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Foods That Keep You Looking Young

November 3, 2013 by  
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Did you know that regularly drinking a cup of fresh coffee in the morning can protect you against melanoma, which is the fifth most common forms of cancer in the United States alone? Or that the tasty summer watermelons contains large quantities of lycopene, which protects your skin against the damaging UV rays when sitting in the sun? The truth is the foods we eat can gain a whole different meaning and importance once you get to know what’s in them. And if you are interested in learning which foods can keep you healthier and looking younger for a longer time, read on.

Coffee Keeps You Awake…And Healthy!

And a healthy body will always remain younger for a longer period of time. The bioactive compounds found in your favorite wake up drink appears to do so much more than simply wake you up, according to data published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. And it would seem that the more coffee you drink, the more protected you stay. Start your day with a tasty cup of hot coffee, but make sure you replace your regular white sugar with honey or a natural sweetener such as stevia (very sweet, zero calories, xylitol that contains 2.4 calories per gram) or honey that should not be used in hot liquids such as coffee or tea as it become toxic.

Watermelon, Summer Freshness

Don’t you love savoring the tasty, juicy watermelon during those long, summer days when nothing else seems to chill you down as better as this amazing fruit? The favorite of many, watermelon contains high amounts of lycopene, which is an essential antioxidant that is responsible for the red color, but that also protects the skin against the damaging UV rays. Watermelons contain up to 40 percent more of this phytochemical than raw tomatoes. Think of it as a SPF 3 equivalent you can enjoy every sunny summer day as a bolster of your daily sunscreen.

Blueberries Brighten The Skin

They are extremely rich in vitamins C and E, two essential antioxidants that are known to work well together to brighten the skin, while fighting against the damage caused by free-radicals and keeping you filled with energy. Blueberries are also considered to be part of the food for thinking category along with tomatoes, nuts, broccoli, or avocado. They can boost brain power, especially when they are combined with just the right dosage of caffeine. And they can help improve the memory, which is not only going to help you stay more alert during trainings, but also help you make better calls when playing games online. Your logical thinking is going to be positively influenced by the these foods, which is always going to help you improve your poker or blackjack skills and strategies. You can also keep your brain younger and working more effective for a longer period of time by constantly training it with the help of games you can find online, reading, and doing other activities that stimulate your thinking, memory, and logical thinking.


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