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February 9, 2023
Exercise and Fitness Article

Defensive Living
By Dennis B. Weis the "Yukon Hercules"

exercise fitness article Directors of public safety have developed a novel approach to the prevention of auto accidents. They are educating motorists to try Defensive Driving to assume they ARE in danger from other vehicles on the road and to be alert to that fact during every moment they are behind the wheel. That seems a rather obvious appeal, but, obvious or not, it has helped when all other methods have failed to do the job. As so often is the case, only a change in viewpoint was needed to solve a problem.

I wonder why government officials and the medical profession dont awaken to the evidence that Defensive Living would accomplish similar results? From our earliest years, life is a struggle against deterioration, decay, sickness, and death. At the moment we are born, we begin the long process of dying, through microscopic changes that we dont usually notice as they are occurring. Yet, most of us behave as if we had a thousand years to live, and we give no thought to resisting or slowing up this negative trend until it is far too late. Only when sickness or senility is upon us do we yearn for those golden years of our vital youth!

Though eventual death is inescapable, the life of pain, sickness, or impaired functions can be avoided. By correct living habits, proper eating habits, regular exercise, and control of the emotions, we can accomplish this worthy goal. Doctors are inclined to sneer politely or laugh openly at those “health faddists” who do live in a proper manner and avoid life-shortening habits. Why they persist in this attitude, I do not know; common sense alone should prove their error. It is glaringly evident to any observer that a diet of natural, unrefined foods, with added supplements, can dramatically improve the health of those who use it. Others who smoke, drink, lose sleep, live under pressures, stuff with a variety of chemicals, pills, and food that should be called garbage, suffer all the minor illnesses, stagger through life at half speed, and collapse into an early old age.

Who hasn't noticed the fast difference between the anemic, tired, weak appearance of the average citizen and the robust, vital look of the typical weight man? All of this evidence in favor of right living is lightly dismissed by the medical profession as mere coincidence pitiful, isnt it?

The concept of Defensive Living is a simple one and is composed of practices that certainly are not new:

1. Gradually eliminate all the “leaks” smoking, soft drinks, liquor and beer, late hours, stimulants, condiments, chemicals, and pills.

2. Adopt a diet of natural foods that will build more vitality with each passing day. Supplement that basic diet with additional vitamins, minerals, and other elements from natural, organic sources.

3. Exercise EVERY day! Besides regular barbell training, loosen up, experiment with the wonders of isometrics, yoga, gymnastics, calisthenics, running, acrobatics, outdoor sports. All will build more vigor for you, challenging your physical capacities and adding interest to your life.

4. Spend as much time out of doors as possible in the sun, in water, or just enjoying nature and breathing wonderful fresh air deep into your lungs.

5. THINK! Learn to control your basic emotions. Study and master your own mind. Abide by the eternal truth that a peaceful, tranquil life must originate from within.

These are the basic rules for living that should not even require publicity. Theyve been ignored so long, most folks have forgotten them. Since doctors, scientists, and the government will never promote any such scheme of Defensive Living, it must become the concern of each individual. Will you choose to accept poor health and premature old age? Or will you awaken now to the great possibilities in prolonged youth and a joyful, dynamic existence that can come from a planned life? This seems a ridiculous and unnecessary question to me, but, as always, the choice is yours. Stay flexed!

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