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December 7, 2023
Interview With Bench Presser Nick Winters
The Strongest Raw Bench Presser In The World?

by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

Nick Winters Raw Bench Presser

Nick Winters is making headlines in the RAW bench press. When Nick first started competing he was already out benching the State records. So, instantly a future power lifting great was born! Then in little time, after two years of training, at the young age of 24 Nick Winters bench pressed Scott Mendelson's RAW bench press World Record of 715lbs for not only 1 but nearly 2 reps during a workout. He pretty much doubled the RAW world record in training! Not only does Nick have big plans of breaking Scott Mendelson's 715lbs bench press RAW World Record but Nick also plans on breaking his own world over and over again after he breaks Mendy's record! It's going to be exciting to watch Nick push the RAW bench press numbers to places that none of us have ever seen before or ever knew was even possible! It's my honor and privilege to introduce the millions of people reading this interview to one of the world's strongest super heavy weight raw bencher pressers Nick Winters.

Bench Presser Nick Winters 1) CRITICAL BENCH: I am here with one of THE strongest or if not the strongest Super Heavy Weight RAW bench presser in the world today and of all time. Nick, it's great to have you with us. Tell Critical Bench about yourself?

Nick Winters: I am your average 24yr guy. I spend all my time at work, working out, or with my girlfriend. I have been lifting weights since I was 11yrs old, but have only been involved in powerlifting for 2 yrs. I come from a very big family, full of very strong men, and it's because of this I have a skewed view of how much bigger I am than everyone else. (I spend so much time with people my size that I don't notice how much bigger I am than most other people.)

2) CRITICAL BENCH: Nick, how did you get started in powerlifting?

I have always been strong! I was doing 225 for reps when I was in the 8th grade. I got started in powerlifting because of my love of lifting and my hatred for dieting. My early days of powerlifting (when I was 22) were great, I started out knowing that I could put up better numbers than the records.

3) CRITICAL BENCH: what is your biggest bench press today? (You can list some of your best assistance bench press maxes too.)

Nick Winters Interview In a meet the best I have hit is 675, but in training I have hit 715 for 1 solid rep and just missed the lockout on the second rep, I have done 625 on incline, 675 on floor press and 675 on the close grip bench. I haven't done anything in a shirt since the BB4$ last year, but will be doing the Europa Super Show Bench Contest on Aug. 26th. My biggest problem was learning the shirt, and it's something I am still working on.

4) CRITICAL BENCH: I never knew that a human being could incline bench press 625, bench press raw 715 for nearly 2 reps raw, or close grip bench 675! That's shocking! How did you do that? Tell us about your bench press routine?

I basically just pick a bench exercise (flat, incline, floor, banded, cambered bar, etc) to do that week and work up to a single rep max, never going above 5 reps on any of the sets, and then 3 days later I do my band/speed work. I do my tricep work on both bench days, going heavy on both.

5) CRITICAL BENCH: Nick, most benchers will be inspired by you but have a long way to go before benching 600 or 700lbs raw. So, what's your advice for the 135lbs bencher, 225lbs bencher, 315lbs bencher, 405lbs bencher, and 500lbs bencher so they can keep seeing progress throughout their whole bench press journey?

135lbs bencher- work on technique and keep pushing forward and keep eating

225lbs bencher- start trying some different programs and begin to learn what works for you

315lbs bencher- keep form tight, remember to take time off, and eat to recover

405lbs bencher- keep form tight, cycle your training and keep eating

500+lbs bencher- keep your form tight, cycle training, don't do too many meets, keep eating and stay hydrated

Nick Winters Powerlifter 6) CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals?

Of course my number one goal is to get the raw record, after that it's to keep improving the record and to eventually capture the shirted record.

7) CRITICAL BENCH: Do you think you are going to break Mendy's record ?


8) CRITICAL BENCH: How many more years will you be raw benching for?

Until I no longer can, but I will be doing shirted meets also.

9) CRITICAL BENCH: Give us your most hardcore, funniest and most emotional powerlifting story today?

Nick Winters of Westside Barbell Hardcore: lifting at the BB4$ last year with a sever sinus infection and leaving with blood coming out of my nose and ears.

Funniest: It would have to be the time I had 225 on the bar, a doubled blue band and a doubled purple band on both sides and I underestimated how fast it would be coming at me......it knocked the wind out of me, lol. I still managed to press it up off of me after it sat there for a little bit, but it surprised the shit out of me.

Emotional: Having my grandfather come up from Alabama and my Aunt from Cincy come and watch me lift in Indy (and set a WR in the APA Jr. SHW class)

10) CRITICAL BENCH: What do you think are the 5 most important keys for a bigger RAW bench press in order and why?

1)proper training it's a given, it is the only way to make gains

2)rest/sleep- needed for recovery (muscles and CNS)

3)diet- need enough cals and protein to recover

4)deloading taking time off from the big weights to recover

5)positive attitude- you have to know your going to make gains and keep getting better

Nick Winters Seminar 11) CRITICAL BENCH: Nick, from your picture I can tell that you are twice as thick as Kaz, maybe more. What is your height and weight? What do you eat and what is it like being sooo huge in a world of little people?

I am 510 and weigh 360, I eat whatever I want but a lot of meat and protein shakes. I feel like I am the same size as most everyone else most of the time, until I bump into someone and they go flying. The biggest pain about being so much bigger than everyone else is fitting into cars, airplane seats, rollercoasters, bathroom stalls (have to use the handicapped ones), and getting stared at when I go to malls and beaches.

12) CRITICAL BENCH: During your powerlifting journey you have met some inspiring people. Tell us some of the great powerlifters that you've met in the game and what it has meant to you?

George Halbert amazing lifter, even better trainer

Louie Simmons a fountain of knowledge and very kind man

Mike Wolfe an amazing lifter shirted or raw, great guy, and a close friend

Ryan Kennelly- very helpful with my tricep training, always willing to answer my questions

Sam Byrd- The freakiest squatter alive (next to Ed Coan)

Jay Fry- freak bencher, going to be the lightest man to hit 800

Ed Coan a great guy, very kind, and the true definition of FREAK(even today) when it comes to PL

Kaz- amazing lifter, legend, and all around good guy

Jeremy Hoornstra- FREAK bencher and all around lifter, the one guy I am going to have to keep my eye on as I go for the record and the bastard weighs 100+lbs less than me!

These are all the guys I have met that have left a huge impact on me and on my lifting career, they are all great men and I have nothing but respect for them.

Nick Winters at NERB

13) CRITICAL BENCH: Nick, it has been a pleasure talking to you! You are clearly one of the strongest or if not the strongest bench presser the world has ever seen when it comes to real strength! In closing, is there anyone who you would like to thank?

First and foremost my father and my girlfriend, they have given me more support and help than I could have ever asked for/imagined. Westside barbell for taking me way beyond what I was. I would also like to thank my sponsors Designer Supplements, Titan power gear, House of Pain, and Gold's Gym. Next, I would like to thank Al Zimmerman and Dan Goble for helping me get started at the Dog Pound; and Mike Miller, Shaun Sanchez, Andy Liszewski, and Big John for helping me train through my college years. Thanks a lot Ben! It was an honor to do the interview with you and Critical Bench!


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