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PowerBuilding Audio With Mike Schwanke

I just put up this new PowerBuilding audio interview with Mike Schwanke. Mike is a training partner of mine at Tampa Barbell and he’s a pro division powerlifter.


You’ll like it because Mike is super lean and strong at the same time and shares his cardio/conditioning schedule.

A lot of people ask how much cardio is too much when you are trying to stay strong so this should shed some light on the topic.

By the way did I mention Mike weighs 220 lbs and has squatted 1000 lbs, benched 700 lbs and deadlifted 800 lbs in competition! So you’ll definitely want to listen to Mike’s tips.

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Got something to add to the discussion? Leave your comment below on how to balance strength with low to moderate body fat levels.


2 Responses to “PowerBuilding Audio With Mike Schwanke”
  1. I’ve actually met Mike when he was in Osan Air Base in Korea. This guy was a straight up monster with the weights. When I met him as a freshman in high school there, I instantly respected him as a powerlifter and definitely one of the people I look up to today. It’s just awesome how I bought the critical bench program and realized he was part of the team. That’s how I knew I’m making the right steps to see improvements. Keep it up Mike! Thank you for the tips.

  2. Vince says:

    I really believe if you train with fast twitch cardio.. like wind sprints, in fast bursts, you can keep your heart in maximal shape as well as keep fast twitch muscles… Lean and Strong!

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