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Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Let us assume you have 5-emails to use. These four emails will be sent 4-days in a row. After the last email take a four day break and then start the next 4-day promo for the next Critical Bench Product you want to promote.

Message Interval Email Subject
1 1 At Risk for a Shoulder Injury (Take the Quiz)
2 1 FW: About your quiz results
3 1 Vicious Shoulder Pain Cycle (this concerns you)
4 1 15-second trick for a pain free workout
5 1 4 Strategies to Avoid Shoulder Pain
6 1 Pain Free Bench Pressing
7 1 What's Wrong With This Pic?
8 1 Deep Fascial Rotator Cuff Stretch (Video)
9 1 Mr. Tís prediction?...PAIN
10 4 Next Promo Starts Here

Cut And Paste eMail Templates

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Day 1 email:

Possible Subject:  Worst Exercises for Your Shoulders (Never Do These)
Possible Subject:  Your Workouts Leading to Pain? (4 Question Quiz)
Possible Subject:  At Risk for a Shoulder Injury (Take the Quiz)

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


Did you know that the shoulder complex is the number 1 injured
area of the body for people who train with weights?

Whether you currently have shoulder discomfort or you just
want to make sure you're not at a risk you should check out this
quick quiz right now.

Are Your Workouts Leading To Shoulder Pain? ---- <<< 4 Question Quiz

Question 3 is really helpful.  I see people doing this exercise wrong
all the time. 

If you score well enough there just might be a prize for you at the end!

Sign off, 

Your Name

P.S.  Take this quick 4 question quiz to assess your own exercise technique.


Day 2 email:

Possible Subject:  FW: About your quiz results

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


Below you'll find the results to your shoulder pain quiz, just
be sure to turn your images on so you can see them okay?


All of the answers above are explained in the free Video Series,
The 5 Worst Exercises For Your Shoulders & How To Fix Them

Click Here To Watch the Videos 

NOTE: Keep in mind some of these exercise are okay to do, if you
just adjust your technique which is why you should watch the videos
to explain the quiz results in more detail.

 Sign off,

Your Name


Day 3 email:

Possible Subject:  Vicious Pain Cycle (this concerns you)
Possible Subject: if it hurts don't do it (BS Advice)

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


Have you ever been to the doctor about something that's
been bugging you with your training just to have the doc
tell you to stop doing what hurts..lol 

It reminds me of this article about the Vicious Pan Cycle.
Have you ever been caught in it?  I sure have.

Sign Off,

Your Name


Day 4 email:

Subject: 15-second trick for a pain free workout
Subject:  #1 Tip For Warming Up Your Shoulders
Subject:   Try this before your workout TODAY
Subject:   Pre-workout tip for Aching Shoulders

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


Here’s an incredible tip I got from Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS
that is going to help your banged up shoulders feel better in just minutes. 

It is called vertical hanging.  If it sounds self-explanatory it’s because it is.

Here’s how to do it:  Lift your arms straight overhead and take note of
how your shoulders feel.  Next hang on something like you’re a kid
hanging from the monkey bars.

For example:  If you are in the gym, go over to the pull up bar, grab
the handles, and let yourself hang from them. If you are not able to
bring your arms very high, bring them to a point as high as you can
and then hang with partial weight.


Try this Sample Trick From FMSP

It might feel a little weird and be a little uncomfortable but hang
for 15 seconds with all of your body weight off the ground or
partial weight off the ground..  Now step away from the bar
and lift your arms overhead.   Do you have more movement?

Do your shoulders feel a little loser?

For most people it will be Yes-Yes.

Here’s why:  Over time gravity pulls on our arm. With our
arms weighing about 10 lbs, the slow pulling starts to reshape
the shoulder into a painful joint by shortening the ligaments
in the shoulder. With the vertical hanging, we are stretching
the ligaments in the shoulder in order to reshape the shoulder
back into a pain-free shoulder.

This is just one of the tips you’ll learn in Rick’s new Fix My
Shoulder Pain system that utilizes his trademarked SR3-Method.
It’s on sale right now for a big discount.

Fix My Shoulder Pain << Heavily Discounted

Replace the outdated stuff you are doing to prime your shoulders
for a workout and start using more tips like this so you can
give 100% every workout without getting held back.

Sign Off,

Your Name

P.S.  According to Rick Fix My Shoulder Pain helps with:

-Shoulder and rotator cuff tendinitis and tendinosis
-Rotator cuff tear, strain or pain
-AC injury, AC joint sprain, and AC strain
-Adhesive capsulitis
-Frozen shoulder
-Shoulder subluxation or dislocation
-Acromioclavicular injury and
-Shoulder impingement

Fix My Shoulder Pain << Go check it out.


Day 5 email:

subject: Fix Your Shoulder Pain
subject: 4 Strategies to Avoid Shoulder Pain
subject: 4 Secrets to Unlocking Shoulder Pain in Minutes
subject:  Get Back to Pain Free Workouts
subject:  #1 Nagging Pain In The Gym

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmspbr> (replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


Do your shoulders ever bother you?  If you’re like me you probably
avoid certain exercises because they cause nagging shoulder pain.

We’re not alone though, it turns out that close to 40% of all resistance
training injuries affect the shoulder complex, making it the #1 injury
by far.

Now that’s just the people that went to the doctor about their issue.
If you just have an annoying ache you could be headed down a slippery
slope if you don’t take some action to keep your shoulders healthy.

You can start by checking out this article highlighting 4 strategies you
can use to avoid shoulder pain.

4 Strategies to Avoid Shoulder Pain  <<< Tip #4 Is Really Cutting Edge

The tips in the article are courtesy of Injury Specialist and Exercise
Physiologist Rick Kaselj, MS who helped my buddy and fellow trainer
Mike Westerdal recover from a shoulder injury he sustained while powerlifting.

In fact, Rick is THE go to guy not just for Mike but for athletes that want to
get back to pain free workouts rather than being told, “not do what hurts.”

He’s the same guy who teaches the other fitness professionals the newest
techniques to help their own clients.  He has given over 315 live presentations
to over 6065 health and fitness professionals across Canada and the USA.

Whether You Have A Serious Shoulder Injury or a Nagging Pain....

You  are going to be very interested in this news.  Mike & Rick have teamed
up to release a brand new system called, Fix My Shoulder Pain.

It’s different than anything out there for several reasons.  It’s not designed for
inactive people like your grandparents.  It was created specifically for
people that want to get back to their high intensity workouts without being
told by the doctor that they need to find a new hobby.

Don’t Get Bullied Into Expensive Apts, Medications or Surgery <<< click here

The “Traditional Shoulder Pain Model” involves endless cycles of appointments,
investigations, stretching and strengthening.

After having hundreds of Rick’s clients follow this model with minimal success,
he needed to find a new model that breaks the traditional shoulder pain model
and moves clients from painful shoulders to pain-free shoulders.

This led to the creation of his trademarked SR3 Method which is based on
one key concept:  Reshaping your shoulder from a painful shoulder joint to a
pain-free shoulder joint and that’s what Fix My Shoulder Pain is all about.

If you have any kind of shoulder pain this is definitely worth getting.  Learn just
one technique that gives you some relief and it pays for itself...but you’ll learn
more than that.  You’ll feel like you used to before your shoulder started acting up.

Get advice from someone that cares, not someone that will send you on your
way with a prescription or tell you to stop doing what hurts.

Fix My Shoulder Pain <<< Get Back To Pain Free Workouts

The fact that this on sale for so cheap is a bit insane.  Rick charges $150 an
hour to meet with local clients.  Go grab your copy for yourself, a friend or a
loved one before they come to their senses and start charging the hundreds
of dollars it’s worth.

Your shoulders will thank you.

Sign Off,

Your Name

P.S.  Rather than just stretching and strengthening which only provides temporary relief Rick’s Method actually reconstructs the shoulder joint from the outside and inside.  

Fix My shoulder Pain utilizing the SR3 Method is the first shoulder injury system
ever created to help you get back to pain free workouts by focusing on alignment,
tissue quality and activation & endurance.  

Fix My Shoulder Pain <<< Utilizing the SR3 Method


Day 6 email:

Subject: Pain Free Bench Pressing (presentation)
Subject: Bench Press Explosion

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


If you or a training partner are suffering from any sort of
shoulder discomfort that is keeping you from giving 100%
during your workouts you should check out this web page.

For the price of a few bottles of advil you can get rid of nagging
shoulder pain for good.

This is not your typical rehashed rehab stuff that your grandma
uses.  Fix My Shoulder Pain utilizes the SR3 Method designed
by Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj. 

Rather than focusing on stretching and strengthening which is the
norm, Rick uses his "Shoulder Reshaping 3-Part Method" which
is based on key concept.

Reshaping Your Shoulder from Painful to Pain Free

Does this sound almost too good to be true?

Well my friend Mike Westerdal who teamed up with Rick to offer
this product personally used the system to heal his shoulder after
years of bench pressing over 600 pounds in powerlifting competition.
If it worked on him, it will work on you like it has for thousands of
Rick's clients.

Plus, think about it.  If you learn just one trick (you'll learn  way
more than that) the entire system pays for itself.

As if the price wasn't a good enough deal already this will put you over
the top and make this a no-brainer for you.

When you order today you'll also get access to this bonus pack.

Bench Press Explosion + Pain Free Bench Pressing Included FREE

Bench Press Explosion + Pain Free Bench Pressing  <<< Included Free Today

The Bench Press is probably the most popular exercise in  existence. 
Unfortunately a lot of us have to avoid it to due to shoulder pain but
that doesn't have to be the case.

Rick Kaselj, MS put together a video guide to Pain Free  Bench Pressing
as a launch bonus and Mike Westerdal added his already best selling
Bench Press Explosion routines.

You'll be shown how to perfect your form in an easy to understand step-
by-step manner and you'll also get  access to 18 of the Best Bench
Routines of all time!

After using Fix My Shoulder Pain and implementing the tips from Pain
Free Bench Pressing your shoulders will be feeling like new again and
you'll be back to pain free bench pressing.

Bench Press Explosion + Pain Free Bench Pressing  <<< Included Free Today

The choice is yours.

Do you want to avoid exercises and hobbies that hurt for the rest of your
life and just deal with the nagging issues that may wind up becoming serious...

Or do something to Fix It.  All you need is a few minutes per week to spend
on this and you'll feel a tremendous difference.

Sign Off,

Your Name

P.S.  Bench Press Explosion + Pain Free Bench Pressing FREE  < Last Time I Mention This

Day 7 email:

Subject:  What's wrong with this pic?
Subject:  Cable Pec Fly (BIG mistake)
Subject:  Stop thrashing your rotator cuff

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


Can you spot what's wrong with the picture below?
Rick is doing something that could lead to shoulder pain or injury.


Did you find it? Let me help you out.

I see people doing this all the time and over time this will lead to a
shoulder problem, this I"m certain of. 

What he's doing wrong is called the "shoulder tuck".

Rick Kaselj, MS who is demonstrating the incorrect finish (on purpose)
of Cable Pec Fly above taught me this.  A shoulder tuck is when the
shoulder joint collapses toward the middle.

When you stand nice and upright, the shoulder is in great centration. 
But at the end of the cable pec fly exercise a ton of people they will
let their shoulder drop a little in and to the middle. 

This little collapse puts unnecessary stress and strain on the shoulder.
Over time this leads to some serious damage to your rotator cuff. 
Looking at the top 4 injuries to the shoulder, the rotator cuff is involved|
in 3 of them.  That's why you want to make sure you have a healthy and
strong rotator cuff. 

If You Do The Shoulder Tuck Here's How To Fix It

1.  Next time you do a chest exercise, make sure your chest stays up
and does not drop.  Dropping your chest leads to shoulder tucking.

2.  Keep your head in good alignment and look straight ahead, looking
down will drop your head and lead to tucking. 

3.  Have your hands open in order to decrease stress and tension in the
elbow and neck. 

4.  Move the hands to the middle of the body but have them stop just
inside of being in line with the arm pit.  Do not let them come together
or cross the midline of the body as this leads to the shoulder tuck. 

These tips apply to all fly movements....


Use this quick tip to avoid any future shoulder issues.  If you have any
kind of shoulder pain already I recommend you grab the brand new
Fix My Shoulder Pain system. 

------->  Don't Avoid Shoulder Pain - Get Rid Of It

It's jam packed full of useful exercises and techniques you can use to stay
pain free and training with 100% intensity. 

Sign Off



Day 8 email:

Subject:  Deep Fascial Rotator Cuff Stretch (video)

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


3 out of the top 4 shoulder injuries involve the rotator cuff so
you need to keep them healthy. 

Here's one of the best stretches you can do for your rotator
cuff.  I didn't even know you could do this until Rick Kaselj, MS
told me about it!

The deep fascial rotator cuff stretch is way more effective than 
other traditional static chest stretches because it hits the fascia 
in the shoulder.  Watch it in the video below.


The fascia is connective tissue that encases muscles and 
connects groups of muscle together.

With a regular chest stretch, you hit the muscle but what also 
is affected in a painful joint is the fascia. 

With shoulder pain, connective tissue shortens up and gets thick. 

We need to hit fascia in order to stretch it out, thin it out, and help 
the muscle move better while loosening up the shoulder. Regular 
static stretch of the chest does not do that. 

Click Here To Watch and Try a Sample Fascial Stretch from FMSP

Sign Off,

Your Name


Day 9 email:

subject:  Mr. T’s prediction?….PAIN
subject: Bullet Proof your Shoulders
subject: Indesctructible Shoulders
subject: Most ignored muscle

Your Affiliate Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.painfix.hop.clickbank.net?w=fmsp
(replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your nickname)


Remember in Rocky III when the reporter asked Clubber Lang his
prediction for the fight?

Mr T...glared at the camera and said, “My prediction?....PAIN!
Rocky & Clubber inflicted some serious pain on each other, but
don’t do it to yourself voluntarily.

Take some advice from injury specialist Rick Kaselj, MS and use
some of his tips to bulletproof your shoulders.  They are the most
commonly injured body part in the gym and if you they get banged
up you’re pretty much out of commission which is depressing.

Last Time I Mention Fix My Shoulder Pain <<< Last Call

Top 5 Tips To Bullet Proof Your Shoulders

1. Build Tension in Your Lats - The lats are the most ignored muscle when
it comes to the shoulder. It is thought that it is only a back muscle but it
provides stability and protection to the shoulder. When doing shoulder exercises
activate your lats and keep your shoulders happy.

2. Prime Up Your Muscles - Most people do a warm up that just lubricates
the joint. You need to activate and turn on all the muscles in the upper body
so the smaller muscle groups in the shoulder can help protect the shoulder.

3. Technique, Technique, Technique - This is the number one reason why
people injury their shoulders. You can't go to the gym every day and work on
your max lift. Your warm up sets are the perfect time to perfect your technique.
Also get feedback from a training partner or a trainer.

4. Watch Out for Fatigue - Cooking your smaller muscles in your shoulder
muscles can lead to a shoulder injury. If you do a lot or very heavy exercises
that target the rotator cuff, what can happen is the rotator cuff is not able to do
its job throughout the day, which increases the risk of shoulder injury and pain.

5. Work on Your Shoulder Blade Muscles - Many strength coaches will say
you are wasting your time on this but if you want to have bulletproof shoulder,
you need to work on them. 


Last Stop for The Pain Train, Time To Get Off <<< Last Call

If you feel like you’ve been going in circles with the doctors and rehab places
and don’t want to waste any more time or money on temporary solutions check
out Fix My Shoulder Pain.  For the cost of a co-pay you’ll learn more from
Fix My Shoulder Pain than anyone else will ever take the time to tell you about.

Sign off




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