When people ask me how I train they very often don’t believe me.

I have lost track of the number of times in my lifting career that people have said – NO WAY Andy, you must train more than that to have gotten as strong as you have.

But here’s the thing – I might not have trained as much as some of those crazy dudes doing Russian Volume type programs, but I have always trained SMART.

And smart training (not work for the sake of work), has built me a 1214lbs Squat, 755lbs Bench and 1008lbs Deadlift.

With all that said, here are 3 huge mistakes I see people making that prevent them from building their squat, bench press and deadlift to their true potential.


Three Common Mistakes Hindering Your Progress

Huge Mistake #1: Lousy Technique

Simply put, most lifters have room for improvement on the technical side of their lifts.

If you improve your technique, you get stronger and minimize your injury-risk.

By lifting with bad form you hold yourself back and risk injury sooner or later. I think you know what to do!

Huge Mistake #2: Over-training

Some lifters do so much work that they can’t recover from it.

You have to remember that the body has a limited ability to recover from the demands you place on it in the gym.

If you exceed these limits you end up over-trained and progress becomes impossible.

So by all means push yourself hard in the gym, but do not do so much that you can’t recover from it.

Huge Mistake #3: Weak Mind-Set

To get to the top of Powerlifting or Bodybuilding or even just achieve a high level, takes a strong mind-set.

As a lifter, you can not fear the weight – you have to believe that you can do whatever you set out to do.

As a bodybuilder you have to have the mental discipline to eat right and train hard at the same time.

Getting good aint easy and getting to the top is extremely hard, but if you want to get good or get to the top you have to develop a strong mind-set that empowers you and doesn’t hold you back.

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Guest Post by Andy Bolton Creator of Explode Your Powerlifts