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Anthony Catanzaro Interview

  Interview with Natural Bodybuilding Champion and Actor, the Superman of Fitness, Anthony Catanzaro By Ben Tatar 1) Anthony you are known as having one of the greatest physiques in the fitness world. How did you do it?...

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Victor Richards Interview

Interview with Vic Richards By Critical Bench Reporter Ben Tatar Today Ben Tatar goes one on one with one of the biggest, smartest and most honest bodybuilders of all time, Vic Richards.  In this exclusive interview, Vic...

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Jeremy Hoornstra Interview

As told to Critical Bench by Ben Tatar Jeremy Hoornstra is one of the most dominant bench pressers of all time. One could say that Jeremy Hoornstra is to bench pressing as Usain Bolt is to sprinting. Back in 1977 Mike MacDonald...

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The Powerbodybuilding Method

There seems to be an accepted notion that aesthetic bodybuilding techniques can’t be integrated within the structure of an empirical powerlifting workout program. I firmly believe otherwise. It has been my observation upon...

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Replay 90-Minute Coaching Call

Coaching Call with Powerlifter Mike Westerdal, Pro Strongman Elliott Hulse & “The Muscle Cook” Dave Ruel In this 90-Minute Coaching Call, Mike, Elliott and Dave reveal: How they approach training respectively for...

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