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Jedd Johnson at a Grip competition Hi, my name is Jedd Johnson and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Grip Strength Enthusiast. My goal is to help others experience as much enjoyment out of developing exploring strength and fitness as possible.

I regularly post free articles and videos on my primary website,, on a variety of topics: grip strength, kettlebell training, strongman training, odd object training, and conditioning.

I am a competitor at heart and played baseball and basketball most of my life. As I developed my interest in strength training, I decided to try strongman and grip strength competitions. I competed in many strongman competitions starting in 2003 until focusing primarily on grip competitions in 2006.

I welcome any questions or comments you might have for me on this site, or at my primary website,, so please feel free to contact me.

I have also developed many products related to strength training, listed below.

The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual
The Stone Lifting Fundamentals DVD
The Nail Bending eBook
The Card Tearing eBook
The Home Made Strength On-line DVD
The Road to the Record - How I Broke the Record in the Two Hand Pinch

I also run The Grip Authority, the foremost instructional website dedicated to building Grip Strength for grip feat and competition excellence and sporting performance.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals. All the best in your training.

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Articles by Jedd Johnson

Deceleration Training To Prevent ACL Tears Deceleration Training To Prevent ACL Tears

In this interview, Critical Bench author, Jedd Johnson interviews Jerry Shreck, from Variety Trainer and originator of the Deceleration Training program. 1. Jerry, tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be a Strength Coach at a Division 1... read more

Why Bending Steel Could Be the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Your Kettelbell Snatch or Deadlift Why Bending Steel Could Be the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Your Kettelbell Snatch or Deadlift

Guest post by Jedd Johnson Hi, my name is Jedd Johnson, and I bend steel with my hands. That’s right, I take steel bars, wrap them in suede to prevent a cut to my hands, and bend them into a U-shape. “Why the hell would he want to do that?”... read more