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August 1, 2021

Chest Exercise: Perfect Pushups

Perfect Push Up Chest Exercise Example VideoPrimary Muscle


Secondary Muscles

Shoulders, Triceps

Equipment Needed

Perfect Pushup

Mechanics Type


Proper Exercise Technique

Place the perfect pushup handles on the ground about 24 inches away from each other and get into a plank position with your hands grasping the handles. With your elbows flared out lower your body down to the floor and press back up with your chest, shoulders and triceps back up to the top position. The handles will allow your shoulders, elbows, and wrists to move very fluidly in the way your body was intended. Because of the natural motion all the stress on the joints will be removed you will be able to do more reps due to the streamlining of the movement.

If you aren't strong enough yet to do high reps with this movement you can drop your knees to the floor so you are moving less of your own bodyweight. For those that need a challenge you can easily add weight to this exercise by employing bands behind the back or using a weight vest or having a partner place a plate on your back. To increase tricep involvement you can pull the handles closer together and this will take most of the chest out of the movement.

Perfect Push Up Chest Exercise - Start Position

Push Up

Perfect Push Up Chest Exercise - Finish Position

Push Up Perfectly

Push Up Chest Exercise Video


Push Up Chest Exercise Video Free Example



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