you to determine how much additional training would give you peace of mind when you place your life or the lives of those around you in the hands of hired personnel.

The training requirements for positions with a security company will vary. For positions such as armed guards, the training requirements are higher because employers are responsible for any legal use of force. An armed security guard must receive formal training in laws pertaining to the use of force as well as weapons retention. Those who do carry a weapon must be licensed by the government and complete certification as special police officers. This completion allows them to make limited forms of arrest while on duty. An armed security guard must pass more detailed background checks and undergo entry requirements which are more stringent than unarmed guards because of the bigger insurance risks and liabilities associated with carrying a weapon. Armed guards and special police enjoy better benefits, earning, and improved job security, more opportunity for advancement, and improved training and additional responsibility when compared to the position of unarmed security guard.


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