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WARNING" : Do not order if you weigh MORE than 165 lbs. The training methods used in this program produce rapid muscle gains and may cause stretch marks due to the extreme nature of the program.

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How To Gain Muscle Weight Extremely Fast! DISCLAIMER: What I'm about to reveal will piss a lot of people off. Supplement companies, bodybuilding magazines, health club owners, GNC, and so called "experts" won't like what I have to say because it turns the muscle building tables in your favor. Once you discover these secrets you won't be at their muscle building weight gain mercy anymore!

From the desk of Bryan Kernan
(Critical Bench Consultant)

Dear Future Easy Muscle Gainer,

Imagine you had a "paint-by-numbers" formula for gaining muscle at your disposal.

Anytime you wanted to gain muscle weight fast...you'd simply plug in your personal numbers... and presto you'd reach ALL your muscle building goals automatically.

Want an extra 25 lbs. of muscle? Just use the formula.

Going to the beach soon...and you've only got 4 weeks? Use the formula.

Want to look good when you go to the pool, club, or mall? Use the formula.

Have your eye on a HOT WOMAN who doesn't give you the time of day? Use the formula.

Each time you wanted to make a shocking transformation you could go back to this muscle building weight gain formula again and again.

Oh Man! Just think of the things you could do...

  • Dominate Your Sport
  • Get ANY Woman You Desired
  • End the cries of "You're too skinny!"
  • Turn the tables on your enemies
  • Skyrocket your confidence

And much more...

Is A Muscle-Building Formula Like This Possible?

If you'd have asked me 3 years ago if a muscle building formula like this existed I would have said BULL SH*T.

And I've yet to see anything else to change my mind.

That is until study after study started coming out showing different tricks and techniques which proved to be very powerful muscle builders that can help you pack on weight.

It started off with the one in the British Journal of Cancer about a simple supplement formula which packed on 6.6 lbs. of muscle on cancer patients--while they were losing weight!

Then more studies came out...

Like the one on how to increase your growth hormone and testosterone levels all naturally (inside your body) with a particular "style" of workout.

I Started To See A Way To Combine The Muscle Building Power Of These Tricks And Wanted To See If An Automatic Muscle Weight Gain System Which Would Work--Even On The Skinniest Of Guys...

If you hate being skinny, this is what you can do to gain weightA system so powerful it can overcome your skinny genes with the flip of an anabolic switch.

Once "flipped" your body would unleash a flood of muscle building hormones through out your entire body--turning you from a hardgainer to an easy gainer within 24 hours.

And the best part is...the skinnier you are the better this system works.

There's one HUGE benefit to being skinny the bodybuilding experts, magazines, and websites have overlooked.

And this benefit allows you to use your skinny genes to literally unleash a muscle growing machine within your body.

In the next 5 minutes I'll reveal to you the muscle weight gain system that will do just that.

New "Sure Fire" Weight Gain
System Discovered By Baton
Rouge Mystery Man

First, though, let me introduce myself.

My name is Bryan Kernan. You may know me as bodybuilding author, and I'm happy to say I've had some success as one. Not to brag but, I've personally helped over 10,000 bodybuilders worldwide with my bodybuilding nutrition, training, and supplement secrets.

I've authored 3 books on bodybuilding:

  • Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed
  • Instant Cuts
  • And Bio-Genetic Bodybuilding

But here's the part about me that will interest you most...

I've kept most of my top "breakthrough" muscle building secrets to myself. I did it because quite frankly it's one of the reasons other bodybuilders seek me out for advice. My bread and butter so to speak. Revealing these secrets would be like shooting myself in the foot.

But all that has changed...

I'm now revealing all my top muscle building secrets on instant muscle growth.

Why am I doing this now? Because the bodybuilding industry has "sprung up"with a lot of me too competitor's and I've got to up the stakes.

That's why I am the only person who will tell you these muscle building secrets. I can piss off anyone I want and not have to worry about it. Before I would have to worry about the magazines and whether they would allow my information to be published because it went against their supplement sales, but NOT ANYMORE!

I reveal all my jealously guarded muscle building secrets in my new 12-Week weight gain system called The Critical Weight Gain Program. These are the same secrets used by those on the inside to grow muscle and pack on the pounds quickly and easily without any risk.

Mike Westerdal Gains 20 Pounds of Solid Weight

I sent my program to Critical Bench owner Mike Westerdal and he was so estatic about it he wanted to help me make it even better. We decided to start a joint venture together launching the best weight gain system available. Mike told me customers have been begging him for this information for years now. I know, enough about the background. You want to know what the weight gain system includes, well read on...

Introducing the Ultimate Weight Gain System Finally Revealed

Critical Weight Gain Program Cover

The Critical Weight Gain Program is a high-speed weight gain program for skinny guys who can't gain weight.

The reason it works so well is because it combines nutrition, weight training, and supplements into one powerful program.

Here is what you will discover:

Part 1- The Critical Weight Gain Nutrition Program

  • Find your resting calorie burning power
  • Discover your activity level
  • Add in calories for muscle growth

Part 2- The Critical Weight Gain Training Program

  • Discover 2 exercises a top powerlifting gym credits for adding up to 40 lbs. of muscle
  • How to unleash buckets of testosterone and growth hormone into your body with these training principles

Part 3- The Critical Weight Gain Supplement Stack

  • New supplement will put up to 20 lbs. of muscle on your body in only 8 weeks!

Order the Critical Weight Gain Program

A Completely Different Approach To Weight Gain That You Can Use To Pack On Up To
25-35 lbs. Of Muscle
In Only 12 Weeks!

Detonate your muscle growth rate by tricking your body with these nutrition, training, and supplement secrets:

  • Weight Gain Made Easy From Novice To Pro How to gain as much weight as you want with this "3 x 5 index card trick" . Now you can trick your body's nervous system into gaining all the muscle you want. Want to gain 25 lbs. of muscle? Simply plug your goal into this system and presto your body will automatically reach your goal-without even having to think about it!
  • The secret muscle weight gain discovery made while eating at McDonald's that will pack muscle on the skinniest of guys without getting fat
  • What out of date supplement helped me put 9 lbs. of muscle in 2 weeks and became the muscle building magic of this weight gain program
  • How to use the 3-Part Ultimate Weight Gain Formula to guarantee your body packs on muscle whether it wants to or not! All successful bodybuilding programs are based on this principle. If you've tried everything and nothing seemed to work you've been violating this rule and here's how to fix that!
  • Details of the exact step-by-step process I went through to gain 7 lbs. of muscle in only 7 days! And I actually looked leaner than I did the 7 days before I used this trick
  • What a scientific study revealed about taking protein that can switch you from a hardgainer to an easy muscle gainer overnight! (Hint: Most experts recommend far too low a protein intake. If you are taking 1 gram per pound of bodyweight and stil not growing here's why)
  • The one huge mistake all bodybuilders make in their diet that guarantees they won't gain an ounce of muscle... and how to turn it to your advantage that will give you an instant muscle boost in the first 7 days you start using it
  • A simple trick not 1 in 1000 bodybuilders know about that will guarantee you an additional 1-2 lbs. of muscle weight a week
  • 9 "anabolically charged natural foods" that will help you gain more muscle than anything else you could use, including creatine, prohormones, and any other bodybuilding supplement on the market!
  • More than 52 different all natural foods that can release the ultimate anabolic hormone for muscle growth in your body
  • How to use the "customization principle" to over ride your body's desire to stay the same weight. This is the one mistake all bodybuilding nutrition experts make and once you correct it you can easily gain up to 3 lbs. of weight a week!
  • A simple trick to pack on up to 10 lbs. of muscle in only 5 weeks when you add this one ingredient to your diet. It's in your fridge right now and can switch your bodybuilding into overdrive once you start using it

Strongman Elliott Hulse Gained 20 Lbs in a Month! "There are so many myths and lies about gaining mass on the market! Being a results oriented, type A, so-it-my-selfer - I had become so overwhelemed with confilcting supplement, diet and exercise information that I almost gave up my quest for increased muscle mass.

That was until I discoverd The Critical Weight Gain Program. Following the principles outlined in this system I gained over 20 lbs. of beefy, muscle mass in less than 30 days! Today I have amassed over 57lbs and use my newly earned 'jacked status' to compete for my Strongman Pro Card. To compete against the other heavy weights I need the extra LBS. This system is The Real Deal!"

Check out my pics and judge for yourself.

Elliott Hulse, CSCS

Owner of Strength Camp
Certified Personal Trainer / Strength Coach
Strongman Competitor

How would you like to grow new muscle
every time you go to the gym?

Would you like to be able to see your body change every time you look in the mirror? Now you can with these never before revealed training secrets no one shared with you before:
  • What is the maximum time limit you should use to stay in the gym. WARNING: If you go over this limit you will actually lose muscle weight!
  • Discover these 2 exercises the top powerlifting gym in the world uses to gain 30-40 lbs. of muscle
  • How to structure your workout so you gain maximum muscle and get ripped at the same time by cutting this training variable in half
  • Why you should never follow the training routines in the bodybuilding magazines and discover the training programs they don't feature in the muscle mags which produce amazing results!

How To Gain Weight Fast - Critical Weight Gain ProgramThere's so much information, I couldn't possibly list it all here. And that's why I'm offering you my private collection of 235+ muscle building tips on a completely risk-free basis. It's my new 181 page E-book called the The Critical Weight Gain Program.

With this information you will get the exact system I used to acheive these goals. You'll have the satisfaction of watching your body transform from day-to-day with your new muscle growth.

You'll join a select few who know how to use supplements, training, and nutrition to get their body's to do anything they wish.

My system is yours

Here's the best news of all: you made it here just in time to take advantage of an unprecedented offer. (But please don't tell my existing customers about this.)

It's part of a marketing test that's got my accountant up in arms; he thinks I'm crazy to offer this below our normal risk-free price of $99.95. But because the internet has reduced many of our costs, I'm doing a test and passing our savings on to you. Depending on how it affect sales, we may or may not continue the special discount.

However, if you order this e-book online it's yours risk-free for only $47 . (less than what most of you will spend on one bottle of supplements) And trust me, any one of my secrets will pay for it, or you can return it for a 100% refund. (Read the details of my guarantee below.)

And just to make sure I give you more value I'll throw in
5 bonuses valued at least $118.00 if you order today!

5 "Special Report" Mass Building Bonus Items

Bonus #1: A "Fool's Idea" Weight Gain Trick

This little trick is for the dedicated only. A lot of bodybuilders will not even attempt to try this for fear of having to put too much effort into their bodybuilding efforts. That is a shame. This little trick alone could change your bodybuilding progress forever.

If you are currently stuck at the same body weight then this is the trick for you. Blast through your weight gain rut and gain at least 1 lb. of muscle per week with this secret

Value ($20)

Insane Muscle Gain Report

Bonus #2: Insane Muscle Gain

Avoid The Top 20 Ways To Screw Up In The Gym. Watch your body change so fast your family, friends, and enemies will wonder what you are on. They will beg you to reveal this secret. Donated by expert personal trainer Vince Delmonte as a bonus item for our weight gain package.

Value ($20)

Optomize Your Muscle Growth Gain Weight

Bonus #3: The Perfect Rep

How To Optomize Your Body For Muscle Growth by industry Expert Will Brink. This e-book looks at the technique Brink has used to succesfully increase muscle mass and the mind-muscle connection with his clients. Many of Brinks clients have seen results in the mirror within 72-hours of applying techniques covered in this report.

Value ($17.99)

How to gain muscular weight - 19 secrets to build 5 lbs of muscle

Bonus #4: 19 Tips To Gain 5 Lbs

Gain 5 Lbs Of Muscle In 28 Days Or Less. This report by Marc David is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to avoid making those simple mistakes that all people who bodybuilder seem to make either when they are just starting out or just never figured out the simple fundamentals. Inside this magnificent work you'll get the top questions all bodybuilders ask when they start to learn about fitness and bodybuilding.

Value ($25)

20 Mass Building Sins That Stop You From Your Weight Gain Goals

Bonus #5: Mass Building Sins

Jason Ferruggia is one of the most popular Critical Bench authors. His eReport covers, The Top 20 Mistakes That Kill Your Muscle Gains...And How to Avoid Them. It's a controversial report about the biggest mistakes people make when trying to build a ripped, muscular physique.

Value ($35)

When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information, We use a third party secure processing company so your order information is kept completely confidential -- only the processing company and your credit card company access the information.

Your order is processed immediately, and you'll get access to the e-book right after you fill out the form. You will also get receipt for your purchase with a transaction number sent to you by email.

When you get the e-book, scan it a couple of times and read the parts that jump out at you right away then go back and read it cover to cover. Try some of the strategies for a few weeks. You'll notice a difference in the mirror right away. You'll use the e-book as a constant reference on your way to all your muscle gain goals.

Expert critical weight gain review

Critical Weight Gain Program Expert Review It always amazes me that so many guys enter the gym without a sound plan to pack on muscle!

No...reading an article in a muscle mag about how some steroid-juiced pro somehow managed to "naturally" build a huge physique and then attempting their training program will NOT (I repeat...NOT) get you to the body you're looking for...

...but Mike and Bryan's "Critical Weight Gain Program" WILL!

So many guys I train are looking for the "magic routine" that will blow up their pecs and end up missing out on the TRUE "anabolic factors" that are PROVEN to produce results.

The Critical Weight Gain Program cuts through all the B.S. and thrusts your muscle gains into overdrive by providing a strong foundation for proper nutrition, supplementation, and yes...how to kick your own ass in the gym with an exercise program that's NOT for "little boys".

Great work Mike and Bryan! - Jeff Anderson Creator of the Optimum Anabolics Program

Expert critical weight gain review by the man that gained serious weight

Critical Weight Gain Program Expert Review Guys are you kidding me? This is great stuff. When you asked me to review your new program I figured I've been in the industry for 25-years I'm not going to learn anything from these young guns.

Well I was wrong. After reading so much crap over the years I'm glad to see someone is finally telling the truth instead of trying to sell some new fad or easy way out. Seriously, I'm impressed.

The results speak for themselves, I figured why not give it a try....I wanted to get big again like I was when I used to compete in powerlifting. In 12-weeks I put on 25 pounds of muscle without increasing my bodyfat level. I weigh 240 now which is what I've been wanting to weigh and one thing is for sure, my girlfriend isn't complaining about my new physique. Thanks, this program is legit!

Tony Spotto
Owner of TheBenchPress.com

Doberman Dan barks use the Critical Weight Gain Program to gain weight fast and safely

Critical Weight Gain Program Expert Review by Dan Gallapoo "I highly recommend the Critical Weight Gain program. Mike Westerdal and Bryan Kernan reveal the training and nutrition secrets that work like crazy for gaining muscular bodyweight fast. And they make it easy for you to stay on track. Everything you need for bigger muscles is presented in a step by step fashion. The program definitely works if you work it."

Daniel Gallapoo
Owner of DrugFreeBodybuilding.com
Professional Muscle Writer

Still Not Sure? Here's My 100%, Walk Away,
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I'm so convinced that you'll be absolutely delighted with youre-book that I'm prepared to give you an iron-clad, 60-day, "Take-It-Or-Leave-It," totally outrageous GUARANTEE.

This "impossible-to-turn-it-down" guarantee is simple:

Try our 12-Week Critical Weight Gain Program out for a full 60 days, read through the entire e-book, download all of the bonuses, and use the step-by-step worksheets.

If you don't gain huge amounts of muscle you can get every penny back. In other words, if you're not totally delighted with the techniques you've learned, drop me a line...

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Weight Gain Muscle Training Workout For Strength

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Bodybuilders use the Critical Weight Gain Program "As a bodybuilder I like to put on weight during the off-season. This way I can bulk up and than trim down before contest time. The nutrition aspects of the Critical Weight Gain Program are exactly right. You really can decide what you want to weigh and make the necessary adjustments.

Hey getting big isn't easy, but it's also not as hard as many people make it. I recommend this program to anyone that has been called "skinny" or anyone who tries to gain muscle weight but has a hard time."

Dwight DiMartino
Competitive Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer

Dave's Weight Gain Story

"I was one of the first people who got to try the Critical Weight Gain Program. I'm the kind of guy, I like to stay cut and don't want to get too huge. At the same time though it's hard for me to put on muscle mass. I figured this program would make me bloated but it didn't. I put on some good muscle and still feel lean.

You want to put on some size? Than use this program!"

Dave Agostini
Bodybuilder & Powerlifter

Great Weight Gain System For Bodybuilders "Bryan & Mike your Critical Weight Gain System is the perfect solution for anyone that doesn't have the time to figure things out on thier own. You've got it all figured out from training to diet to supplements. I recommend this program to my gym members trying to gain muscle and to bodybuilders trying to go up a weight class.

Exercise selection is excellent! The bonus products alone are worth the investment. If you're even thinking about trying this program, I encourage you to give it a try. You won't regret it when you look in the mirror."

Brian Cannone
Bodybuilding Promotor
Health Club Manager
President of FitnessAtlantic.com

Brian's Weight Gain Story

"It's incredible how fast these muscle gaining techniques work. Your body will feel like it's in an anabolic state and responds more effectively to everything you do. There are a lot of guys out there that know their way around the weight room, but have no clue how to properly fuel their bodies for growth.

If you're having trouble putting on those last 10 pounds or you need to put on 35 pounds you can definitely benefit from using the Critical Weight Gain Program. The tips in this eBook are used by a lot of guys I know to bulk up and put on muscle mass. Thanks for a great system!"

Brian Carroll
Pro Division Powerlifter

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