A lot of people are really curious and excited about Joel Marion and Arnel’s new 1000 Calorie Challenge.

To give you the basics about the program, it was designed with the goal of rapid fat loss. It’s very intense and has the goal of achieving a calorie deficit as fast as possible.

Three times a week you’ll be performing workouts that burn 1000 calories. This is no easy task which is why there are previous phases in place that build you up to that level.

These workouts are combined with some low calorie days where you only eat 1000 calories for the day. It’s spaced out so that you have cheat days and moderate carb days to get you through the 1000 calorie workouts.

It’s a pretty extreme workout/diet, but will get you fast results. I’m not sure if you’d be able to stay with something like this long-term, but it could be a good challenge to put yourself.

To be honest if I read about this in a magazine, I’m not sure what my initial reaction would be. My BS meter might go off. However I do know the creators Joel Marion and Arnel R personally and their programs have been very successful in the past so I’m willing to give this a try.


In fact I’m going to give this 600-calorie burning workout a try this weekend.


Oh, people have been asking if this a good system for building muscle and strength as well. The answer is NO. This Challenge based workout is for burning fat rapidly. You’ll tighten up and lean out but you’re not going to build muscle mass or gain any significant strength. You will improve your cardio, strengthen your heart and shred some fat if you can make it through the workouts.

Some people are saying this is too hard. It probably is for some, but if you can complete the program there’s no doubt you’ll see rapid results in minimal time.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this works, feel free to download the report below called, “4 Keys To 4X’s Faster Fat Loss“.