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March 30, 2023
The 7 Fastest Ways to Increase Your Bench
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Exercise: Barbell Bench Press

Chest Exercises - Barbell Bench PressPrimary Muscle


Secondary Muscle

Shoulders, Triceps, Back

Equipment Needed

Flat Bench, Barbell

Mechanics Type


Proper Exercise Technique

Lie down on the bench with your feet, butt and shoulders firmly planted on the ground. Space your hands evenly across the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Un-rack the weight and lower the bar until it makes contact with the lower portion of your chest. Drive the weight back up into the starting position and complete this motion until you have reached muscular failure.

Tips: The bar should always come to a complete stop after it touches your chest. It is very important that you do not bounce or jerk the weight up using momentum. You should also make sure to keep your butt planted on the bench at all times throughout the lift, and also try not to arch your back too much. In order to avoid injury and stress, do not lock your elbows out at the top of the movement. Obviously if you are competing in the bench press you will want to arch your back to shorten the distance the bar travels and you'll have to lockout your triceps for a good lift or rack command.

Barbell Bench Press Exercise Start Position

Barbell Bench Press Exercise

Barbell Bench Press Exercise Finish Position

Barbell Bench Press Exercise
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Barbell Bench Press Exercise Video


Equipped Barbell Bench Press Exercise Video


Kennelly is the strongest barbell bench presser of them all.


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