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Is There A Connection Between Body Builders & Slot Players?

March 18, 2010 by  
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It’s always important to take care of your physical look and health and body builders are probably the most concerned guys about these aspect of life.

Most body builders begin to practice weight lifting just to reduce their initial overweight, but then some of them become true passionate body builders and decide to continue lifting weights and practicing exercises to improve their physical strength.

Top Slot Players In Vegas Are Body Builders

According to a recent articles in a local newspaper in Las Vegas, it seems that a large number of casino winners who won jackpot prizes playing slot machines are body builders. It seems also that there’s an evident relation between body builders and slot games.

For many aspects, in fact, slot games recall the idea of lifting weights: every time a slot player begin a game, it’s like feeling the weight of the reels and of all the feared symbols of that particular slot game and only when the game is over the sensation changes to a releasing and relaxing one.

Emotionally slot players feel the same sensation of body builders: that’s the common point.

Online Slot Games – What Ladbrokes Has In Store For You

And it’s not an accident if many body builders like to play slot games in the online form. Actually, the web offers so many different slot games that in most cases are the same as the top excellent Vegas slot machines in the most popular casinos of the city.

The most appealing part of the story is that today you can easily access the most exclusive slot games thanks to worldwide and important game provider like Ladbrokes and its partners.

Currently, Ladbrokes is proud to offer all its new and loyal these newest Ladbrokes Cleopatra Slots along with many more slot titles like Rainbow Riches, Bejeweled 2 and the most popular Marvel slot games that feature characters such as The Incredible Hulk or Superman.

Cleopatra Slots – From Past To Current Times

Cleopatra slot games are a traditional and very popular type of slot machines since decades. It’s only with the renewal of Ladbrokes that today these slot games are more original and unique thanks to the presence of featuring elements, such as new sound effects, a new graphic design and top new symbols and bonus systems.

Ladbrokes decide to add a new sound effect to make the whole game more involving than in the past version: today, Cleopatra slot players can hear the beautiful Queen of Egypt’s voice welcoming to the game.

Moreover, additional new symbols came to replace old standard ones – except for the scatter. These new symbols include deserts, archeologists, camels and sphinxes.

The Sphinxes & Top Bonuses

In the new Cleopatra slot game by Ladbrokes sphinxes play a really important role.

When 2 or more sphinxes appear in any position on the game reels, players win a scatter award on their entire bet. The Paytable button can be used to view you all the award multipliers.

When 3 or more sphinxes appear in any position on the reel of the game, players win a Free Spin Bonus consisting in 15 free spins that are played automatically by the game system.

In addition, if during the 15 free spins, other sphinxes appearing on the reels, extra 15 Free Spin Bonuses will be added to the current spins.

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