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As many of you know the Internet, the gym, and the media is full deceptive and confusing advertising when it comes to muscle building, fat loss and fitness workouts.

Here at either myself or someone from our team has personally reviewed the fitness workouts listed on this page. Some have been given favorable reviews while others have not.

Before buying any of the workouts you see advertised on the Internet today take a few minutes to find it on this page and read our professional critique of the workouts and what you can expect to receive with your purchase.

Looking out for your best interest!

Mike & The Team

Feast Your Fat Away Interview With Nate Miyaki Feast Your Fat Away Interview With Nate Miyaki

Summary of Interview with Nate Miyaki And his new book Feast Your Fat Away Below is a great interview conducted with Nate Miyaki and Coach Chris Wilson. Inside the interview, Nate goes against most of the popular literature in magazines and books to... read more

How To Go Old School to Get That New Body – MP3 Interview & Review How To Go Old School to Get That New Body – MP3 Interview & Review

Coach Chris Wilson of Team Critical Bench interviews John Rowley. John is a fitness celebrity that is partners with Steve & Becky Holman on the Old School New Body Program. You can listen to the mp3 below. Feel free to save it to your computer or... read more

Home Workout Revolution Review Home Workout Revolution Review

By Mike Westerdal Whether it’s due to the long cold winters or a generally more active lifestyle, Canada has a penchant for turning out some of North America’s most successful and widely-recognized strength and training coaches. Craig Ballantyne,... read more

Suspension Revolution Review Suspension Revolution Review

    Dan Long, CPT, CKMT, is a renowned fitness professional who is well-known as a Fat Loss Motivational Advisor, Life Coach and Mentor, and Founder of Kill Mode® Training Company. Working out of his facility in Tampa, Dan is a highly sought... read more

ACL Tear Prevention Program Review ACL Tear Prevention Program Review

Click Here to Learn More About Deceleration Training Injuries are the bane of every athlete’s existence. Even the most seemingly minor injuries can bring a carefully crafted weight training schedule to a screeching halt. This happens because the... read more

Review of Waterbury’s High Frequency Training Review of Waterbury’s High Frequency Training

Meet Chad Chad Waterbury is a neurophysiologist and fitness author whose unique training methods have been embraced by a wide range of athletes, bodybuilders, figure models, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and from all walks of life. Previously, Chad... read more

Muscle Imbalances Revealed Review Muscle Imbalances Revealed Review

by Mike Westerdal The word ‘balance’ generally refers to an even distribution of weight or a state of equilibrium. Balance is something that most of us strive to achieve every day of our lives, in just about every aspect of our lives—especially... read more

Stage Ready Nutrition and Training Review Stage Ready Nutrition and Training Review

Reviewed by Mike Westerdal Preparation for a physique competition or a fitness photo session takes a special degree of commitment and effort that goes above and beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re up on a stage or in front of a lens your body needs... read more

Review of the 7-Day Back Pain Cure Review of the 7-Day Back Pain Cure

In all my years hanging around gyms around the world, I don’t think I have ever encountered a lifter who has not experienced a back injury at some point in his life. Fortunately, most back injuries amount to no more than a few days of stiff muscles... read more

The 7 Habits of Effective Weight Loss The 7 Habits of Effective Weight Loss

Have you ever looked at an overweight person, maybe even yourself, and thought, “That person just needs discipline.  If only they’d expend a little effort and self control they wouldn’t be fat anymore.”? But why not?  We all know what it takes... read more

Supersize Your Strength Review Supersize Your Strength Review

Andy Bolton is an English powerlifting and strongman legend. He was the first guy to deadlift one thousand pounds in a powerlifting competition. Andy won his first competition at the age of 21 and just kept going from there, never looking back. He is... read more

Total Xplosive Training (TXT) Review Total Xplosive Training (TXT) Review

Total Xplosive Training is a training technique developed Chris Barnard, a strength and conditioning coach out of Florida. He is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology at the University of Miami. He also heads up Strength... read more

Best Back Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of The Review Best Back Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of The Review

If you walk into many of the modern fancy gyms—even the ones with free weights—you’ll likely notice that benches, equipment and machines to train the chest outnumber equipment to train the back by at least four-to-one.  Part of the reason for... read more

Fat Loss Forever (FLF) Review Fat Loss Forever (FLF) Review

John Romaniello & Mike Westerdal For most guys, shedding unwanted body fat is a persistently difficult task. And while there is no shortage of fat loss diets and programs, few of them seem to work as promised. However, few fitness professionals know... read more