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Physical Strength Required For Security-Related Jobs

August 5, 2015 by  
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Most people think that going to gym and improve muscular mass is only for a matter of good-looking, a sort of caprice men (but even women nowadays) cannot resist to. However, there’s an entire industry behind body builders, made of certain job positions that specifically require candidates to be physically capable to carry on hard tasks, for example like taking someone and sending him outside a casino facility.

Casino security job positions are only an example of how certain jobs may be focused more on the physical strength, rather than on education or mental skills or other.

Security guards, security officers and other figures highlight the importance of having a good muscular tone, reason why many men love to go to the gym and make exercises, often after a personal trainer’s advices.

How Much Can You Make Being A Security Guard?

In the US, land based casinos are often in need of more security guards, which makes the casino market look very dynamic from the point of view of so many job-seekers.

The job tasks of a security guard in a casino are related to control and monitoring of the situation overnight. Averagely, security guards can make more or less $26,500 per year, with a range between $22,600 and $33, 600. The salary differences may depend from the single casino administration, but also on how many working hours a security guard is assigned to work.

Less Security Jobs Due To Online Casinos?

At this point, you may think that the dramatically growth of online casinos may mean for land based facilities to have less customers and, by consequence, to need less guards.

Not at all! The numerous virtual casinos contribute to bring the casino tradition closer to first-time players who, at some point, may decide to visit a true casino. In fact, land based casinos receive new customers who learnt to play games via internet!

Atlantic Casino Club and its exclusive VIP Club treatment for all loyal casino players is a typical example of how certain virtual venues can reach and perform in an excellent way.

Features Of Atlantic Casino Club

Atlantic Casino Club is a recently launched casino, live since 2015 and owned by Game Tech Group N.V. Casinos, already owner to other sister sites.

Once you land to the casino’s home page you can begin to breath a sensation of freshness and calm, the ideal ingredients to help players relax and enjoy the games. the entire casino’s website is featured by color blue sky with a few golden elements, for a truly soft and pleasant eye-impact.

The game library at Atlantic Casino Club is rich and provided with the newest game titles released in the casino market. Of course, VIP players are dedicated a special selection of games that other regular players of the casino can’t see.

  1. are also destined special bonuses and promotions, sometimes with extra benefits.

Atlantic Casino Club’s Bonuses

Regular bonuses and promotions for new players, existing and VIPs include:

  • 250% up to €2.500 Welcome Bonus
  • Free Spins Bonus
  • 15% Deposit Method Bonus, for players who choose one of the casino’s selected methods to make their deposits (Skrill, Neteller, Giropay, Postepay, Sofort)

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