I’m a huge advocate of high-intensity training. I’m the kind of guy who thinks you should squeeze out every last rep and push yourself to the limit with every workout. I think a lot of us on this blog feel the same way.

There’s nothing wrong with forced reps, heavy weights, and low reps, right? If you’re not pushing yourself to absolute muscular failure every workout, you’re just not going to make gains, right?

Well, I believed that for a long time and I still do. But there’s something I believe in even more and that’s periodization, which is an organized approach to cycling different training regimens during a specific period of time.

I like to set up my powerlifting cycles to last about 12-weeks. During this time, I’m not adhering to a strict diet (okay, I pretty much eat what I want). But when the 12-week training cycle is done, it’s time to start eating better and change up my training a bit.

I’ll take a few weeks or even more sometimes and throw in some volume workouts. With the volume workouts, you take short breaks between sets (great for fat burning), and you do a ton of sets. If you’re just concerned about building muscle, these workouts are actually pretty good at that too.

Another advantage of switching to this sort of workout is that it gives the central nervous system, bones, joints, and tendons a break.

In fact, I recommend most of my clients lift like this before and after starting the 11-Week Critical Bench Program.

This style of training is nothing new and no, it’s not something I invented. It’s based on German volume training techniques and a lot of the bodybuilders from the Golden Era swear by it.

I’ve been reading a lot about it lately in my friend Doberman Dan’s Hyper Growth program. He sent me a review copy of his “Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training” program last week and so far, from what I’ve read and tried out in my own workouts, it’s KILLER!

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If you’re wondering what the Golden Era is…


The bodybuilders of the Golden Era from the 50s, 60s, and 70s produced bodies that resembled Greek Gods! The symmetry and proportion untainted by the humongous drug bloated waists of today’s pro bodybuilders explains why even young men of today’s generation are inspired by the men of this past generation.

Guys like Vince Gironda, Frank Zane, and Larry Scott have attained the secrets to achieving steroid-like results without abusing Dr*gs like many of the pros of today have done.

I’ll be writing more articles about this and posting about it in my training log. If you’re thirsty right now, then check out my friend Doberman Dan’s new program called, Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training. You can’t even buy this unless someone gives you the page.


Keep training hard.