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Euro Millions Winner Invests Jackpot In Bodybuilding Gym

December 22, 2010 by  
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Today most men find in bodybuilding exercises a good solution for body control, muscle growth and movement improvements. Actually, our average life style is pretty more sedentary than in past epochs and this implies negative consequences on physical wealth conditions.

Certain illnesses are increased by sedentary conditions – that’s why most active men and sometimes even women decide to attend a bodybuilding gym.

Bodybuilding As A Good Jackpot InvestmentBodybuilder

The basic idea within bodybuilding is to achieve physical improvements and to grow the muscle mass. For certain dedicated bodybuilders bodybuilding exercises become an important part of their life, as it happened to this lotto winner who won a millionaire jackpot playing Euro Millions and who decided to even invest part of his prize in a bodybuilding gym.

We know that most lotto winners take consistent amounts of their jackpot prizes to make new investments in the most different sectors and industries, so it doesn’t shock that much that a dedicated bodybuilder might decide to invest in a bodybuilding gym!

Euro Millions

Euro Millions – Incredibly High Odds Of Winning

Not all lotto games are just the same – from this basic truth we can explain the reason why thousands and thousands of lotto players decide to play Euro Millions instead of other types of lotto games.

To understand it better, we should first wonder about what features attracts lotto players. Certainly, advantageous odds of winning prizes represent a good reason to play lottos and Euro Millions offers the best odds ever had in the history of lotto games: 1 in 23!

Even though the specific odds of winning a jackpot are of over 116.000,000, lotto players do know that with other types of lottos the odds are smaller – that’s why the Euro Millions game is so appealing!

Ways You Can Play Euro Millions

The Euro Millions lotto is the official European lotto game but you can play it even from outside the 14 participating Countries of Europe. Just connect to and access the Euro Millions page on Lottosend.

Lottosend is a great place where you can buy lotto tickets and enjoy special discounts on strips of tickets. Moreover, at Lottosend you can find also additional and exclusive game options that elsewhere you cannot find. You can play Euro Millions in the single game or group game modes.

Get Ready For The Euro Millions Game!Euro Millions EU

Let’s see below all you have to do to play Euro Millions via internet – it’s very easy as you can see!

  • Register your new account on Lottosend
  • Purchase a Euro Millions ticket or a strip of tickets if you want to massively increase your chances to win a prize
  • Add a payment method to purchase your ticket/tickets online
  • If you decide to play in the manual mode, you will have to select numbers yourself: 5 main numbers from a grid of 1 to 50 and 2 additional Lucky Star numbers from a smaller grid of 1 to 11 numbers.
  • If you prefer the quicker mode to play Euro Millions, choose the automatic mode which will provide you already selected random numbers per play that you want to buy.
  • Finally, wait for the weekly draws on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00 pm (Paris time) and follow the Euro Millions results on Lottosend.

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