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21 Day Fast Mass Building mp3 Interview

You may have heard the buzz about Lee Hayward and Vince Delmonte’s new 21 Day Fast Mass Building program.

They are claiming that you can gain 5…10..15….and yes even 20 pounds of muscle in just 21 days.

Sounds like a big claim doesn’t it?

Not only do they say you can gain this muscle weight but they also say it will be pure fat free muscle.

How you ask? Good question because I was wondering the same thing.

They are using something called the Anabolic Amplifier Effect.

Here to shed some more light on the topic fitness authority John Romaniello interviews Lee Hayward and Vince Del Monte on the secret technique behind their new 21 Day Fast Mass Building Program. This is the same technique that competitive bodybuilders have been using for decades to pack on lean muscular mass year after year. —- <<< Read more here

This killer strategy (The Anabolic Amplifier Effect) can pack on as much as 12 pounds of pure muscle in only 21 days. Even though this may sound “to good to be true”, it is not. It’s based on rock-solid science, 50+ years of real-world experience and Vince and Lee’s recent results. All revealed in this FREE MP3 audio! Listen in and then leave your questions and comments below…



Podcast With Rob Shaul of Military Athlete

June 27, 2009 by  
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Meet Rob Shaul

military athlete logo“Rob is a lifelong gym rat turned self-educated strength and conditioning coach. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and has attended seminars/certifications through CrossFit, Gym Jones, U.S. Weightlifting, and Athletes’ Performance. He started Mountain Athlete in Jackson in February, 2007, and founded Military Athlete in January, 2009. He is a 1990 graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy.”

Listen as strength coach Rob Shaul talks in detail with interviewer Luke Allison about his unique work training soldiers and mountain climbers. Rob’s philosophy reflects his diverse influences – everything from power lifting to Gym Jones. In this interview, he describes what an appropriate fitness test for military personnel might look like. The value of Crossfit and mental training is also addressed. Also, how does pre-deployment training for soldiers headed to Afghanistan and Iraq differ?


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