One of the top reason why people go to the gym and decide to take a body building course is to gain muscles. In fact, the western modern culture tends to celebrate and underline the fact that a good shape is to be preferred in any cases.

This is sometimes even an exaggeration, but the truth is that people are under the constant control of medias that suggest them what to do and how to look like.

6 Top things you should know

So, let’s get to the point: body builders who really want to gain muscles should know the following important things.

Lifting weights


1. Body builders should always know how many calories they need to grow bigger muscles: the amount of calories depends from age, sex, weight and height, lifestyle. You can use the following formula to find out how many calories you actually need: weight x 20 = daily calories you need.


2. Body builders should exercise big muscle groups: according to recent studies, muscle groups working out   can accelerate the process of muscle building.

3. You should lift weights progressively: this is an obvious tip. Nobody should make too big efforts, otherwise muscles get broken instead of growing!

Make sure your lifting program respects this concept.

4. Your exercise routine should be always diversified to allow more muscles groups to work out.

5. You can use supplements but be careful to producers and ingredients. Sometimes they just contain proteins that can’t even be absorbed by your body!

6. Relax at the end of the day: relaxing with a nice online game is the best way to recharge your energies.