Interviewed by Ben Tatar of – December 2008

Deadlifter Andy Bolton - Very Strong Powerlifter

Andy Bolton is the first man and the only man to ever deadlift over 1000lbs! Nobody in the world is even close to Andy Bolton’s ability to pull big weight. Many powerlifters feel that Andy Bolton’s world record is going to be one of the toughest to beat and we might not see it beat in our life times. Critical Bench was fortunate to go one on one with Andy Bolton in this exclusive Critical Bench Interview.

CRITICAL BENCH: Andy lets jump right to the meat of it, what’s your best deadlift?

Andy Bolton: My biggest deadlift is 1003lbs, and the biggest deadlift I have pulled but dropped at the top is 1014lbs

CRITICAL BENCH: Andy, you are in a league of your own. I remember a few years back we were talking about the 925 deadlifters like Gary Heisey’s record being unstoppable and about the very few other 900+ deadlifters. What are your future goals in the deadlift?

Andy Bolton: My future goals are to increase my deadlift to 1030lbs and make sure my deadlift record can’t be touched. I don’t ever want to be number 2 again, haha.

Interview With Powerlifter Andy Bolton

CRITICAL BENCH: Can you tell us a little about your deadlift training routine?

Andy Bolton: My routine is pretty basic and works around explosive power. I try to pull as fast as possible all the time, and deadlift only once a week and lots of work from shin height to work those weak points.

CRITICAL BENCH: Deadlifters out there make sure your reps are explosive and do top end work! Andy, what supplements do you take?

Andy Bolton is a Big Bencher Too
Andy Bolton: At the moment I use a full range from cnp professional. I use everything from pro mr to glutamine creatine, joint formula and multi vitamin. Everything really.

CRITICAL BENCH: Andy before you are about to deadlift 1000+ pounds, what is going through your head?

Andy Bolton: The one thing I think about is not failing. That scares me the most failing a big lift, and the 1000lb was special to me it was the final lift in a 2 yr plan and I got it. The feeling was amazing.

CRITICAL BENCH: How did you celebrate after you deadlifted 1003lbs?

Andy Bolton: Well, as soon as I did it, I did not really understand just how big it was. But when it sunk in, hahaha.. Wow, what a feeling! Haha!

I remember calling my wife saying, “I done it!” I was so choked, I could barley speak, but when we got back to England, I think a few friends and I had a few beers that month ha ha, and no deadlifting for 2 months, my body was wrecked.

Andy Bolton Deadlifts WR 1003 Pounds!

CRITICAL BENCH: I could imagine, wow. How many reps do you think you could have done at the 2008 Olympia Expo with 800lbs? Were you mad when the weights came off the bar?

Andy Bolton: I had 8 to 10 in mind but the weights coming off only made it more exciting. I don’t think it matters what collars you use when deadlifting for reps. The weights always move even in training. I have had weights fall off, no big deal, I enjoyed it though!

CRITICAL BENCH: Look at the video of Andy deadlifting at the Olympia Expo in Vegas. That was a hardcore moment in powerlifting and one that will go down for the ages! Andy, would you like to do a deadlift rep challenge again?

Andy Bolton: Yes I would do it again. I really enjoyed it. It was different from a big single and less stress.

Andy Bolton Deadlifts 800 Pounds 5 Times!

CRITICAL BENCH: Andy do you ever step outside of yourself and do you ever shock scare or amaze yourself with how strong you are?

Andy Bolton: No, not really. I never think I am strong enough and always want to be stronger, but it’s nice knowing that I pulled 1000lbs first! Now that’s a feeling. Maybe when I am finished with all this I will look back a say “I was pretty strong, eh.” lol.

Ben Tatar & Andy Bolton

CRITICAL BENCH: Andy, it has been amazing talking to you today. We at Critical Bench congratulate you on your deadlift record breaking news and what you have done for the sport of powerlifting. Andy, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. In closing, who would you like to thank?

Andy Bolton: Thank you and I would like to thank my wife and daughter, who allow me to focus on my training full time. Special thanks to Brian Batcholdor for my training and supplement programs and for being there for me over past 10 years, and the boys from Leeds who I train with thanks lads. I also want to thank Inzer.

Andy Bolton At The 2008 WPC Worlds