Here is a Super Circuit Leg Workout that a six-time Mrs. Olympia revealed to the viewers on her ESPN Body Shaping TV show, many years ago. Any guesses?

Her name is Cory Everson and she had some of the best legs you ever saw.


Anyway, I know what you’re thinking so let me explain.

Normally I wouldn’t dig out something from the past from a 1980’s ESPN TV show but it was so tortuous, so cruel and so insane, I just had to!

Once you see it, you will understand why I had to share this crazy leg workout with you.  It will rid you of your miserable flabby legs (just kidding) once and for all and be one of the most demanding leg routines you’ve done in recent history or ever.

Now all you have to do is stay away from the Big Mac’s, French Fries and Sodas. On to the workout…

The following eight progressive-resistance exercises are performed in the order they are listed. This is a non-stop circuit for 20 full range of motion reps each.  Rest for two minutes only after a circuit is completed.  Try to take only 10-20 seconds between exercises to keep yourself from resting too much.  Like I said, this is NOT for beginners.

Do three circuits total and good luck walking normally the rest of the day.

  1. Alternate Front Leg Lunges – 20 reps
  2. Cory’s Dynamic Leg Lunge – 20 reps (explained below)
  3. Bodyweight Only Single Leg Calf Raise – 20 reps
  4. Barbell Frog Squats – 20 reps (explained below)
  5. Machine Leg Extensions – 20 reps
  6. Machine Leg Curls – 20 reps
  7. Barbell Back Squats – 20 reps
  8. Step-Ups – 20 reps

Step-ups are performed on a sturdy exercise bench or wooden box.  The vertical measurement of these items should be in corresponding ration to your physical height.  If you are:

  • Under 5-foot (Use a box 12-inches in height)
  • 5’1”-5’3”        (Use a box 14-inches in height)
  • 5’4”-5’9”        (Use a box 16-inches in height)
  • 5’10”-6’          (Use a box 18-inches in height)
  • Over 6-foot    (Use a box 20-inches in height)

The amount of progressive resistance used on each exercise will vary depending on individual differences.  Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this program.  It is very demanding.  This is an excellent program for men and women alike who are interested in shape-training the total leg, without acquiring additional muscle bulk and power.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Here’s How to do Cory’s Dynamic Leg Lunge and a Brief Tutorial on Frog Squats


Cory does an unusual version of the front leg lunge in which she reverses the procedure by stepping backward with the rear leg first.  In other words, to lead with the left leg she first steps backward with the right, keeping it as straight as possible while still allowing the front left thigh to become parallel to the floor.

Give it a try and see what you think.  If you’re confused or having difficulty with it, default to a standard alternating reverse lunge.

Just to be perfectly clear, Frog Squats are super challenging and not intended for guys and gals with knee issues.

First, you must drop DEEP into squat position.  I’m talking ATG style.

Once you’re down as low as you can go, only raise up your butt while staying down in the bottom of the squat.  This is like holding the bottom of a super deep squat for time but with movement of the hips which slightly extends the knee but not that much because your thighs only come up to parallel with the floor.  There are many videos on YouTube showing this exercise so do a quick search if you must.

Enjoy and don’t blame me for rubbery legs the next few days…I warned you!

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