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October 24, 2021
How To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds
By Karen Sessions

How To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds When many venture onto a weight loss program they lose a lot of weight quickly. Many even get close to their goal weight, but fall short of those last ten pounds. These seem to be the toughest pounds to get rid of, it's like they stick to your body like glue.

There are several tactics you can employ to get those stubborn ten moving, but the most important factor to keep in mind is to be patient. It won't come off overnight, which you are already aware of.

Employ Carb Rotation - Often times when people hit that plateau and can't move those last ten pounds, it's usually because the body has adapted to the diet. If you eat the same calories and macro nutrients day in and day out, it doesn't give your body a reason to change.

The body responds to changes. The more you keep your body off guard, the faster it will respond to fat loss without a loss of muscle. Carb rotation is a great tactic to use to feed the body and manipulate it at the same time. Carb rotation can be done on a weekly or daily basis. As long as you keep it mixed up, yet consistent, you can get the fat burning once again.

Example of Carb Rotation:

Week #1 - 200 Carbs
Week #2 - 150 Carbs
Week #3 - 100 Carbs
Week #4 - 50 Carbs
Week #5 - 25 Carbs

Change Your Cardio - Just as your body can adapt to a stagnant diet program, it too, can adapt to routine cardio. Your body loves its comfort zone, and if you don't challenge it, it has no reason to change.

Changing cardio can come in many forms. You can change your pace, time, distance, form, etc. If you have been walking on the treadmill six days a week for 45 minutes for six months, your body has become cardio efficient. It's great for the heart, but your body has adapted to know how many calories to burn. To make six days at 45 minutes on the treadmill more effective you can do either:

-Four days on the treadmill for one hour
-Four days on the treadmill for 30 minutes with high intensity
-Five days jogging for 40 minutes
-Five days on the elliptical for 30 minutes

There's no one right format, just making a change is all your body needs to take it out its comfort zone.

Add A Daily Walk To Your Program - If you find yourself hitting a speed bump in your fat loss program, you can add an hour walk to your daily regimen. Walking is one of the best and most natural forms of exercise you can do. This additional walk need not be high intensity. A comfortable pace is all that's needed to get things moving and your body active once again.

High Intensity Training - This is a great way to refresh your training and break through sticking point. High Intensity Training (HIT) allows you to do more training in less time so you can reap the benefits. The basic component if HIT is hitting your muscles hard and briefly by limiting rest between sets. In doing this, you may have to decrease your poundage to compensate for the short rest periods between sets.

How To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Visualize - If you can see it, you can be it. You mind is a powerful unit. You virtually are what you think you are. This is the main reason you need to be feeding your mind positive thoughts throughout the day.

To make visualization work for you, think about what you want to look like. Actually form the image in your mind. See your hair, skin tone, clothing, and how you want your body to physically look. See yourself eating healthy food, and as you do, see your body melting fat off and lean muscle forming. If you can do this, you have built a powerful mind and it can become a real asset in changing your physique.

Detoxify Your Body - There she goes, back on that detox thing. I keep referring to detoxifying the body because it's important for your health, as well as aiding in fat loss and gaining lean muscle tissue. This is the core element of a sound fat loss program. You must reduce the amount of toxins entering the body and you must get rid of them. If you fall short on this step, fat loss will always be a struggle and those last ten pounds, well; you will be battling them forever.

Toxins get in your body through the various personal hygiene products you put on your skin, the chemically laced foods you eat, diet colas, prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs, the polluted air you breathe, the tainted water you drink, etc.

Your body cannot neutralize, digest, or eliminate these toxins. They just stay in your body, accumulate, clog the pores, attack organs and literally cause illnesses and diseases. Among the problems these toxins pose is the inability to lose fat easily or effectively. Toxins CAN destroy your fat loss endeavors.

There is a way to manage and reverse this toxic condition and keep it from holding you back. When your body contains more toxins than it can filter, your body will become acidic. When you are acidic, your body can easily catch viruses, illnesses, and diseases. In addition, this acidic condition keeps fat trapped in cells.

There is a wonderful product line that can aid in preventing you from adding toxins to your body and neutralize your bloods pH level. When your pH level is neutral, your cells will release the fat and allow it to be burned. In addition, illnesses and diseases cannot survive in a neutral or alkaline state.

Among these products are 100% natural, toxin free Soap and Neutralizer. These products work together to create harmony in your body on a cellular level. It's as simple as taking a daily mineral bath for 30 to 45 minutes. Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, it absorbs the Soap and Neutralizer immediately and goes to work, detoxifying your body, balancing your bloods pH, and creating vitality, health, wellness, and a ground where body fat can be targeted more readily.

* I personally lost two pounds of body fat by only adding the soaks to my program. I did not change my diet, cardio, or training. I just detoxified and balanced my bloods pH level. It's amazing what the body is capable of under the right conditions.

* Another lady lost 45 pounds by soaking twice a day for six months. She did not change her diet or add any exercise.


To win the war on the last ten pounds, it's not a one shot approach. You have to tackle the issue at every angle, and never give up. If you employ the above religiously, those last ten pounds won't be a factor in your life anymore. Now that you have the facts, go remove the fat!

About The Author

Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition. She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

Karen has written six e-books on fitness. She also writes articles for several fitness websites, and distributes two monthly newsletters regarding weight loss and female bodybuilding.

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