I used to be a private personal trainer. It was great working one on one with clients and watching them get stronger and increase their bench.

Than I started selling my workouts online and realized that I could help a lot more people via the Internet than I ever could on an individual basis.

I still seek out the strongest and smartest people I can to train with and than often times I share that information here on the blog and the Web site.

I have to admit though, sometimes I do miss training people. Okay I don’t miss getting up at 5 am one bit, that’s true. But it felt real good to see young guys grow into men as they built their bodies and their confidence. It’s awesome to see the look on someone’s face after they hit a PR in the bench.

It sure beats getting an email about how someone hit a new record in the bench. But keep sending those emails too, I still love getting them.

What I do feel about is the people that want to the one-on-one attention. I simply don’t have the time to devote to it right now.

That’s where my buddy AJ Roberts of Westside Barbell comes in. He’s a pro powerlifter and has benched over 700 in competition. He has put together a video coaching program called the Up Your Bench system.

Am I crazy for telling you about a competitor of mine? Someone else who wants to help you with your bench and I’m sending you away to go to buy their product?

Ya that’s right. I don’t think of it as competition. We all just want to increase our bench press and if there’s something new out there that can help us do that than I’m going to tell you about it.

Like I said, right now I’m too busy and couldn’t handle video coaching so I’m happy to share AJ as a resource and hope he can help you out.


Here’s What You Get With AJ’s Up Your Bench System

Instructional Technique video
Quick Start guide
Complete Up Your Bench Program videos
Instructional Warm up video
Instructional Press video
Instructional Accessories videos
Instructional Cool down video
Up Your Bench Workout Manual
60 – Day Money Back Guarantee

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