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Critical Bench Program 2.0 & Blast Your Bench Combo Pack

benchpresscartoonI have teamed up with my good friend Lee Hayward to celebrate the fact that we have both been in business now for 10 YEARS helping guys pack on muscle mass and strength time and time again.

Truth be told, I like Lee because he walks the walk. He doesn’t just preach, he takes his own advice, he competes in bodybuilding and has built a solid reputation as a strength coach and business man.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to take advice from a fat personal trainer or a skinny muscle building expert.

I also don’t want to be all show with NO GO! When it comes to building muscle take my word for it, you have to get stronger. If you build strength and get stronger and stronger every week you’ll muscles will grow, it’s just the way it works. Plus you don’t want to be that guy that looks great, but gets thrown around and out performed in the gym do you?

Lee and I are big believers in Power-Building. Finding the balance of looking like a bodybuilder but attaining the strength of a powerlifter to match.

And that’s why we have joined forces to create the Ultimate Mass and Power Building System!

Not only do you get my New and Improved Critical Bench Program 2.0 you also get Lee’s Blast Your Bench Program Ten Year Anniversary Edition.

What’s the catch?

We’re cool guys and all, but this is our way of saying thanks for your support over the yeas and this offer is only good till Friday at midnight, June 18th, 2010.

This is the biggest sale I’ve ever run in the history of the site, so you might want to go check it out here:


Over The Weekend Lee & I ran a blog contest to give away five copies of our Mass and Power System. Thank you so much to everyone that entered, we got over 400 entries last time I checked.

Here are the winning entries!

1) Justin Realizes There’s No Magic Bullet!

Justin Stine
June 13, 2010

I will be a high school senior in the fall, and my ultimate goa
l is to win the 2011 state weightlifting championship of Florida.
This year, I have qualified for the 2010 championship, and
once I received the news, I googled the fastest way to obtain a
bigger bench press.

Fortunately, the first link that popped up was that letter that
Mike Westerdal shares with the public, advertising the Critical
Bench Program. Once I saw it was for a ten week period, I
decided to start the program the week following the state finals.

I searched for other solutions, only to realize that time was a
critical component in building a bigger bench. During the
4-5 weeks I had left to prepare, I did what I could, following the
tips and guidelines outlined in the 50 tips to gaining a bigger
bench e-book.

Even though I worked hard, ate right, and followed these
guidelines, I came in last place. Weightlifting is my life, and
I have a dedication and passion for this sport.

Wanna know why I fell short, it is because I had been committed
to a muscle building magazine, and fell victim to its false
information and biased principles and concepts. I have wasted
my time training by their false guidlines for 3 years, and went
NOWHERE. I am still hitting my head with a barbell to this day.

I began the critical bench program the Wednesday after states,
preparing for the next state final matchup. I am just completing
week 7, and I have actually gained strength with this program.

I have never seen any fast paced progress such as this. I bench
pressed 315 at states, and benching 350 pounds now! That is
unbelievable, and it is because I have found a source of reliable
information pertaining to this sport. The Critical Bench Program
shares the unvarnished truth with the public.

I am continually searching for other important information and tips
out there on the web that will help me in my goal and mission.
I am considering becoming a personal trainer, as that will expose
me to alot of information of the sport I love. I have a low income,
minimum wage job, and can barely keep up with my diet and
supps as it is.

If I am one of the chosen 5 to receive the Critical Bench 2.0 for
free, great. If not, I will buy it ASAP. I will continue to work hard,
push myself to failure on every set, and continue to educate myself
with this sport that my passion lies in. If I continue to work hard,
and follow what I’ve learned, I am sure that 365 days is enough
time to win the state finals of my senior year! Thank you for the
information that you have shared with me so far.

2) Cancer Survivor Trains For National Record!

June 13, 2010

Lee & Mike,

Building a big, strong, muscular body is so important to me and
I NEED a ‘Proven Mass and Power Building Training System’ to
help me achieve my fitness goals Right Now!

I’m a 59-year young cancer survivor. Two years ago I was diagnosed
with throat cancer. After the first surgery I was told I could not lift
heavy weights anymore because the nerve was removed that controlled
my left TRAP. It was removed because it ran through one of the lymph
nods that had cancer. Therefore no left TRAP.

After Chemo and Radiation and losing 30 LBS, I found myself back
at the gym trying to prove everybody wrong. I gained body weight,
but not the strength I wanted.

I found ‘Blast Your Bench”!

Using this program I increase my bench by 30 lbs while losing 11 lbs.
body weight. I went from 21% body fat down to 13.5%

This May I tied the NJ State record for Bench Press for my age
and weight with the WNPF.

I’m using the “Blast Your Bench” program now for my next meet
on June 27, which I hope to set the NJ record for bench press for my
age and weight. If I’m successful I will go the world meet in Nov
in Atlantic City, NJ.

I need this program to get to the next level. I would like to set the
national record for bench press for my age and weight.

Credit given where Credit is Due!!!
Thanks for all your emails and videos!

3) Beginner Gains 100 Pounds On Bench And Loses Fat!

Jonathan Lezondra
June 11, 2010

I’m 43 years old and I started “serious” weight lifting just this past
July 2009. In the past I have been lifting weights just for the heck of
it, no serious goals and my objectives were pretty superficial.

I would make a go at it then stop totally all together. This was in my
younger years. Now that I’ve gotten older and wiser, the “need” to
become more healthy was becoming apparent. Before I embarked on a
serious determination to be physically fit, I did a lot a research and the
idea of weight lifting always hovered my mind. In one of these researches,
I came across and found insights that were pretty down
to earth, real world scenarios where a common individual like me could
actually follow your advice.

I started lifting weights and at my age, I have made great progress
that has made me appreciate my body and have a positive outlook
on a healthy life. Ever since becoming a “follower” of your site, I have
learned valuable tips and advises that I have incorporated in my
workouts. From a starting bench press of just lifting the bar for
about a month, I have progressed to a lifting weight right now of about
140lbs and I can 1-rep max 150lbs. Not much for a beginner like me
who’s only been lifting for a year but I am very proud of the achievements

I have made over the past year. Its been over a year and I have not
looked back. And the benefits I am reaping right now from a slow
struggle to a maintained attitude has boosted my self confidence in
terms of how I look and how I feel. I have gotten stronger, my body
has taken shape and form that I have not imagined of ever having.

Although I am far from having a ripped form like you do Lee, I know
with a lot of hard work and enthusiasm, I would get to where I would
like to be. In one year of lifting weights, I have lost weight (around 25lbs)
and I have gained some form in my chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders.

People at work noticed this physiological change, my family noticed
the change. And every time I hear them say something is music to my ears.

Although competing is the farthest thing from my mind, my first and
foremost objective in building a strong, muscular body is to be healthy.

And then all other things follow. Thanks so much for your tips and
advises. It has made me appreciate my body more than I can ever
imagine. Weight lifting has provided me with a drive to strive for
more. Thank you so much.

4) Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

Michael Hayes
June 11, 2010

I have one reason to build a healthy, strong body. To live longer.

I was injured in Iraq in 2006 in an IED explosion. I lost my left leg
above the knee and suffered serious burns. Those injuries alone
have taken years off my life that Im fighting everyday to keep.

I’ve been going to the gym regularly now for sometime but its
starting to reach that plateau. I’ve been a subscriber of yours now
for quite awhile and have had some success following your tips.

But now is the time to take it to the next step and reach that hard,
strong body that I want. I may even be able to take this to the next
limit and start training for paralympic type sports.

My main goal in all of this is just to be as healthy as I can be for
as long as possible. Im only 24 and I refuse to let my injuries
stop me from starting a family and living a long fruitful life.

This tool well help me jumpstart and take my fitness to the
next level. Thanks for the opportunity.

5) Something In Bill’s Mind Snapped!

Bill Ramsey
June 12, 2010

I’m 45, retired military, retirement lead me down the wrong path, i
became…. well a couch potato. Upon my divorce, i looked in the
mirror and saw what i had become, something in my mind snapped,
i decided to do what i had always wanted to do, build a physique that
could compete, show the world my what I’m made of, but recently
three things have occurred my oldest son has a child and now my
youngest is going to be a father, and i have a new wife.

Fat out of shape people don’t live long, and even if they do their in
no shape to enjoy life or grandchildren. I’ve turned my life around,
i watch what i eat, i train, slowly but surely things are changing,
and i realize that it will take time and effort, both of which i have.

But i want things to go beyond mere change, i want to make an
impact, and i can only properly do that with the right tools.
I’ve watched and read allot of Lee’s posts, watched him online,
gleaned all i could from his website and that has caused a steady
upswing in the re-composition of my body. I feel that with Lee’s
program i can attain what i desire. Lee stands out among his peers
and i know he has the knowledge i need to succeed. I want to
show people that there is no age limit to good health and proper physique.

How To Push Up Your Bench Press

Guest article by certified strength coach Lee Hayward

lee-pushupOne of the most neglected types of training for the average gym goer is explosive strength. Almost everyone is taught to lift weights with a “slow and controlled movement”. However, in all sports athletes need to be explosive. When a baseball player swings a bat, when a soccer player kicks the ball, or when a boxer troughs a punch they need explosive strength.

If your goal is to get really strong, explosive speed training is one of the most important elements. Powerlifters and Olympic weight lifters do a lot of light weight explosive speed training exercises. Unlike a lot of bodybuilders and gym buffs who do mainly slow and controlled training and pump out reps until failure.

With the bench press a lot of lifters have a sticky point a few inches above their chest. If you have ever spotted someone who gets stuck in a bench press you will often find that when you just barely assist them past this sticky point they can then finish the rep on their own. With proper explosive speed training you will be able to lift the weights more forcefully and blast past your sticky point and set some new personal strength records.

Push-ups are a great exercise to develop explosive speed training for the bench press. When you do a push up you lift approximately 60% of your bodyweight. And unlike weight training exercises, you can lift more explosively by doing push ups. I am sure that you have seen people do “clap your hands” push ups before. Where they push up so fast that they actually lift their upper body off the floor and clap their hands in between each rep.

This is an awesome explosive strength building exercise. It will take some getting used to. I suggest that you start with just regular push ups and do them as quickly and explosively as you can before trying a “clap your hands” push up (you don’t want to fall flat on your face).

Westside Barbell Club (one of the most famous powerlifting clubs) uses 8 sets of 3 reps using 50% of their 1 rep max for dynamic bench press training. These are not just numbers that they just randomly picked, but what they found to be the most effective for building bigger bench presses. This type of training is for developing force and speed. Not absolute strength. They do not train to failure or use heavy weights on this day.

For the push up routine you would do 8 sets of 3 reps with 1 minute rest in between each set. Each rep should be done as fast as possible. If you can, clap your hands in between each rep, this will ensure that you are using maximum speed and explosiveness. You can do this routine once a week at home on an off days from your regular gym workouts.

When doing the push ups keep your hands just a bit wider then shoulder width. Try to keep your elbows tucked in by your sides at about a 45 degree angle from your torso, don’t let them flare out to the sides. This will place more stress on the triceps.

Actually clapping your hands is not necessary, the main thing is to do the push ups so explosively that your hands actually lift off the floor. I find doing the push ups with your hands on an exercise mat or thick carpet helps to absorb some of the shock when coming back down.



Make sure to warm up before doing this workout. Do some arm circles, and a couple slower tempo sets of push ups to warm up your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Them move right into the 8 sets of 3 reps of explosive push ups.

Give this push up routine an honest effort for a few months. It will only take about 20 minutes once a week and you will be on your way to setting some new personal strength records.


Are you excited for the release of the Critical Bench Program 2.0?  The big day is June 14th!