CRITICAL BENCH: Meghan, tell us about yourself.

I’m 24, live in Florida, have a dog, and a boyfriend who is unbelievably supportive of my bikini career. My background is in dance, mostly ballet, and I think that’s why I’m so comfortable on a stage “performing”. Both of my parents were competitive bodybuilders in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s, so that’s where my passion for fitness and competitive nature stem from. I’m a certified personal trainer through NCSF, certified group fitness instructor through AFAA, and a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. I currently teach Hatha Yoga classes, fitness ­yoga classes, and Hot Yoga (105 degrees!!). I feel so extremely blessed to earn a living by using my passion for fitness and helping others!!


CRITICAL BENCH: Meghan, you’re the new ABFF women’s Bikini Pro. Give us some detail about how you became the ABFF women’s bikini pro and what it is like?

I can’t believe I’m an ABFF Pro! It’s still overwhelming to me!! Its especially crazy because this was my first ever bikini contest! My coach, IFBB Figure Pro Belinda Hope, told me I was ready to do the Clearwater Super Natural, and even though I had my own personal doubts, I put my faith in my coach and showed up ready! I trained hard and followed my diet!!


CRITICAL BENCH: What are your top 10 tips to having that ultimate bikini body?

Top 10 Tips:

1. Don’t let ANYONE influence you into bad decisions (I’ve stayed home or just had water while my friends are out eating and drinking whatever they want)
2. Don’t bring bad food into the house! If its not there, you won’t eat it!
3. Brush your teeth after every meal, it helps to kill any craving for sweets or desserts
4. Don’t give into “fad” diets. Stick to lean proteins and lots of veggies
5. Food prep! Food prep! Food prep! Take a day to cook most or all of your food for the whole week; that way, you know exactly what’s in your food and its fast and ready for you to eat
6. Cut back on the sugar, sodium, and processed foods
7. Watch out for dairy!
8. Find exercises that you love! I love group fitness classes and find it much more motivating than working out alone
9. Squats and lunges!
10. Have a cheat meal every once in awhile. If you don’t give back to your body, you’ll plateau and find it harder to lose weight (90% of getting the bikini body is the diet, the exercise is the easy part!)


CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals?

My future goals are to earn my IFBB Pro card and try to turn this passion into a career as well. I’d love to keep competing for as long as I can and follow any opportunity that comes along with that. I want to keep teaching yoga and continue my education in the fitness industry.


Meghan Schwartz ABFF Women’s Bikini Pro Interviewed by Ben Tatar