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Sean NalewanyjCritical Bench: Sean, tell us about yourself.

My name is Sean Nalewanyj and I’m a natural bodybuilder and fitness author who has researched the subject of building muscle and burning fat for many years. My goal is to put an end to the marketing hype and give people the honest truth about building muscle, losing fat and gaining strength. I firmly believe in the science behind muscle growth and preach a system of high intensity, low volume workouts.

Critical Bench: We also know that you have an ebook out. that explains what it really takes to become a successful bodybuilder unlike all the junk that we see in the magazines. Tell us a little bit about your ebook?

This book really is unlike any of the other bodybuilding programs out there right now. While most authors are out there pushing “miracle programs” and “revolutionary breakthroughs”, my program takes a completely different approach. I’m not out here to mislead people and steal their money like so many others. The reality is that most people are extremely misguided when it comes to improving their physiques, and my book looks to put the B.S hype behind and give people the straight-up facts.

My workout program is centered around low-volume, infrequent workouts performed at a high level of intensity and focusing on progression. With this muscle-building system you will only be training 3 days per week for a maximum of one hour per session, yet you will probably see better results than you have with any program in the past. I also talk in detail about many other crucial aspects of building muscle such as nutrition, supplementation, mind-power, rest & recovery and much more.

Editors note: Sean’s ebook is awesome, so check it out!

Critical Bench: Sean. you were once a 115lbs weakling. What were the days like for you back when you were 115lbs?

A lot different than they are now! I had a completely different outlook on life. I had no confidence, low self-esteem and I absolutely hated looking in the mirror. People use to laugh at me and make jokes about my size, and it really affected me in a negative way.

Critical Bench: What exactly did you do to go from 115lbs to your massive and sliced physique that you have today?

I’m not going to lie, it definitely wasn’t easy. There are so many websites out there that try to portray the muscle-building process as a walk in the park, but this simply isn’t the case. I worked very hard to get to where I am, and had to put forth a lot of effort to reach my goals. All of the specific principles that I implemented to build my physique are outlined in my book. I also have a free 10-part email course on my website that outlines some of the basic principles I used.

Sean Nalewanyj
Critical Bench: How is your life different now that you are a powerful bodybuilder, compared to what your life was like back when you were very skinny?

There are so many ways that my life has changed, I couldn’t possibly list them all. It has completely changed my outlook on life for the better. I now feel strong, powerful and healthy rather than small, insecure and weak. I’m able to wake up every morning, look in the mirror and be overcome with a feeling of pride knowing that I was able to change my body through my own willpower and determination. I’m a much more confident person and am always able to walk around with my head held high. Changing my physique has been the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my entire life, plain and simple.

Critical Bench: Being an expert, what would you say are the 3 biggest mistakes that most lifters around the world make? And what are the 3 biggest factors that separate the great lifters from the average joes and the also rans?


The 3 biggest mistakes that lifters make:

1) They train way too often and with far too many sets.
2) They do not train with a high enough level of training intensity.
3) They do not understand the critical importance of proper nutrition.

The 3 biggest factors that separate moderate success from outstanding success:

1) 100% training intensity
2) Full focus on progression – always striving to move more weight for more reps.
3) Consistency

Critical Bench: Since you have been in the muscle industry for awhile what would you consider to be the best advice that you were ever told, and what was the worst?

I’ve received a lot of useful advice over the years, so it’s very difficult to pinpoint one piece of information as being the “best”. I think one of the most valuable things I’ve learned over the years is the importance of training with maximum intensity and effort. Most people simply do not train hard enough and are not willing pull themselves out of their comfort zone. Only when you are willing to put forth every ounce of energy you can muster on every single workout you perform will you be able to truly develop your physique to its utmost limits.

As for the worst advice, well, that’s another very difficult thing to pinpoint. There is so much garbage out there when it comes to this subject, and I’ve heard it all. One of the worst pieces of advice I was ever told was to gauge the success of my workouts on how “pumped” I felt when I was finished. The value of the pump is such a huge misconception in bodybuilding circles and really means very little to nothing in terms of muscle growth. A pump is simply the result of blood that has been trapped inside a muscle as a result of exercise. Think of it this way: I could get an insane pump by lifting a 3 pound dumbbell 1000 times, but do you think that would be an effective way to stimulate muscle growth? Of course not. Use progression as your gauge for success, not the pump.

Sean Nalewanyj
Critical Bench: What has been your favorite memory in your training journey?


I went to the gym one night for a leg workout only to find that there was an entire football team training on the squat rack. I refused to skip my squat workout, so I drove back home. The only problem was that I didn’t have a squat rack, so I hauled all of my weights out onto the lawn. I built my own squat rack using 2 giant piles of rock, and performed my squats out on the lawn in the pitch dark.

And the most powerful moment ever?

The first time I every threw up from working out. I finished a set of all-out squats to failure only to find myself on the bathroom floor gasping for air. It’s never my goal to throw up from training, and many people train for decades without ever throwing up, but it was a powerful moment for me because I realized just how dedicated I was and how most people simply didn’t have the balls to train as hard as I did.

Critical Bench: What would you like to see change in the weight lifting world, magazines, and gyms?

There are a lot of things I would like to see change. I’m sick and tired of all the hype that surrounds the bodybuilding world, and all of the giant companies that push worthless supplements and bogus training magazines. Bodybuilding is a very difficult practice to consistently execute, so it’s only fair that everyone’s effort be put to the best use possible. The unfortunate reality is that the majority of people out there are not getting the most out of their efforts because they are simply misguided.

Critical Bench: Sean, you have achieved a lot. We can only imagine what your future will be like. So what are your future goals?


I will continue to spread the word of bodybuilding by giving people the honest truth that they deserve. I want to write more books and expand my reputation as an honest and truthful source of bodybuilding information. I also plan to develop my physique to its full potential in order to show people what is possible if they are willing to work hard.

Thanks for the interview! You can find more information about my bodybuilding program by visiting my website @ If you’re looking for the honest, straight-up facts rather than a bunch of B.S. marketing hype, give my website a read-through. Thanks again!

Sean’s eBook

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