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Autoresponder Sequence: Fix My Back Pain

Done For Your eMails: Passive Income Rules!

This is my secret weapon which is exactly why this is the very first promotional tool I'm going to tell you about.

I literally doubled my income when I started emailing my list more often. Previously I used to think that I had to give my list a break. Like a lot of newbies I used to think that if I emailed my list too often or made too many offers that they would unsubscribe or get burnt out.

After listening to a Tellman Knudson course I realized that you have to train your list from the get go what they should expect from you.

Email them often and make constant offers. When you start out this way, they are used to it and don't get upset. On the other hand if you spent month's just giving away free stuff, never asking for a purchase and only email your list once every other week it's not surprise they get upset if you get aggressive with them. They just aren't used to it from you.

Here's a metaphor you might like. When you get in a new relationship you have to set some boundaries at the beginning right? It's hard to change the rules after you get really serious. The relationship has already been established. It's much easier to set the tone right from the start.

2nd Biggest Affiliate Mistake

Below you'll find an email sequence promoting the Fix My Back Pain Program that you can mail out to your list. The cash will be great the week you're promoting but what happens the week after that?

I don't know about you but I'm a huge fan of Passive Income. Do the work once and benefit over and over. Set and forget.

Follow Up sequences or autoresponder sequences are the best for this!

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Let us assume you have 8-emails to use. These four emails will be sent 4-days in a row. After the last email take a four day break and then start the next 4-day promo for the next Critical Bench Product you want to promote.

Message Interval Email Subject
1 1 What is the best stretch to do in the morning?
2 1 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide (Yours FREE)
3 1 #1 Worst Ab Exercise (Never Do This)
4 1 This exercise targets nearly every essential muscle group
5 1 This stretch is HORRIBLE for your lower back!
6 1 No Back Strain Workout Bonus
7 1 Saved the Career of a SWAT Commander
8 1 Top 10 Ways to Get Back to Pain Free Workouts…

Cut And Paste eMail Templates

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Day 1 email:

Subject:  What is the best stretch to do in the morning?
Subject:  What is the BEST stretch to do in the morning?
Subject:  #1 Stretch to do in the morning…
Affiliate Link:  http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=112

Good morning! 

If you're like most people your body can be pretty stiff when
you first wake up and get out of bed.

Luckily there's a 15-second stretch that you can do first thing
in the morning that will really help your body feel better.

#1 Stretch to Do In the Morning < ---- Pictures

Don't thank me, thank Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS.  He's
the one that told me about it and it makes a HUGE difference.

Sign Off

P.S.  This is the best stretch to do first-thing in the morning…



Day 2 email:

Subject:  48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide (Yours FREE)
Subject:  Ice or Heat?
Subject: Do you know what to do when back pain hits? (free guide)
Affiliate Link: http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=112

Image 1:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/48-Hour1-227x300.png
Image 2:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/FMBP-BR3-300x229.jpg

Have you ever thrown your back out so bad you
had trouble walking around and had to stay in bed
or sitting down for a few days?

It's hard to know what to do when you first hurt

That's why Rick Kaselj created the…….

48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide...

It's yours as a free bonus today when you pick up
a copy of Fix My Back Pain.

Fix My Back Pain is a pre and post workout routine
you can do to rehab your own back.  You can continue
with your regular workouts and simply follow the 10-
minute pre and post workout routines to get your back to
a pain free state.

Order Fix My Back Pain Here & Get the 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide FREE


Today Only Get the 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide with Your Order

Do you know what to do when back pain hits? 

The 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide shows you what to do.

It gives you movements that you need to do in order to decrease
your back pain, loosen up your back, release tightness in your
muscles and get back to being pain-free.

Rick Kaselj has used this program a number of times to overcome
a back pain flare up in 48 to 72 hours.

For example, a few months back, Rick was doing a barbell deadlift
complex and tweaked his back. As the day went by, his back got
worse and worse.

He went to the guide and did the exercises in the guide for 10 minutes,
a few times day. Every time he went through the exercises, the pain
would decrease, movement would improve, tension would decrease
and he could do more. By the fourth day, he was able to get back to
the gym and do his workouts.

Also in the guide Rick shows you the #1 exercise that you should
do when back pain hits.  Along with the manual, there is a follow
along video that you can watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or TV.

Back Pain Exercise

Grab Fix My Back Pain for 52% OFF and Get the Rescue Guide FREE

Sign Off


Day 3 email:

Subject:  #1 Worst Ab Exercise (Video)
Subject:  #1 Worst Ab Exercise (Never Do This)
Subject:  Never Do This For Your Abs (NEVER I mean it)
Subject:  An Ab Exercise that is DANGEROUS for your back & neck
Subject:  #1 WORST Abs Exercise EVER (Stop Doing This)
Subject:  Don't Do This AB Exercise (Do This Instead)
Subject:  Are You Making This Abs Exercise Mistake? (Even Trainers Do it Wrong)
Subject:  #1 WORST Abs Exercise of All-Time? (never do this exercise)

Special Affiliate Link:  http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=115

Image url:  http://www.shoulderpainsolved.com/wp-content/themes/mountainbreeze/truly-huge/video.jpg

Did you know there is one AB exercise that has been
scientifically proven to cause spine, neck and back trauma?

In fact, this movement is one of the most common exercises
you'll see taught incorrectly by trainers at the gym.  

#1 WORST Abs Exercise EVER (Stop Doing This…Seriously) <<<click here now

There's actually a much more efficient and safe exercise you can
do instead.  Check it out below.

Worst Ab Exercise

Don't Do This AB Exercise (Do This Instead) <<< Free Video


Sign Off


Day 4 email:

Subject:  19 Year Old Arnold Deadlifting 600 lbs
Subject:  This exercise targets nearly every essential muscle group
Subject:  Underground Finnish Deadlift Program (time sensitive)

Affiliate Link: http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=112

Image:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/DeadliftComboBonus.png

If you're like me you love training hard and you know the deadlift
is an awesome exercise for building muscle & strength. That just
can't be denied.

In fact, a lot of people think Arnold Schwarzenegger got huge from
isolation exercises but that's not true.  When he was 19-years old he
deadlifted 600 lbs in competition which shows he trained to build his
initial foundation.

The problem is...if you're doing it wrong it can mess up your back.
Or if you have a bad back this is probably an exercise you avoid. 
We have the solution for you though with today's fast acting bonus. 

First You Get:  A Video Guide to Pain Free Deadlifting.

This is where we teach you proper technique so you can deadlift
without risk of hurting your back.   

Secondly you get:  Barbell Deadlift Dominated

This is a secret underground Finnish deadlift program used by
competitive powerlifters.  Once you have your form down from
the How To Video....you can crush this program.

If your back is bothering you right now and you don't want to think
about deadlifting...that's okay.  Use our new Fix My Back Pain
program to heal your back than you'll have the deadlift material
to refer to later.

Deadlift bonus


Fix My Back Pain Intro Sale <<<<< Comes With The Two Bonuses Above Today Only

Both of these products are bonuses you get FREE when you order
Fix My Back Pain today (Wednesday) before midnight.

 Fix My Back Pain helps you get rid of your back pain without drugs,
surgeries or shots.  It only takes 10 minutes before your normal workout
and 10 minutes after your workout. That's it!

There is a catch.  These two bonuses are expiring tonight at midnight
so you only have a few hours to make up your mind. 

Don't Avoid Pack Pain - Get Rid Of It <====== Click Here  for 52% OFF

Sign OFF 

P.S.   The Deadlift is often considered the most basic primary movement
for the body.  This exercise targets nearly every essential muscle group
and it also releases so many muscle building hormones like testosterone
and growth hormone.

Unfortunately, many of us wreck the form and make a perfectly safe exercise
something that can lead to back pain and potential injury if done incorrectly. 
This doesn't have to be the case!

I put together a video guide to Pain Free Deadlifting to celebrate the Fix
My Back Pain Sales pre-sale event.

You'll be shown how to perfect your form in an easy to understand
step- by-step manner.

After using Fix My Back Pain and implementing the tips from Pain
Free Deadlifting your back will be feeling like new again and you can
start deadlifting the way you want again which will be the perfect time
to implement the Underground Finnish Deadlift Program that will help
you increase rugged muscle back development and strength from

It contains 3 training cycles used by competitive powerlifters and it's
yours free when you order Fix My Back Pain before midnight.

Deadlift bonus

Get this $77 Value Free When You Order Fix My Back Pain Before Midnight


Day 5 email:

Subject:  This stretch is HORRIBLE for your lower back!
Subject:  #1 Most Dangerous Stretch for Your Back (YouTube Video)
Subject:  #1 Most Dangerous Stretch for Your Back
Subject:  Don't Do this stretch for your lower back – Do THIS instead

Affiliate Link:  http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=116

Image url:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/worst-stretch1.gif

Happy Thursday!

Today I have a video for you highlighting one stretch that harms
your back.

Back Stretch Exercise

==> #1 Stretch that Harms Your Back (video inside)

If you are working out today, make sure to check out the video. Check
to see if you are doing this stretch wrong because there is a
good chance it is hurting you.

==> CLICK HERE to Watch the Video

Sign OFF

P.S.  If you have been doing any stretches that are dangerous for
your back I suggest your order a copy of Fix My Back Pain for
52% OFF today.  It's less than the cost of a co-pay and only takes
10-minutes a day to start feeling relief.  Tomorrow is the last day to
get it on sale.   

Fix My Back Pain for 52% OFF < ---- Ends Tomorrow!



Day 6 email:

Subject:  No Back Strain Workout Bonus

Affiliate Link: http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=112

If your back hurts whenever you workout and you don't
even know what kind of workout you can do besides
stretching and rehab stuff I've got a cool announcement
for you. 

We've added another bonus to the Fix My Back Pain 
pre-sale event. 

It's called the:  No Back Strain Workout
It's free today with your order of Fix My Back Pain.

No Back Strain Workout

YOURS FREE Today When You Order Fix My Back Pain Before Midnight

This is a full 30-day program you can follow that eliminates
all compression, flexion and extension of the back. 


With the use of the stability ball and carefully selected

Engaging the body with the movements assembled in this
workout will take your traditional lifts to a new level while
at the same time alleviate chronic pain.

We are all 1 bad rep away from hurting out backs so
adding strength, mobility and flexibility to our body is
essential.  The links of our body's chain need to be the
same strength from one end to the other.  What good is
a chain if the middle link is made of plastic and the rest
are steel?

That's why Stability Ball exercises are invaluable to athletes. 
It's time to eliminate pain, minimize strain and increase
strength in the chain with this 30-day Stability Ball program
that puts ABSOLUTELY no strain on your lower back. 

Get a great workout with any pressure on your back or spine!

Includes PDF Workout Logs as Well as Exercise Videos.

Get This Bonus FREE When Your Grab Fix My Back Pain Before Midnight

Sign OFF

P.S.  This bonus works with Fix My Back Pain. Here's how:
You do the pre-workout routine and post workout-routine from
Fix My Back Pain. 

Use the "No Back Strain Workout" in between as your main workout.
BAM!  Fix your back and continue to get a challenging workout with
the strain.  Only safe exercises, regardless of your situation. 

Fix My Back Pain Sale Is Almost Over! <------- Includes "No Back Strain Workout" BONUS


Day 7 email:

Subject:  Saved the Career of a SWAT Commander
Subject:  10, 9, 8, 7.….GONE

Affiliate Link: http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=112

Image url:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/back-pain-largegrouping.png

Image url:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/EXPERT_ToddLamb.png

Even if your back hurts right now there is hope...it DOES NOT mean
you'll never be able to do the things you love.  Just don't give up. 
Ever since I consulted with my friend Rick Kaselj (Injury Specialist)
I have not thrown my back out. 

He gave me a simple 10-minute pre workout routine and 10-minute
post workout routine to follow.  I simply do this in addition to my 
regular workout to strengthen and protect my lower back. 

Critical Bench has published this product as Fix My Back Pain..
and Rick was cool enough to add in programs for all different kinds
of back injuries.

If you have any kind of back pain at all, I really encourage you to not
let it stand in the way of doing the things you love.  Follow Fix My Back
Pain before and after your workout so you can get back to training
full force with 100% intensity. 

+ All strength athletes should have this program.
+ All health professionals and trainers should have access
to this as well.

Or if you're sick of pain killers, doctors appointments, shots or even 
considering surgery this is a way that you can take matters into your hands. 
There is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing
to lose by trying it out.

Today is the last day that it is on sale for less than a bottle of Advil.

At midnight tonight we are going to shut the page down and we won't be
opening the doors again until October.  We want to provide the best 
possible service and support to those that are on board during this 
initial pre-sale. 

You've got nothing to lose but unnecessary aches and pains. Join us
right now and finally address the root cause of your lower back pain
safely without getting the run-around or getting talked into expensive
appointments, medications or surgery. 

Fix My Back Pain

The program only takes minutes a day and you don't have to change
your current workout.

Last Day for Fix My Back Pain <<< Click Here Before Midnight

Take Action & Get Back To Training Hard,

Sign OFF 

P.S. I'm busy...you're busy too.  Back pain is annoying.  We made Fix My
Back Pain simple for you.  You'll be done watching all the videos in less
than an hour. Then you just take your pre and post workout sheets with
you to the gym. Done.  Bam!  Easy.  Click here to get started.

P.P. S. If you have trouble reading about the SWAT Team Leader below
just click the image and you can see it online.


Last Day for Fix My Back Pain <<< Click Here Before Midnight


Day 8 email:

Subject:  60,145 people "LIKED" this page
Subject:  Top 10 Ways to Get Back to Pain Free Workouts…

Affiliate Link:  http://xx.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=112

Image url:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/RickFeatured_banner-18dec2012.png

Image url:  http://www.criticalbench.com/gains/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/BR3-4.jpg

You've probably got some big plans for the weekend.
Things are busy I know..that's why I just want to remind you one
last time that over 60,145 people have LIKED this page.

The price is going up in literally hours on the Fix My Back Pain
program.  If you have 5-minutes to grab this, I highly recommend
it.  It cost less than a bottle of Advil and will help you more than you
can imagine.

Absolute Last Call for Fix My Back Pain <<< 52% OFF Sale Ends in Hours
Even if you don't have time to fully dive into it until next week just
grab it now while it's on sale.  You have 60-days to look it over
anyhow with the money back guarantee.

Here's Your Top 10 Reasons To Grab Fix My Back Pain asap

 #10.  Endless Surprises - You will be in good hands with Rick.
He is always giving and helping.  There will be a lot of surprise bonuses
for you on the access page.

#9.  Cheaper Than Flying to British Columbia..

If you’re within driving distance of British Columbia, Canada set up an
appointment to go visit Rick face to face.  His regular rate is $150 per
hour and he has a few open slots on Tuesday mornings and Friday

However if you want to save on flights, gas, hotels, and the hourly
rate that Rick’s patients gladly pay, this “Done For You” digital
package is a better choice for you.

==> 52% OFF Fix My Back Pain  <------- LAST CHANCE

#8.  Get Instant Access - You get the program right away. You don't
need to wait for anything in the mail. You can get started right now and
overcome back pain.  It's a one-time charge, there is no recurring billing.

#7.  Convenient Resource - You can download the full Fix My Back
Pain program to your computer, laptop, iPod or iPad.  How cool is that!
You can take the program wherever you want and learn how to fix your
back pain.

==> 52% OFF Fix My Back Pain  <------- LAST CHANCE

#6.  END of the Traditional Back Pain Model - If you are tired of
going from test, to appointment, to more tests. Fix My Back Pain will
help end this viscous cycle and get you back to being pain-free utilizing
the BR3 Method.

BR3 Method


#5.  Guaranteed - You will not only be satisfied, they guarantee you will
be thrilled and amazed with the Fix My Back Pain system, or you can
simply email them and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles,
no questions asked, 100% refund.

#4.  Leaders in Health & Fitness - Rick has been the leading
educator for health and fitness professionals from around the world
on the best exercises for injury and pain.

He’s the guy who teaches the other fitness professionals the newest
techniques to help their own clients. He has given over 315 live
presentations to over 6065 health and fitness professionals across
Canada and the USA.

==> 52% OFF Fix My Back Pain  <------- LAST CHANCE

#3.  Earn CECs or CEUs.
That's right you'll be able to study the material and take a test to earn
continuing education credits or units.  Since Rick is a health instructor
this is all set for you.

#2 Get to the Root Issue - Sorry to burst your bubble but taking pain
killers, blasting the music extra loud and chugging an energy drink or
preworkout NO2 mixture is not doing anything for your neck pain. 
It’s just covering the symptoms so you don’t think about it.
The same goes for cortisone shots and most muscle rub creams. 
So instead of trying to paint the leaves green, how about you deal
with the root of the problem by spending a few minutes per week
stretching between sets or while on break at work?

And the #1 Reason to grab Fix My Back Pain TODAY:

#1.  EVERYTHING goes back up to regular price (a 52% jump), tomorrow.
The ONLY way you can get all this stuff at 52% OFF, and the
ONLY way you can get access to the bonus on the download page,
is to get in today.

The total cost of the entire program, including the surprise bonuses is
less than the cost a bottle of pills or half an appointment cost!

==> 52% OFF Fix My Back Pain  <------- LAST CHANCE

This is your chance to overcome back pain.

Sign OFF

P.S.  Here's a bonus reason.  This is your chance to….

Get Back To get Pain Free Workouts and doing what you love!

I really want to stress this to you. If you’re feeling frustrated trying to
 end your annoying back pain, and for whatever reason… what
you’re trying isn’t working, then let Rick help you. Rick helps athletes
and serious fitness enthusiasts get back to what they have a passion
for instead of telling them to stop training.

You’ve got nothing to lose but unnecessary aches and pains. Join us
right now and finally address the root cause of your lower back pain
safely without getting the run-around or getting talked into expensive
appointments, medications or surgery. 

The program only takes minutes a day and you don’t have to change
your current workout.

==> 52% OFF Fix My Back Pain  <------- LAST CHANCE



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