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How to do More Push Ups – Instantly!

How to Do More Push Ups – Instantly!
by Forest Vance, author, Body Weight Strong 2.0

Today I’m going to share a little-known method you can use to do more push ups, INSTANTLY.

Last year after a charity event at my training center, we went out to a meal to celebrate.  After the meal, several guys got to talking about how many push ups they could do … and before you know it, two by two, we’re squaring off face-to-face and doing push up contests right there on the floor of the restaurant!

I got paired up with a guy that I was really closely matched with, strength-wise.  I ended up squeaking out the victory (I think we ended up doing 80 or so) … using the same technique during the last few reps that I am going to share with you in today’s article.

So whether you have a push up contest to get ready for, or you’re just looking to get stronger in your push ups (and other body weight strength training in general) (link to program here!), try this technique:

How to Do More Push Ups – Instantly!

Here’s a Video of Me Performing This Exercise…

Here’s a Pic of Me Performing This Exercise

* important to note – this technique will be frowned upon by medical professionals and could be potentially dangerous – so make sure to check with your doctor before doing it!

— Before you drop down into the bottom of your push up, take a deep inhalation to ‘load up’ your muscles.  Get as tight as you can – upper body, legs, core, everything.

— Drop into your push up without letting your breath out. Maintain tension in your abdominals and throughout your entire body. Do NOT exhale or let tension ‘escape’ in any way!

— Exhale as you press through your sticking point in the push up or after you finish the move. This will also help you keep tension throughout.

— Once finished with the push up, pause at the top and take a breath or two.  Either lower back down to the ground and repeat, or rest.

Power breathing is one technique you can use to tap into additional strength reserves and boost your strength and power instantly.  You can use this not only for push ups but for other advanced body weight moves – like pull ups, pistol squats, etc. – and also when lifting heavy weights.  Try the technique outlined in this article and you just might surprise yourself!

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, author, Body Weight Strong 2.0

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