July 2010

3 Untapped Fat-Burning Strategies

You work out hard and you want it to show. But you won’t get the look you’re after if your hard work is hidden under a layer of fat. You need all the tricks you can get your hands on to burn fat, and you want to do it quickly...

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How To Lower Estrogen Levels For Men

Testosterone is the primary hormone that gives men their “male” characteristics. Once a boy hits puberty his body gets flooded with testosterone and he becomes a man. Testosterone is responsible for the proper...

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Flavia and Vince Del Monte Wedding Trip

My wife and I just returned from Niagra Falls, Canada where our friends Flavia Dragos and Vince Del Monte just got married. Congratulations to the happy couple. They both come from great families. It was a time to celebrate and...

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