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Tips To Building And Promoting A Gym

December 5, 2012 by  
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So you’ve been a bodybuilder for years and you are thinking about bringing your own contribution to the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Your wish is to help and inspire others, become a trainer and teach the same motivational techniques that have showed great results on you to others. Building your own gym is a good idea to start with and below you will find a few tips to get you started.


You’d Better Start Planning!


Besides the need to find an excellent commercial location visible to your target audience, you will also need to work on your business plan. Your financial and marketing sides of your plan need to be accurately set up – you could ask for help form a financial advisor if you feel you cannot handle the budgeting by yourself. You will need to get a long-term loan from a reputable bank – or see if you can pitch your idea to a couple of business partners so you can split the costs. Think of a crazy theme for your gym, something that no one has ever done before – such as a gym that allows members to play slots games while waiting for the running track to become available, or add a free energy drink dispenser! Once you manage to gather sufficient money to get started, you will need to work 24/7 to promote the gym.

Track Your Gym Advertising Performance  

Create a web site or blog, add fresh photos of your members and trainers every day, present your machines and talk about your discounts and special membership deals – one free month for new members, 20% discounts for members referring friends and so on. Place your phone numbers on the site, flyers, and banners you will be using to promote the gym. To track down the success of each of your advertising channels, you will need to use specialized software. For call tracking visit here the AddSource site – these guys enable you to tie your phone calls to your advertising mediums, assess their performance analyze the geographical location of your clients and determine what actions need to be taken to improve your current figures. You will also get to keep a close eye on all of your business leads online and significantly improve your Return On Investment rates. In case you are also thinking about selling gym memberships online, you can take advantage of the same AddSource call tracking services and reduce you’re the value of your cost per order.


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