Metabolic and Neural Protocols Redefine Training

Metabolic and neural training are causing a major shift in fitness thinking – which is no surprise based on the amazingly fast whole body results they deliver. Want to know more? Listen to this audio interview I conducted Dr. Kareem Samhouri otherwise known as Dr. K.


About Dr. K the creator of the Ab Strength Guide

Dr. Kareem Samhouri is the president and owner of Global Fitness LLC. Through his company people are able to realize complete wellness, as they serve nutrition, massage, physical therapy, and personal training. Dr. K is a graduate of the University of Miami Doctor of Physical Therapy program and has earned a bachelor’s of science from the Pennsylvania State University in Kinesiology. Additionally, Dr. K is a licensed physical therapist and holds a Health and Fitness Instructor certification from the internationally recognized American College of Sports Medicine.

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