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How To Build Muscle Mass – 3 Advanced Techniques

3 Biggest Mass Building Mistakes — Part 2 — New Presentation

I hope you enjoyed this presentation from Kyle Leon. These are pretty advanced mass building techniques. In fact I’m willing to say that even guys with 10+ years of training under their belt haven’t heard tip number 2.

It makes sense doesn’t it? Ectomorphs, Endomorphs and Mesomorphs who all train differently and have different body types shouldn’t all be following the same muscle building nutrition advice.

If you enjoyed this video with Kyle he’s got a new one for you to watch. You can click the link below to access it. I’m not sure how long it will be up. Kyle has been under a lot of pressure to take it down from a couple greedy gym franchises. Gotta love the legal system right? Anyway check the video out while it’s still live. There’s no opt-in or anything like that required.

You’ll like it and it should help you out a lot. – Mike

3 Biggest Mass Building Mistakes — << Part 2 --- New Presentation


5 Responses to “How To Build Muscle Mass – 3 Advanced Techniques”
  1. LukeQKMB says:

    A pretty intense presentation, some good stuff in there but….. The 70/30 rule on carbs in my view a tad bit unrealistic. 70% of your carbs to be around your workout so your going to be eating all your brown rice, lentils, oatmeal etc around your workout and the other 30 in the morning and no carbs after that – what pure atkins diet after your post workout meal?? What if you work out in the morning? Have a 100% of your carb intake in the morning?!

    Ectomorphs, Endomorphs and Mesomorph. How do you determine which one you are? If you eat healthy regardless of these ‘types’ you will get results in either weight loss or muscle gain. The type of body you are will not overly influence your results. People are struggling with the amount of nutritional advice out there – now we are going to get advice of how to eat based on type of body we are and there is no advice on how to find out which one you are?

    The best advice was to measure your results and to be constantly evolving in your training and your knowledge



  2. If you are really skinny and have trouble putting on muscle you are an ectomorph.

    If you are jacked with low body fat and put on muscle and burn fat no problem you are a gifted mesomorph.

    If you’re a bit bulky and have more trouble losing body fat than gaining muscle you’re endomorph.

  3. jagdesh says:

    i like a building muscles

  4. Evan says:

    Thank you i finally find a website that gives good advice in a video that doesn’t end up by saying by this book… On the other hand im an ectomorph 165pounds 6’1” and i’m looking to gain weight/muscle mass can someone explain more on what the purpose of drinking a protein shake befroe bed im wondering if all of it goes straight to fat?

  5. Deon says:

    THe reason why you would drink protein before you go to bed is because you have slow twitch muscle and fast twitch muscle. The slow twitch muscle rairly get an ample amount of protein because the fast twitch muscle uses up the protein fast. So when you are sleeping your muscle are at rest and the protein is distributed more evenly between all the muscles.

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