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Critical Bench presents October Training Sessions at the Monster Garage Gym

A variety of powerlifting training methods are featured in this video being seen FIRST, at Critical Bench.

Included in the video is training footage of Washington Redskins, Defensive End, Phillip Daniels co-owner of the Monster Garage Gym. Some training methods seen in this video include: Deficit deadlift, reverse green band bench press, rackable cambered squat bar box squats and rackable cambered squat bar good mornings, small band deadlift, safety squat bar box squats, close grip bench press, and more.
Monster Garage Gym is the premier powerlifting gym in Northern, Illinois and Southern, Wisconsin and is a hard core supporter of Critical!!!! Learn more at


9 Responses to “Critical Bench presents October Training Sessions at the Monster Garage Gym”
  1. abuahmed says:

    very strong and best

  2. hiram brewer says:

    mike, great video got me motivated just watching them train keep up the good work,keep those good videos comeing.thank you hiram.

  3. Ken P says:

    I like the thought that they put into making the lifts “safer”

  4. roodles says:

    wow!! some heavy lifts there and very wide stances for certain lifts, not having a dig at it but never seen it done like that. Seeing some of their faces makes you question how hard you try…

  5. Otito-Erobu says:

    Keep up the good work Mike,it sure is a morale booster.

  6. Jonathon Poole says:

    This video rocks. Made me wanna go hit the weights.
    Great veido keep’em coming

  7. Tomas says:

    YES!!!! POWER

  8. VitaSort says:

    Very cool video! Loving seeing unique ways of muscle training. I think it is so crucial to change up your routine. I personally like to combine weight training with cardio by doing lifts like some in this video as my time is usually limited and it is hard for me to put on good weight. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting and motivational!

  9. Collin X Grant aka Hulk or Baby Hulk says:

    Great video thats what Im talkn about get big and stronger. Nothin to it but to do it.

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