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Foods For Ripped Abs

July 18, 2012 by  
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As you might know by now, getting ripped abs is not all about working out like a mad person. Unless you truly keep an eye on your plate and eat a balanced diet that can work toward reaching your goal, you will be doing nothing more but to make things harder on you. Below you will discover a series of useful advice that should guide your way to a prosperous workout and reaching of your target: killer ripped abs.


Throw The Focus On the Whey

Insert more whey into your diet and you will get to build your muscle tissue more rapidly and at the same time manage to stimulate the oxidation of fatty acids. Thanks to the rich leucine content, whey will also help improve the synthesis of the protein in the muscles and it will decrease the breakdown rhythm of the same protein in the muscles. You will get rid of the unpleasant body fat at a lot faster rate while consuming a few grams of whey every day as compared to the results obtained while consuming the same amount of soy protein, according to a specialized study.   


Eat…A Lot!

It is also important to keep an eye on the amount of food you will be ingesting every day. There is a special Penn State University study focusing on the importance of eating the proper volume of food during every meal to get a fit body. The sensation of being full after a meal combined with the exact number of calories we have ingested during that meal can help researchers determine the following: which is the energy density of the foods we have eaten during a mean an which foods should we consume more often – the ones featuring low energy densities; also the emphasis needs to be out on those foods that contain a smaller number of calories, but which can give us the desired satiety sensation a lot faster. Fruits expect dried ones, broth soups, vegetables that are not starchy are just a few fine examples of foods that contain small energy densities.


Eat More Often

Also, eating more often is another technique that should help you get the ripped abs you’ve been dreaming of. Use your smart device to set alarms or your meals so you don’t skip any just because you forgot it was time to eat, eating also implies burning calories due to the special thermogenic effect that takes place. This means you will get to enjoy more time feeling full and not needing to eat again. If you will skip your meals you will be doing nothing more but causing overeating during your next meals.   

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