Below is a great interview conducted with Nate Miyaki and Coach Chris Wilson. Inside the interview, Nate goes against most of the popular literature in magazines and books to give you some of his best kept secrets on losing fat even during the holidays! Enjoy.

If we’ve learned anything in recent years when it comes to diets and nutrition it’s that diets aren’t the long term solution to health. Eating healthy foods that you hate and trying to eat 6-8 times per day is not sustainable for most hard working people.

The author of Feast Your Fat Away, Mr. Nate Miyaki, goes into great detail about getting back to the basics and not bouncing from trendy diet to trendy diet like a pinball machine. Extreme diets intended for bodybuilders and health professionals don’t work for the average business professional trying to be health conscious.

Nate’s approach in this latest book is all about simplifying things for people that want results and need their eating to be practical, not problematic.

His message really touches on eating REAL food and avoiding refined foods. In fact, much of the conversation in the interview drives home the point that the American diet is based largely on refined foods. It’s a cultural epidemic that has developed over time through heavy marketing. Nate makes a strong point about having more common sense and getting past the marketing and political bias that exists in our culture.

He explains how he chose an alternative route in the nutrition industry. He decided to take a path dedicated to truthful, science based information that appeals to the common person.

This latest book of Mr. Miyaki is not about a fad diet that has a shelf life. Feast Your Fat Away is not a bodybuilder diet plan, it’s a long lasting and reasonable lifestyle guide for people searching for healthy results.

By following some of Nate’s simple strategies and templates based on other cultures successes, it is possible to make real change and overcome the challenges associated with healthy eating!

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Feast Your Fat Away