It always seems like there is controversy surrounding CrossFit.

Many people believe it is extremely dangerous and the risks outweigh the benefits.

Then there are others (like myself) who believe that CrossFit is an amazingly effective and safe method of training when done correctly.

As the owner of CrossFit Reach just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, I’ve been training people from all ages and abilities for over 6 years.

And in those 6 years I’ve seen amazing transformations and results….from people losing 50+ pounds, getting of their diabetes medication and becoming stronger than they could have ever imagined.

So what’s the secret sauce for the success my clients have seen?

It comes down to 3 things that make up the CrossFit methodology….

Functional Movement, Consistently Varied and High Intensity.


Functional movement is something that many of us already know…movements that are already programmed into our DNA. When you pick something up off the floor, that’s a deadlift. When you get up and out of a chair, that’s a squat.

By training these functional movements we are reinforcing what is already built into our DNA and that triggers results much faster than just isolating muscles or muscle groups.

Now once you have the functional movements down…you have to make sure that they are constantly varied. The body is so amazing and can adapt very quickly which is why it is important these movements stay varied.

Running, jumping, weightlifting, bodyweight movements…these should always be varied in both time and length, weight and resistance. When you vary these functional movements the results never stop.


Finally, we have high intensity. You’ll notice that this is the last of the 3 secrets to fat loss. Why?

Without proper form in your functional movements…the intensity should not be increased (not following this rule is why people get hurt).

Now high intensity is really the key to fat loss and your results. If you feel like your results are slowing down…increase the intensity and you’ll quickly get back on track.

Now, I realize that starting a CrossFit routine can be tough and that is why I created my 6 week bodyweight training program…6 Week Shred.

This program is designed to give you short, high intense workouts that you can do anywhere. And the best part is…it only requires 10-15 minutes 3 day per week.

You’ll experience the same results of a CrossFit workout using just your own bodyweight!


Get Shredded Abs in Only 10 Minutes
a Day Without Going to the Gym


by Robby Blanchard, MBA, BS, CPT