These are pretty advanced mass building techniques.

In fact I’m willing to say that even guys with 10+ years of training under their belt haven’t heard tip number 2.

It makes sense doesn’t it? Ectomorphs, Endomorphs and Mesomorphs who all train differently and have different body types shouldn’t all be following the same muscle building nutrition advice.

If you enjoyed this video with Kyle he’s got a new one for you to watch.

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I’m not sure how long it will be up.

Kyle has been under a lot of pressure to take it down from a couple greedy gym franchises.

Gotta love the legal system right? Anyway check the video out while it’s still live.

There’s no opt-in or anything like that required.

You’ll like it and it should help you out a lot. – Mike

3 Biggest Mass Building Mistakes — << Part 2 — New Presentation